Official Gmail Themes! WooHoo!

I have been Using Gmail Since it was first offered. And up until now, I am very impressed with their FREE service. You can Check their site for all the cool stuff they offer. I like the current Gmail Interface, it is very clean and straightforward, but I was hoping that I could do more or customize it a little bit… I could actually, using some third party tweaking tools… but I just don't want to compromise my account just for the sake of aesthetics… That is why I just waited for this kind of feature to become official. Today my long wait is Over! Presenting, the Official Gmail Themes!

Gmail Skins






























Cool Huh! So to all Gmailers out there, log-in now and Customize you account! And to all people who are stuck with their old email prooviders, check-out Gmail to see and feel the BIG difference! Sign-Up now! It is Fast and Free!

This Feature will be rolled out to all Gmail Users within 1 to 2 days… So don’t Worry if your account doesn't have the feature yet :p

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Happy “Appreciation” Day!

What a great way to end another week! Happy “Appreciation” Day!

We’ll… actually,  It is not, In fact I really don’t know if there is really an “Appreciation Day” :p

The real celebration is… It is Lane’s Birthday! But since we are not allowed (we are allowed, but not encouraged… lol) to greet her and she actually don't celebrate her birthday (Religious Beliefs) we just greet her “Happy! Happy!” or “Happy Appreciation Day” as her co-trainers greet her.

Well anyway, doesn't matter how you say it… It’s the thought that count… Right? Right?!

….And probably a little dose of Yellow Cab’s Pizza and Charlie Chan Pasta! :p

Chicken BBQ Pizza

Charlie Chan Pasta

Grabe, Sarap talaga ng Charlie Chan Pasta!!! :p Here are some other pics…

Hover your Mouse pointer over the pics for the caption :p

Left to Right Clockwise: Me, Egay, Gina, Elvs, Tala, Lane, Donnie, and JenJen 

Yari Ka!!!! 

Tuluyan Mo na Yan!!!!

JenJen: "Ayaw ko naman talaga, kumain eh!" 

Mukasim na Si Datu Puti...

Ako lang ito, wala akong itinatago pa na isang tao sa tabi ko... wag makulit.. Hindi ito si Super B! Super Belat! :p 

That's was really fun! Thanks a bunch to Lane for the Treat! Looking Forward to another food-trip next week! WooHoo! :p


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Chi’s Brick Oven Kitchen

At last! After Months of waiting, I finally got the chance to Dine in Chi’s Brick Oven Kitchen. I have seen and heard so many good things about this restaurant located along Aguirre Avenue in BF Paranaque. I have seen it featured on different lifestyle shows before, and great things were said about their food, especially, their dessert pizzas. I have been dying to try them out, and finally, I got the chance to try them all… Well, at least most of them. So without further a due, Let’s Get this Rollin’ Shall We?

Let’s Start with the Place. The place is very earthy and homey, the interiors are very cozy and comfortable. The service is good, they were very polite and prompt. They would even assist you in parking your car. Parking, by the way is hard to come by in the area.  Reservations are accepted, since the place is not that big, it is better to reserve a table ahead of time especially if you are going in large groups or family. The price is very reasonable and they don't have an additional service charge. this place has an open-kitchen setting where you can watch the cook or chef prepare you meals in front of the famous brick-oven. Also, I would like to thank the owner’s Chi and Apple Tirona for being very accommodation and being kind enough to agree when we asked if we can take a picture with them.

The Tables

The Wall

The Ceiling   The Colorful Coasters 

Now, lets move over to the Food! Starting off with…


Stuffed Potato Marbles

Stuffed Potato Marbles: Php110 I love potatoes, so this appetizer is a Hit. Mini Potatoes stuffed with bacon and cheese served with a sour cream dip… YUM! what a perfect way to start your Meal.


Red Iced Tea and Blue Lemonade

Blue Lemonade and Red Iced Tea: Php50 Very Refreshing! Take note though that the Lemonade is not freshly squeezed :) But it is still good. They are served in Large Glasses.

5 Cheese Pizza

5-Cheese Pizza: Php395One  cheese is good enough, now you’re telling me there’s 4 more?! What could Possibly Go wrong with that combination?! Wow! This pizza is good! A large size, thin crust pizza layered with a tomato sauce base, topped with Mozzarella, Blue Cheese, Feta, Cheddar, and Quezo De Bola! Talk about Christmas All year round! :p I really like this Pizza!! reaaallly!! This pizza is big enough to be shared by a group of 8 but if you want more of it, a group of 4 is ideal.

Chi's Steak Pizza

Chi's Steak Pizza: Php330

Steak bits, Tomato Sauce, and Mozzarella.  Mmmm.. Thin crust pizza, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, bell peppers, onions, and Beef Steak Bits! Wow! What a combination! very tangy and has good flavor combination.

Baked Spaghettini

Baked Spaghettini: Php215 I love Spaghetti! I can live eating only spaghetti! This hefty serving of spaghetti topped with parmesan cheese is good enough for 2-3 people again depending on the appetite. As for me, I could say is that I can finish this all by myself. This dish is for those people who love their spaghetti sauce on the sweeter side. If you are into authentic Italian tomato based pasta sauce, don't expect a traditional Italian taste. But, as for me and any other spaghetti lover out there, especially kids, this dish is mmmgood! Love it!


