Ice Cream Anyone?!

After our Lunch at Chateau 1771… It was time for another Treat (A real one! From Jussy! :p) We did not order dessert at Chateau 1771 because we were planning to have an Ice Cream Dessert at The Manila Peninsula. Not just ordinary ice-cream, but The Famous PenPals Ice Cream at The Lobby of the Manila Pen… 19 different Scoops of Ice Cream topped with Fruits, Mallows, chocolate syrup, cherries, whipped cream, and Wafer Sticks! It was Huge! You really need some friend to share it with…

As for the Taste… personally, I was not impressed… there was nothing special about the ice cream. It tasted like (if not really) Selecta Ice Creams that are sold in the supermarkets. I was hoping for a special ice cream made by the hotel’s chefs or Imported by the hotel… Overall, it was just ok, nothing spectacular… You can’t go wrong with ice cream anyway… the fruits were good, fresh grapes (not seedless), melons, kiwis, and pineapples (which tasted a bit sour due to the sweetness of the ice cream). I was disappointed… they should improve this… I have tasted better Ice creams elsewhere… this does not come close… :p Sorry 🙁

PenPals at The Lobby (P990.00++)



Akin to!



Ice Cream Oh! May gatas Pa sa Labi...

Big Cup... Small Cup...


Ubos Na!

There are the Other Ice Cream Products to choose from at The Lobby of Manila Peninsula.

Here are Some of them…

Ice Cream Indulgence...

Cafe Crumble Creation P400++

Sweet Strawberry Treat P650++

Banana Split Hit P400++

Halo-Halo Harana P400++

The Nutty Page Boy P300++

Fruit N' Youghurt Coupe P650++

Shake Shake Shake P280++


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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  1. some food critics i’ve recently had dinner with said we’ve got good vanilla ice cream at the all-new Dusit Thani Manila’s Dusit Gourmet. You should give it a shot! Have a creamy oh-9, Dencio! Cheers!

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