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Burger Avenue

After Shooting up our Blood Sugars to death on the Chocolate Buffet, we thought that we needed something else to eat. So, we decided to go to the newest hangout in Makati… Just Along Makati Avenue, The A-Venue Mall… Where we found the Newest and Hottest Burger Place in Town, Burger Avenue… :p

Burger Avenue is located on the A-Venue mall, Open 24/7, and they serve really good burgers. The Place is quite small but clean. They have a self service counter and the staff were very polite and friendly. The burgers are served grilled so less guilt there (maybe) :p

Now Open, Burger Avenue

Burger Avenue

 Ayos Dito! Sa Counter

The Rediculous Burger Challenge The Winners of the Challenge

Burger Avenue has a “Ridiculous Burger Challenge” where anyone who can finish their Ridiculous Burger, A Burger with 3 Burger Patties priced at P255 (See Photo below) in 5 minutes or Less, gets their burger FOR FREE!! (see Photo below for the mechanics). I did not take the challenge because I was still full that time. But I think I can do it, perhaps next time! when I am ready!! :p

Challenge Mechanics

Picture While Waiting... Wait, parang mahalay ang mustard! :p

Cheese Burger

Open Sesame!

Crispy Bacon Melt

The Rediculous Burger... Burger with 3 Gian Patties totalling to 1 pound! that's about 4 quarter pounders!

French Fries

Got My Order! Waaawww!

Mmmm.... Looks Can be deceiving... Nagpapanggap syang Maliit :p


Sa Burger Avenue...

I must say, their burgers were really good!! Although it came on a bit hefty price tag, but It was worth every penny! Personally, their burgers are better tasting than Burger King, or even McDonalds.

By the way, one unique thing about their burgers is the buns… The bun is very tasty and very firm. And Instead of having sesame seeds on top of it, theirs has oatmeal :p

Here’s the Menu of Burger Avenue. This Place is Really a Must Try!

Burger Avenue 1 Burger Avenue 3

Burger Avenue 2

I would love to Go back to this place! I hope they open a branch nearby…

Perhaps Las Pinas or Alabang Area… :p


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

Originally Posted On: www.DENCIO.com

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  1. ey man Great Blog!

    I was making a blog about burger avenue as well, but unfortunately, i ran out of battery on my cam. So i was just wondering if i could borrow some pics, ill post links to ur page and credit to you as well. Is that okay?

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