October 2008


DragonBall Movie (2009) Teaser/Trailer

    I am a huge Dragonball fan, and honestly, I find this movie a bit weird and quite “off” from the original. Based from this trailer, I think the characters particularly their appearance don’t have that anime appeal. First, Son Goku.. Then Bulma… Then there’s Piccolo, have you noticed? He’s not green at all! What a bummer! I just hope the story will be good. Meanwhile, we’ll just have… Read More »DragonBall Movie (2009) Teaser/Trailer


And They Were Back!

After Some super serious Health Stuff… Eli Buendia (with Pupil) and Francis Magalona were back on Eat Bulaga last October 25, 2008 singing SuperProxy. They set the house on fire and made the people go wild! Rock On!!! Mabuhay Kayo! (Literally)     Thanks to the Uploader! By: Dennis Christian Angulo Originally Posted on: www.dencio.com


How Yellow 4 Died

For those who are not aware or is curious how the original or the first yellow 4 died in the Bioman series. Here is the video of that episode. This episode is so, so sad.. very dramatic end to yellow 4. I still get teary eyed while watching this episode.. :p Yellow 4’s Death (Part 1)   Yellow 4’s Death (Part 2)   This is so Tragic!!! Goodbye (again) yellow… Read More »How Yellow 4 Died


Extreme Nostalgia!

Way, way before the Mexicans, Chinese, Taiwanese, and even the Koreans invaded our television, there was already the Japanese… Giving us Hit after hit… Animes, Takeshi’s Castle, and of course these Sci-Fi action series! Who doesn’t know these characters! :p Bioman, Maskman, Shaider, and mask Rider Black. I was on youtube when I stumble upon these videos. I think it was worth sharing, a bit, no! Extreme Nostalgia! (well, at… Read More »Extreme Nostalgia!