My Romblon Adventure | Part 4 – The “Morning Walk”

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Rise and Shine!

Macro in the MorningPractice Practice

It was the last day of our 4-day thanksgiving vacation in Romblon… But luckily for us, there’s still more in store for us. According to our Itinerary we will be doing a “Morning Walk”…

Now What is actually done in a Morning Walk? I have No Idea… :p But I’m sure it would probably include a lot of walking 🙂

But Before the walk… Breakfast!

 Native Eggs!Sliced Monay...

 Banana!Sardines with Malunggay! Sarap! 

After Breakfast.. The “Walk” started…

But before actually walking… I get to Ride A bike first! I love biking.. especially on a rough road… It was so much fun! I think the last time I was able to ride a bike was when we went to Villa Escudero last May… I really missed biking… so.. This moment was a blast!




Pose Ulit...Napuwing ako!

Sa basketball CourtDonayed by Kagawad Soguilon and Family

Next part of our morning walk… A Carabao Ride! 🙂 How Cool is that?! I spent a lot of time in the province growing up but this is actually the first time I get to ride on A real Carabao… It was a bit tricky and need a bit of flexibility and balance… 🙂

Walang Malisya to!Pa-Simple Lumalapit :p

 Ray Gun!At Last!!!

 Awkward...Kawawa naman nakatali sa ilong :p

Next part of our morning walk… The Tree House! The house of the barangay captain has a tree house… we asked permission if we can take some shots on it… and he said OK! :p

Pose sa treehouse..Pose sa treehouse..

Pose sa treehouse..Pose sa treehouse..

Pose sa treehouse..Pose sa treehouse..

Pose sa treehouse..Pose sa treehouse..

Next Stop… The Duck’s House! :p


And then The Rice Field… Again…

Sa bukid Ulit!

Sa Bukid Walang Papel!!!!

And Then the walk started… The prior activities really diverted our attention away from the actual walk… but now that we were doing nothing but walk.. It was then that we realized that we have actually walked so far from home… and the way we took going back was the other way around the barangay… so literally we were able to go around the barangay walking… According to Marlon… that was more or less 2 KM walk… What an Exercise! :p It was so tiring yet so much fun!

Walking View..Walking View..

Walking View..Walking View.. 

Finally! We got home at around 9AM… Time to rest after that Long long Walk around town… So we stopped and played some cards.. :p

Pahinga... Tong-ItsMay Mangi-nginom


 Pusoy Dos!ChiCha

And then… It was now lunch time!

Kanin... Tinolang Native Chicken! Sarap!

After Lunch… Time to pack our things and be ready to move out at around 2:30 PM… After packing we still have some extra time so we were able to go to the backyard to pick some kalabasa. We did our Final Preparations… got to get ready to go.

Likod baHayAyun!!

 Akin toh!Huli ka!

 What a nice day..2 for the road!

But before leaving, it was time for some merienda… which we RUSHED!! I mean RUSHED! because the Jeep was already here to fetch us.. It was a bit earlier than expected.. and the worst part was.. it already has passengers… to technically while we were eating.. they were literally waiting for us to finish which made us very conscious and uncomfortable…. so after that rush snack… Time to say Goodbye! Then we were off to the Pier…

The ride to the pier was going well… until.. Poof! We had a Flat Tire! I guess Luck was really not on our side! Good thing they have a spare tire and were able to change in about 15 minutes…

Flat Tire SessionPose ka pa jan!

Sadness...Overloaded ba?!

Flat Tire SessionFlat Tire Session

Smile!Ayun ako oh!

It’s too bad that all good things must come to an end… but We still had some adventures Going home!

Part 5 – How We Got Out!


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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  1. i love nature tripping wow!{lol!}i am laughing bcoz of those walking 'surprises' you got into lol but hey it's worth it youre one of those bloggers who really captured great pictures you just need to describe more the types-kinds of agricultural products the places produces whether the names of every grasses hays trees plants in the areas will be appreciated but no less great photos i love those river shots so good luck for more interesting unusual photo subjects i am surprised department of tourism did not see these places as potential tourism even by the locals for picnics campings week end nature trippings but of course the locals need to put some ARCHITECTURAL native bamboo benches chairs tables na may payung na malaki as shades tapos yung a dozen pastel colors na mga tall flags in a hanging bamnboo 'bridges' between the river para alam na tourism areas yun lugar by the river tapos lagyan ng mga mini white & orange painted wooden boats para sakayan romantic o adventures man ang dating para magkapera lalo ang lugar na yan kasi pretty at sobrang linis so deserving yang lugar na yan sige sige na! tell them to put those i said to lure visitors in this interesting beautiful places

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