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New Menu Items from Chi’s Brick Oven Kitchen

Here are some new additions to the Menu of Chi’s Brick Oven Kitchen.

Ginataang Kuhol - Pinoy escargot; local snails cooked with coconut milk (gata)
                              in the brick oven Php115.00
Parrish Clams    -  An ode to Casa Marcos; Parmesan encrusted clams in
                               olive oil baked in the brick oven Php195.00
Shrimply Heaven - Shrimps marinated in garlic and butter and baked in
                               the brick oven Php395.00
Pugon Chicken -     two whole chicken legs marinated in our very own
                                sweet soy concoction and baked in the brick oven Php325.00
Pizza Mediterrano - grapes, feta cheese, and shrimps on top of mozzarella cheese and our
                                very own pesto sauce Php360.00
Pizza Puttanesca - anchovies, olives, capers, mushrooms and parmesan cheese on top of
                              mozzarella cheese and our special tomato sauce Php355.00
Pizza Verde - anchovies on top of mozzarella cheese and our very own pesto sauce Php315.00

For the Complete Menu and Review of other Menu Items, you may check out the following posts.



By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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Tarragon Restaurant: Steaks, Fried Ice Cream, Pasta…

After that wicked meal we had in Flaming Wings a while back, we saw this restaurant across the street and became one of our next target.

And true enough, it did become our next target! So, it was Cristy’s Birthday so it’s the perfect time to eat!

Tarragon Restaurant is Located Along Aguirre Avenue in BF Paranaque. It was right across the Street from Flaming Wings and was a few Meters away from BDO and Mercury Drug.

Tarragon Restaurant

It was a Monday evening, but still, we called for a reservation just to make sure. We arrived at around 8PM and Started Ordering around 9PM. We were then informed that the store closes at 10:30, maybe because it was a Monday. Well Anyway, Here are some shots of the Interiors.

May Blackboard Pa!

Dining Area

Inside Tarragon


The Door

The Place was Colorful! It was predominantly ORANGE! Plus other touches of bright Colors. I think because Tarragon is a Herb commonly used in Spanish or Mexican Cooking that is why the theme of the place is like this. Para kang nasa set ng isang Mexican novela! :p Moving forward, the place is a bit spacious there were several tables and a separate room (where we stayed) where you can isolate yourselves from the rest of the crowd. The Place is very homey and warm. It is a good place to chat and meet with friends. If you like bright colors, you’ll love the interiors but if not… good luck! :p

Si Gina May akbay pa! Parang Soap Opera Nga! hehehe! :p

Shella = PakYut!

Si Barbie Pinilit Sumama :p

Happy Birthday Xty!


The service for me was below average… It was a bit Slow… not because they served our food late (which is expected since we were quite a number) but they just don’t respond that well to orders and requests. For example, you asked for a glass of water, It will took several minutes before the waiter comes back. Same thing happens if you ask for an extra plate or a utensil… Needs some Improvement! Also the waiter and the Manager (I assume) rarely smiles, they were not that approachable and I don’t feel welcome. They were not enthusiastic at all. And there was a point where it was already 10:30PM and the manager was already holding our bill sitting on a nearby table probably implying that – Hey! It’s already Closing Time! The service should be improved… Anyway… we were there for the food.. so let’s proceed..


Fried Mozzarella Sticks with Tomato Dip P130 

Mix Sampler P235

Onion Rings, Cheese Sticks, Chicken Tenders, and Squid Tentacles with 3 dips.

I like onion rings pero yung sa burger king lang, kasi di sya parang pure onion hehe! :p This one is made from real onions and Surprisingly, Masarap sya! it was crunchy and does not taste very oniony :p The Honey mustard dip was good to although it could be thicker.

Chix and Chops P285

Pork Chops, Chicken, and Fries With Gravy!

The Pork chops was tender and flavorful, I guess this place specialty is really their steaks. The chicken was good as well.

Juices P50, Ice Tea (Bottomless) P65, Mango Shake P65

Rootbeer Float P65

Carbonara P130


Carbonara = Alfredo Parang pareho lang… The taste… Typical.

Alfredo P130

Parang Carbonara din lang... hehe!

Chorizo Pasta P165

Tomato sauce with sausages

This pasta is good, it has bits of sausages… Fresh tomato sauce, with a touch of spiciness.

Arrabiata P125

Seafood pasta P145

Tahong on the Side :p

Beef Stonganoff P155

Penne with Beef Stroganoff, replace your rice with pasta and you’ll get this one. :p But it was good… the beef stroganoff was very flavorful, although they could have added more beef :p

We also ordered the classic spaghetti, but I forgot to take some shots. It was ok for me kasi nga bias ako sa spaghetti. The sauce was also on the sweet side, but you can taste some herbs and spices in it.


Now the Desserts, These are all the desserts on the Menu, we tried them all.

Fried Ice Cream P80

Ice cream Covered in Batter, Fried, and served!

Topped with Chocolate Syrup and chopped nuts.

