Send FREE SMS to Globe, Smart and Sun inside GMAIL!

Good News!

No Load? No Signal? No Problem! I just found out today that you can now send SMS or Text Messages to any Carrier in the Philippines Via Gmail.

Gmail SMS

Gmail SMS

It is very Simple and FREE!

  1. Just Log in to your Gmail Account
  2. Look for the Send SMS Box
  3. Type in the number in +63917xxxxxxx, +63918xxxxxxxx, or +63922xxxxxxx Format

And Voila! Free SMS Sent!

Gmail SMS

Each user has a 50 message/SMS limit for this service… I am not yet sure if this refreshes every day or every few hours :) Also, please be aware that sending SMS from Gmail is Free of charge but if you send a reply to these special phone numbers, I think you will be charged with the usual P2.50/SMS.

This service is open to all Gmail users, no need to enroll or register. SMS can be sent to the Country's biggest mobile carriers: Smart, Globe, and Sun Cellular.

One more reason to love Gmail and Google!

UPDATE: If You Cannot find the Google SMS Box on your Sidebar, you might need to enable it inside Gmail Labs. Just Go to you Mail Settings, Labs, Type “SMS” in the search box and enable the 2 SMS functions.

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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  1. Thanks for this post! I tried it and was happy about it :)

  2. You cannot send msgs anymore if the recipient will not reply back thru gmail

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  4. di na ata working ang gmail messenger, you can try

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