Official Gmail Themes! WooHoo!

I have been Using Gmail Since it was first offered. And up until now, I am very impressed with their FREE service. You can Check their site for all the cool stuff they offer. I like the current Gmail Interface, it is very clean and straightforward, but I was hoping that I could do more or customize it a little bit… I could actually, using some third party tweaking tools… but I just don’t want to compromise my account just for the sake of aesthetics… That is why I just waited for this kind of feature to become official. Today my long wait is Over! Presenting, the Official Gmail Themes!

Gmail Skins






























Cool Huh! So to all Gmailers out there, log-in now and Customize you account! And to all people who are stuck with their old email prooviders, check-out Gmail to see and feel the BIG difference! Sign-Up now! It is Fast and Free!

This Feature will be rolled out to all Gmail Users within 1 to 2 days… So don’t Worry if your account doesn’t have the feature yet :p

By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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3 thoughts on “Official Gmail Themes! WooHoo!”

  1. Somebody said that the themes tab sits under setting. But I can’t find it on my gmail inbox…
    Any other way to get to it?
    Im an user who lives in UK.

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