Inside the fried Ice Cream = Vanilla Ice Cream

Hmm.. sounds intriguing at first but I was not Impressed by this. Sorry but personally, there was no flavor or something to make this one stand out. Mas masarap pa ata yung ice cream na pinalaman sa buns :p Sorry talaga but for me… again :p Nothing Special… :p

Oreo Tease P105

3 Scoops of Selecta Ice Cream Topped with Mini Oreos, Marshmallows, and Stick-O!

Macro Mini Oreo!

I was not Teased at All! :p But it was ok… although the taste was ordinary… The Oreo tasted like one, so as the ice cream and the mallows… I can make this one at home with ease! :P

Banana Split P105

Ice cream topped with bananas! :p

Remove the Oreos from the Oreo tease and replace it with some banana and you’ll get this one! Same Idea! I was hoping for a banana split where there are more bananas (whole bananas) than Ice Cream!

Asian Baclava (Bak-La-Va) P120

Mangos wrapped in Turon Wrapper, Froze, then Fried, served with a scoop of ice cream!

Mango + Cinnamon = weirdness!

Don’t get me wrong, I love mangos but I realized that mangos and cinnamon don’t go well with each other (in this case that is). Para syang turon na mangga na sobrang lamig tapos mag kasama pang cinnamon. Personally I’m not diggin’ this :p Cinnamon + Apple = Greatness! :p


Overall, This place is OK although nothing was remarkable, I was hoping that the fried ice cream will stand out but I was wrong. We have not tried the steaks but based on the pork chops, I think they serve great steaks. But then again, that is only for me… hehehe! :p


Here is the Menu of Tarragon Restaurant (As of February 2009)

Tarragon Menu Tarragon Menu

Tarragon Menu Tarragon Menu 

Tarragon Menu Tarragon Menu

Tarragon Menu They Dont Issue and O.R. Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk... 

All of these for P3,485... Not worth it for me though :p

Thanks to Cristy for Taking Care of the Bill! :p

Tarragon Restaurant’s Contact Number: 0920.542.1747 Look for Mike

I wonder where our next destination is… Stay tuned to Find Out! :p


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

After that tiresome around the world tour, time to eat!!! This time, we’ll try Joey Pepperoni in Mall of Asia. According to the waiter, Joey is Joey Conception, son of Raul Conception – the businessman. Anyway, the place looks good and intriguing and they have this big sign – 50% Off on Pizza’s From 2PM-6PM. Sounds like a good deal! No Strings Attached! So Let’s give it a try!

Joey Pepperoni MOA

We sat outside, because the place is a bit packed. It was a small place, your typical pizza parlor setting.

JP Menu

Their Menu reminds me of A’Venetto Pizzeria, not really identical but almost similar. Their Pizzas even looks the same.

Promo! Promo!

The Promo that caught our attention. Not many or should I say, they are the only pizza parlor that offers this kind of promo – very generous!

Place Mat Game

Tired of waiting, why not play some word hunt while waiting for your order.

White Plate...

Basic Table Setting. Nice and Clean


JP Hot Sauce - Mama Sita 

Bottomless Iced Tea P50 - Earth and Sky

Pasta Bolognese... P145

You can’t go wrong with Bolognese, it is pretty basic. This one is good, the sauce is on the sour side… serves 2 peeps if you are still getting pizza…

Rich Thick Sauce...

Pasta Del Tonno P135

Tuna pasta, a light meal for the health conscious. however don’t mix it up too much because the bottom of the plate is a bit oily… It’s olive oil but you dint want to have a super glossy tuna smelling lips :p Although it is only tossed, the dish has a great flavor to it. I personally love the big chunks of tuna, something you can bite into…


Chicken Parmigiana P218

Rich Tomato Sauce, Mushroom, Pasta, Topped with cheese Fried chicken breast Fillet! Wow! :p

May Fried Chicken Topping!

Ganda ng Presentation

Signature Joey Pepperoni Pizza P325 (50% Off)

I am not really a fan of pepperoni pizza, but since this is their specialty, I  have to give it a go. I was expecting a dry boring pepperoni pizza (like most out there)  but this one is not! I was amazed that a pepperoni pizza will taste so good! But hey, it is only befitting because the owner put his name on this one. The pizza was moist, chewy, and the toppings was flavorful. The pepperoni itself tastes excellent! This puts on pressure to other pepperoni pizzas out there! A MUST TRY! This Pepperoni Pizza Makes the other Pepperoni Pizzas out there Boring-er! Hehe! :p

Moist, Chewy Crust

Mmm... PePe-Roni!


Wait?! Bat ganito ang pang sandok ng Pizza?!

Utensils? Could Be better…

Quatro Formaggi P335 (50% Off)

4-Cheese Pizza, I forgot the exact cheeses that they used. Mozzarella, Ricotta, Feta, and Others… :p It was ok, but a bit sour for me, probably because of the cheese. But other than that, it was good. Although Chi’s Brick Oven’s 5-Cheese is still the best, Brooklyn’s Second, and Yellow cab is the Third… This will come in 4th place… unless I can try something better :P Oh and I almost forgot… The Old Spaghetti House serve the most amazing all cheese pizza.. Making Chi’s Second place… And So on…


Melted Cheese...


JP 4-Cheese

Very Affordable!

All of these for only P1,078!! Wow! What an Incredible offer… I Hope all Pizza Place Offer’s the same promo!


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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