My Romblon Adventure | Part 5 – How we Got Out!

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Sadly, good this must come to an end… Our vacation is finally coming to a close but, there’s still some more adventures.. or should I say Mis-adventures that we encountered going home.

Odiongan Port

The Jeep arrive on the Port on time. We purchased our ferry tickets P1,100 (from the same ferry) at the gate. This time, we made sure that we bought cabin tickets. The reason? For us to have a bit of privacy and better sleeping areas since we are all so tired… and to be able to take some pictures inside the rooms :p

After buying the tickets, we headed to the pasalubong shops where we were greeted by hundreds of Marble Products… Time to buy some pasalubong for family and friends… The choices was quite extensive… From office products, cellphone holders, paperweights, religious stuff, to kitchen items… to gravestones! Lapida and Urns In all shapes and sizes! All very Affordable (Compared to The city).

Sa Marmulan

Marble Products 1  Marble Products 2

Anong Ginagawa ng Dalawang Dolphins na to?! 

Anyway, The ferry was late because the waves were quite big the past few days, so we still have a few hours left before the ferry leaves. We had enough time to buy Marble Products with engraved names on it.. Engraving, which they do so fast… manually! Amazing Talent!

After shopping, it was time to board the ship… Since the wind was quite blowing hard, the ship was swaying from side to side… Meaning… SEA SICKNESS!!! I really don’t have a problem riding ships and boats, but this time was different. The smell of the smoke coming from the engine and the trucks on the ferry made it worst! Before we reached the cabin… we were so DIZZY!! Byahilo Talaga!

Before... Before...


Once inside the Cabin (which we shared by two other people) we could still feel the swaying of the ship… and throughout the entire 10-hour sail… even while sleeping… we could still feel the swaying… It really sucks! What an experience!!!

Pinipilit Matulog! Stolen?

Byahilo! Thanks to Philippine Airlines for the Suka Bag!

Pose Pa din... Yakap ka ng Yakap!

 Parang Wala lang... Kapit Tuko!

By the way, when we stayed in the Deluxe Section  we have some cockroach roommates, surprisingly, it was no different inside the cabin, actually, a bit worse than the deluxe… :p

Visitor 1 Visitor 2

The Ferry left Romblon at around 6 or 7PM and we reached Batangas Pier at around 5AM the next day! What a trip.. when we finally reached dry lang… we were so relieved… but, it was not over… we can still feel the swaying in our heads!!! Shet! :p

We took the bus going back to Alabang… Another 2-hour trip! And Finally we reached Alabang! I thought it was over.. but only to realize that I still have to carry a box full of marble products!!! It was so heavy I could barely carry it alone… good thing Marlon lent a helping hand! It don’t know if it was due to fatigue or the package was just so heavy for me!

It was breakfast time when we got to alabang… Time for some Fastfood!

Love Ko to?! Labo! Pang Billboard to!!! 

Finally.. Really Finally, we I was able to ride the van home! Time for Some Sleep! I still have to get to work that night!!!

Wow! What a vacation!!! very physically challenging but It was a LOT of FUN! Something that I would not mind Doing Again!!!

Thanks to Marlon, Mommy, and Daddy for the Invitation and Warm Accommodation! 😛

To the Readers, thank you for following these posts… 🙂

You may view the Photo Album of this Vacation HERE!


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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