Rigatoni in 3-Cheese Sauce

Rigatoni in 3-Cheese Sauce: Php235Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Quezo de BolaMoving forward, This is another great pasta dish from Chi’s. Rigatoni in 3-cheese sauce. Tomato meat sauce together with Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Quezo de Bola! Hello there cheese lovers! I love pasta with meat sauce and cheese! Now,  If you don't like a sweet sauced pasta like the Spaghettini, you should probably go for this one. Again, good enough to be shared by 2-3 people.

My mouth is still watering while writing this post! Looking at these pictures makes me hungry! But hey, wait up! That is just the first part, the best part is coming, desserts!!! I would probably ran out of adjectives in writing this post. I just could not stress enough how good the foods are.

Now, The moment you have been waiting for, Please welcome, the Desserts!


Mango Ice Box


Mango Ice Box: Php65I love Mangoes! so this one is a treat! This is the best-looking mango graham cake I have seen so far. Thick mango graham cake drizzled with a “Yema” like sauce. Heaven!!! Makes my eyes water! Very affordable too!


Brick Oven Chocolate Cake Ala Mode

Brick Oven Chocolate Cake Ala Mode: Php120

This is a Best Seller!!!!  Another Heavenly Treat! Moist brownies covered in crunchy baked outer shell topped with cherries and a scoop of ice cream! WOW! And there’s a surprise, when you cut it warm chocolate syrup will ooze out for a more delectable bite!!! Mmmm..! Another eye watering treat! if you are on a diet… Screw it! You got to try this!


White Chocolate Strawberry Madness Pizza

White Chocolate Strawberry Madness Pizza: Php125 This is one of the best sellers of the store. I have been dying to try this one since I first saw it on TV. This has been featured in different lifestyle shows and by the looks of the hosts, this really tastes good. And Oh Boy! It did not disappoint!!! This may look too sweet but surprisingly, it is not, the taste is just right and the combination is perfect. I love dark chocolate but I could make an exemption on this one.


Choco Cherry Cheesecake Pizza

Choco Cherry Cheesecake Pizza: Php125 Cherries, Cream Cheese, Sprinkled with Semi-Sweet Chocolates. Yummy! Although at first, the combination seems a bit odd, but it was really Good! Very flavorful. This, along with the other dessert pizzas can be shared by 8 people, they have a thin medium sized pizza crust.


Nuttylicious Pizza

Nuttylicious Pizza: Php105If you love Peanut Butter and Nutella! This is your lucky Day! A Perfect Combination for you! Of all the desserts I had that night, this one is a hit. Very unique but surprisingly delicious! You can really taste the creaminess of the peanut butter and nutella in every bite. It is like eating Reese peanut butter cups with a pizza crust!


Chocoholics Pizza

Chocoholics Pizza: Php115Does The Name ring a Bell? Attention all Chocoholics! A pizza topped with what else? Chocolates! Choco Chips and White Chocolate shavings! Wow! Do I need to say more?


Over all, all of the desserts are really good! Reaaally! Reaaallly! If you are a Dessert Junkie, this place is Heaven! The desserts are Very unique and flavorful. Also, although they may look like very sinfully irresistible these desserts are not too sweet. I don't know how to count calories but I bet these desserts have less compared to eating traditional desserts like leche flan and cakes. These desserts are a hit, you have got to try them all. As for me I still have a few that I haven’t tried. Another reason to come back.

After That Wonderful Meal, we took the opportunity to take some photos.

Blue Lemonade?Ayos!

Pizaaaahhhh!Sa May Oven.. Me with the Owner's (Thanks guys!) 

Outside Chi's Brick Oven Kitchen.

I really enjoyed dining at this place. Most probably I will be back soon! I'll bring in some new friends for them to try their delectable dishes.


For More Information About Chi’s Brick Oven Kitchen:

Visit them at 209 Aguirre Ave., B.F. Homes, Paranaque City, Philippines

For Reservations and Inquiries call 63.2.820.7210 or 0917.8971117/0917.9260555

or visit their website at Brickovenkitchen.Multiply.Com

They’re open
Tuesdays thru Fridays:
11:30 am to 2:00 pm
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Saturdays and Sundays
11:30 am to 10:30 pm
They’re closed on Mondays.



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Halloween 2008

To conclude the recently celebrated Customer Service Week at the Office, we had our annual Halloween costume and decoration contest. We (our team) have been the over-all winner on this competition for Three years in a row 2004, 2005, and 2006. Last year we were not able to actively participate in the event (In short, Pahinga daw muna, wala muna Kareer). But now, we were back with a Bang! Wohoo! Pressure To!

Here is a Video presentation of the Entries…

Winners of 2008. Created by AIG-BPSI Communications.

Thir13en GhostsThis year’s theme was Movies, our team’s chosen theme was the Movie “Thir13en Ghosts”. It was quite a long preparation especially for the props and prosthetics. But it paid off, thanks to the creative hands and minds behind this production, we were declared the overall champion for the team division this year! Congratulations to everybody!


Here is our team’s version of the Thir13en Ghosts…


Group Pic  Wow Legs...  Smile!

A week after Winning the event and Getting The cash Prize, the team was in for some Treat. Kainan Muna! But before everything else, A video was presented to the team about our previous Halloween .entries and some behind the scene pics of this years Halloween production.

Here is the Video Presentation…

FAMF Halloweens... Created by: Xty

After the presentation, Kainan Na!!!!

Next year kaya?! Hmmm… :p Pressured!


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