Chi’s Brick Oven Kitchen… The Second Time Around!

Blue Lemonade... Last Month, I posted this Post about Chi’s Brick Oven Kitchen. A great restaurant in Aguirre St. In BF Homes Paranaque. The reader’s response was great! A lot of my friends wanted to try it out. Well, anyway, although we have tried several items in their menu the last time, We were not able to try all the best sellers of the place… So we decided to come back for More! And as expected… We were not disappointed! This place never fails to Impress!


So Again Let’s See what we got. We Ordered new stuff this time.

Wood-Fired Buffalo Wings


Classic Buffalo Wings in Mild or Hot Sauce served with a blue cheese dip.

This Buffalo wings are good… Especially with the sauce… Although it would have been better if they chose bigger chicken wings… :p I like my Buffalo wings big :p Like the ones they serve in Don Henricos :p


Stuffed Potato Marbles


 Favorite Appetizer :p


Puchon (Pugon-Lechon)


 Brick Oven Style Lechon

Another Best Seller of CBOK. This is the best lechon kawali I have had so far! It was very Tender, Juicy, and it was not fried! Less guilt there! The meat was very flavorful. It is served with rice and the serving is big enough for 2.

Pugon Adobo Flakes Rice Topping


 Adobo Flakes cooked over rice served with red egg and diced tomatoes...

 Yumm! Yumm!

This is very, very good… The meat (together with the pork fat) melts in your mouth.. very flavorful… Adobo at its best… Also, good enough to share! There’s about 2 cups of rice on each serving.


Spicy Sardinia Pizza


 Spicy Sardines, Olives, Onions, Tomato Sauce and Lots of Mozzarella!

If you love Sardines, you’ll love this Pizza! Although it is Sardines, it does not smell fishy :p

Stuffed All-Meat Pizza


 All-Meat!!! All-Meat!!!


This was supposed to be a calzone, but, the waiter suggested to make it like a pizza to make it bigger and easy to slice… But the stuffing was the same as the one used in the all-meat calzone.

Brick Oven Chocolate Cake Ala-Mode

  FREE!!! Yey!

After 3 Seconds...

We were surprised because they gave us a complementary dessert! We are not sure why but according to the waiter… it was for regular customers! Wow! :p Thanks!

Blueberry Cheesecake Delight


Blue Berry and Cheesecakes!


Blueberry and Cream Cheese, what a perfect combination. This dessert pizza is not that sweet but very flavorful… you can really taste the cream cheese in every bite!

We were not able to order a lot of desserts this time around because we were so full after eating that heavy rice and stuffed pizza meal. Perhaps that was meant to be… another reason to come back! :p

Wooden Pizza Trays...

I would like to thank Chi and Apple for the Comment on my previous post and for the Free dessert… Next time ulit! :p Also, thank you for reading and following my blog. Until Next Time!

Here’s the Menu of Chi’s Brick Oven Kitchen.

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By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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