Extreme Nostalgia!

Way, way before the Mexicans, Chinese, Taiwanese, and even the Koreans invaded our television, there was already the Japanese… Giving us Hit after hit… Animes, Takeshi’s Castle, and of course these Sci-Fi action series! Who doesn’t know these characters! :p Bioman, Maskman, Shaider, and mask Rider Black. I was on youtube when I stumble upon these videos. I think it was worth sharing, a bit, no! Extreme Nostalgia! (well, at least for me, and the others who were able to see these shows).


This is the Original Bioman opening with the original yellow 4… Great Series! “For the Man!” Mega Clones with green stuff oozing on their eyes when slashed by a sword… Dr. Man who looks like a pinoy movie villain and the rest of the gang…

Bioman Opening 1

This is the Second version of the Bioman opening after the Original Yellow 4 died (which was one of the saddest days of my childhood). She was then replaced by the Archer yellow 4 which in turn was equally impressive. :p She was able to fit into the story very well.

Bioman Opening 2

This is the Bioman Closing Theme, Very catchy and Sing-able! :p

Bioman Closing

Now, Maskman… MICHAEL JOOEEE!!!! RIYYOOOO!!! Haayy! what can I say! Damn you Igamu!

Maskman Opening (Japanese)

Ora-power is the best, stripping to your underwear to change into a Maskman.. Very Kinky! :p And having a Robot that fires cannon through a “boob-Like” gun on its chest…(the second one, when their primary was destroyed or was buried).. very wholesome indeed!

Maskman Closing (Japanese)

The most popular Tagalog opening of a Japanese action series (I don’t know what they are called). Bioman and Shaider had their opening and closing tagalized but Truly, Maskman was the best of them all. The lyrics was right and it really fits into the song. Who doesn’t know this one! :p

Maskman Tagalog Opening

Since there is a Tagalog opening, a Tagalog closing is just appropriate. cool lyrics with Rio and Michael Joe chasing each other in the background.

Maskman Tagalog Closing

Now, My favorite of them all! Shaider! OMG! Code Name Shaider together with a slutty “Panty Showing” Sidekick! I wonder what the two of them do inside the Babylos while waiting for an enemy. Good times! Good Times! 😛


Shaider Opening

Shaider’s (and Annie’s) toys are amazing! A nice blue Jeep, a yellow Mazda with pop-out headlights (with a yellow undies to match!). And the Famous, Babylos, which carries the battle tank which is flown down by the sky striker. WOW! Very Impressive! And the Blue Hawk! Which can Travel through time space warp! Top that!

Shaider Closing

I would like to Thank MAZDA for all the Coolest Rides of our heroes!

Watching these videos makes me feel really good! It was extreme nostalgia! I still know the songs by heart Amazing! I know many people reading this can relate to my excitement. These are the shows we grew up with. And honestly, there hasn’t been any show that can top the popularity and the edgy-ness of these one. Although many tried, but did not became as iconic as these shows. They were able to set the standard on this genre. And the standard was quite hard to follow. I can’t say enough about these shows!

There is still one show that I love! and I know you do too! but It was shown a bit later than the previous 3. Dig into This!

Mask Rider Black together With Battle hopper and subsequently Road Sector! Very Cool!

Mask Rider Opening

Rider… Change!!!!

That AMAZING Stance! Plus Smoking Joints to match! Go Mr. Robert Akizuki!!!!

Rider Change!!!!

You like this one too don’t you?

Mask Rider Black Closing

I was not able to finish Mask Rider Black…Sad… :p But I had my dose of Rider punch, Rider kick, and Rider Chop!

Many have tried but few are chosen. Most of the Spinoffs and Versions of these shows were not as successful and cool like the predecessors especially ZAIDO! Super Jologs!

Great videos huh! Now, don’t get me started on Ultraman and MagmaMan! :p And Probably Koseidon and Machine man (with buknoy – the fighting ball) too!

Great memories!



By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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  1. great blog sir…very nostalgic indeed…thanks to todays technology..we now have the chance to watch each episodes that we've missed when we were kids..thumbs up!

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