Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice Awards (2009)

Trip Advisor 2009 Traveler's Choice Awards

Congratulations to Dave’s Straw Hat Inn (BORACAY) for being included in 3 Categories!

#26 TOP 100 Best Bargains (Worldwide)

#3 TOP 10 Best Bargains (Asia)

#4 TOP 10 Best Hidden Gems (Asia)


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Dave’s Straw Hat Inn


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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Gmail Goes Offline, Finally!

Offline Access That is… I have been waiting for this feature for years! And at last, its here…

Here is the Video Presentation of the Feature!

Read the Full Details on Gmail’s Blog.



By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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Jason Mraz LIVE in EBS Space Korea

Feel Good Music… Great LIVE Performance! Probably better than the CD! :)

I'm Yours

Geen in The Pink
Life is Wonderful


Nobody likes Me - You and I both

Please don't Tell her

The Remedy

World Play


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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Chocolate Heart Doughnuts | By: Krispy Kreme

Happy Valentine's Day in advance!

Krispy Kreme celebrates this season with the NEW Chocolate Heart Doughnuts!
“Your favorite premium chocolates on a Krispy Kreme doughnut”
It's love at first bite!

Krispy Kreme Chocolate Heart Doughnuts!


  • Hershey's Chocolate Chip - "love the chip", Hershey's Semi-Sweet chocolate chips on rich chocolate iced heart doughnut;
  • Oreo Cookie Heart - "it's chocolate times 3!", heart-shaped doughnut topped with Oreo Chocolate Cookie and rich chocolate icing, then filled with chocolate kreme;
  • Powdered Chocolate Heart - "for the half hearted", it's a heart-shaped doughnut coated with half kremey chocolate icing & half dusting of powdered sugar;   
  • Chocolate Sprinkled Heart  - "sprinkle some love", a heart-shaped doughnut dipped in kremey chocolate and topped with chocolate sprinkles;
  • Hershey's Dark Chocolate Heart - "a heart with a dark side", it's a heart-shaped doughnut dipped in rich chocolate & topped with Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate and drizzled with caramel;
  • Chocolate Curl Heart - "indulge in chocolate curls",  we've topped our chocolate iced heart doughnuts with Belgian chocolate curls (available in dark and white).                       

Share the love! Get a limited edition Valentine Tin Can and choice of 6 Chocolate Heart Doughnuts for only P322. Plus, you may design 3 Chocolate Heart Doughnuts for only P130!

These offers are available in all Krispy Kreme stores now until this February only! For more details, visit

Get them in a Krispy Kreme Store near you!

  • Bonifacio High Street
    Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig city
    Opens 6:00 am daily
  • Greenhills Shopping Center
    San Juan, Metro Manila, drive-thru store
    Opens 5:30 am daily
  • SM Mall of Asia
    G/F, Entertainment Mall, Pasay City
    Krispy Kreme Stores:
  • Trinoma
    Cinema level, Trinoma, Quezon city
  • SM Megamall
    Upper G/F, building B, Mandaluyong City
    Opens 8:00 am daily
  • SM Mall of Asia
    G/F, Main Mall, Pasay City
  • Ayala Avenue
    Ground Floor, Jaka Building, Makati City
    Opens 6:00 am daily
  • Robinsons Galleria
    Level 2, East Lane
    Ortigas Ave, Quezon City
  • Gateway Mall
    Ground Floor of Gateway Mall, Cubao, Quezon City

    Glorietta 4

    Glorietta 4, Main entrance, Makati City


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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Chillin’ in Tagaytay…

Next Day… January 2…

After Making Tambay all night long with my High school Friends… It’s now time naman to meet the College Friends of Mine… It was a short notice… That is why only few of us was able to come. Or is it? Anyway… We decided to make tambay sa walang kamatayng Tagaytay! It was so chilly! Paow and I got there first… So we decided to grab some all-time favorite Tagaytay Food… The mushroom burger! Sarap Talaga! :p

Mushroom Burger...


Must Visit one of these days...

Sa Loob...

Mushroom Cheese Burger...


Sooo Goood!

Me and Paow...

And then… tried our luck.. or his luck… sa Casino… akalain mo… pwede pala naka-shorts! noon ko lang nalaman… May live band sa Casino kaso bawal cam eh…

Sa Casino Filipino Tagaytay

Sa Lobby 

SM tagaytay plans...


After loosing 500 pesos in 3 minutes sa color game… we are off to the tambayan ng bayan.. sa may starbucks area! Pero meet muna namin si Ian sa Carlos Pizza… Sa tabi nung starbucks!

With Ian's Yazaki Friends

And then Pag-dating ni Gotch… Tuloy na ang Tambay sa starbucks! Tambay! Tambay! Tambay! Kwento… Kwento… Kwento… tapos sabi ni Ian… Susunod daw si Eric… Nanjan daw sya kasi normally nasa Ilocos sya.. Med-rep ng unilab… Anyway.. So tuloy ang pag tambay.. kwento.. At picture picture!

Most Photographed Starbucks logo Ever! 

One Grande hot Chocolate for Novita! That's Me! that's Me!

Sa Thinking Chair... 

basahin mo!


Sa Counter...

2AM na dami pa tao.. haba pa pila... Lady, ian, Gotch, and Chris...

Si Novita din Sya...

Croissant and Ensaymada...


It was already 3AM… Uwian na daw… Pero daan muna daw sa may dasma… saglit! :p

Funky Buddha

Ito and Tama!

cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health!

 Ayos!!!! X5

Ayan Saglit lang daw… After 5 Red-Horse Grande, Sizzling Sisig, and French Fries it was already 5AM… Time To Go… Pero… Gusto daw muna nila kumain ng kanin bago umuwi… hay! so byahe ulit… E nagkataon sarado pa… So uwi na lang… (Buti naman! :p)

So uwi na nga… pero… Since medyo hyper ang mga tao… Medyo bumilis magpatakbo! Sobrang Bilis… Uminit ang Gulong at na-Flat! Ayan! Ayan!

Ayan! Ayan!!! :p

It was already 6AM, totoo na! uwian na! Hehe! At last! Thank God! I survived! :p

Sa mga Di nakapunta/nagdrowing/busy/whatever! Happy New Year na Lang Din… :)


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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New Year’s Night Out…

Still New Years day. . .

After that wonderful meal at the Mega Mansion, I still got some time to sleep. It was already 1PM and I have to meet up with my “Old” Buddies  (Elementary/HS) at around 7PM. So Sleeping time it is… I set the alarm at 6PM and I dozed off…

And then IT happened! I was awakened by the ring of my phone… “THEY” were calling! It was Already 8PM!!! And I’m still in bed! I must have set-off the alarm clock in my sleep.. or something! :p So I answered the phone, and immediately some one said… ”San Ka Na?!” … “Ah Eh… Kakagising ko lang.. Buti tumawag ka! Hehehe”… “Bilisan mo daanan ka namin jan”.

Eto na! GAME! Turbo mode… wala na patumpik-tumpik! They will probably be here in less than 30 minutes… So I got off the bed.. Headed directly to the shower and got dressed in record time! I was done… and they were not even here yet! :p After A few minutes.. They came… And off we go.

We went to MOA (Mall of Asia) as originally planned…

There, we decided to eat dinner at A’ Venetto Pizzeria. And Afterwards… Tambay Naman sa Pier One by the Bay…

Naghahanap ng Kakainan...

Kit and Henry... Groom to Be... Congrats!

Two big news this new year! KIT and HENRY will Be getting Married… I forgot the dates… I don’t have the invitations yet! Congrats to you guys! … I’m so excited for the both of you, kahit medyo nakakapressure ng konti! :p Hahahaha! :p

Johan and Jed...

Johan… The “Professional” Wedding Singer… and Uhm… Jed… :) Jed Pa din :) Di ko mahanap Frinedster nya… Nawawala..

Ako... Johan... Jed.. Kit... sa Pizzahan!

Sa A' Venetto Pizzeria...

Pier One By the Bay...

Sabi ko di ako iinom... Sabi ko lang :p

Tambay lang... Kwentuhan ng Massage...

Sarap Nito! San Miguel Premium...

SanMig Premium... Super Smooth!

San Miguel Premium… Sabi ni Jed… SanMig Light-Light daw… Mas Mahaba-habang inuman! Na-akit ako sa green na bote! Hehehe! Smooth Nga sya… :)

By the way… Doc JM wasn’t able to make it because of “Duty”… Dun sa Iba na nagdrowing… :p happy New Year na lang! :p

Catching Up with Friends… Great Time! A good way to start the Year Right!


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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New Year 2009 at the Mega Mansion

Another New Year’s Breakfast/Dinner at the Chiqui’s House. This is our second year doing this. I believe it is becoming a bit of a tradition.

6AM, New Years day, barely any cars on the streets, I am on my way to Alabang to meet up with my AIG friends for us to go to the mega mansion together.

We arrived at Chiqui’s Place at around 7AM. Before Eating, some chit-chat since Chiqui was on leave few days back.

High Five!


Shy Type...

Boss, Tala and Shy Type Talaga... :p

Becky and Peter...

Inaantok na si lane...

This new year tradition would not be complete if we won’t see the Hyper Pug Ylmaz! The Star of the Noche Buena Feast If you can recall, last year, Ylmaz was on his Santa Clause costume. This year, he’s back, bigger more hyper than ever, he is on his Bee Costume :)

Ayoko ng Kulubot!

one big happy family...

Time to eat!





United Nations Siomai

After Eating… Picture na naman! :p



Best Buddies...Pero Bat parang May kakaiba... :p

Chinita :)


Props lang daw yung wine...


eto pa...


Sa tagumpay!

Sa Tagumpaayyy!!!!

Props lang yan!!! bawal uminom!

Props ako...

Patay tayo jan!

Lagot ka!!!

After Eating… Around 11AM.. Time to pack-up! :p


Ok ka ba tyan?!

Uwian na!


Thanks to Mega for another wonderful new year’s meal! Until Next Year! :p

By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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