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A’ Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante

I recently Tried A’ Veneto Pizzeria in MOA. It is located at the back of MOA, along the seaside boulevard in front of SanMig by the bay. I heard that they serve delicious, hefty, and reasonably priced food. Indeed, they were right!

The place was nice and clean, although it was not that homey and cozy. But It was ok, very typical of a fast food in a mall.

A' Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante

Pizza, Pasta, and Nero's

Art Designs on the Wall...

Lights.... Very Industrial


I love red pepper flakes!

The Place...

The Crowd...

The Counter  

Meatball Spaghetti!



Again, Since I love Spaghetti, I love this meatball spaghetti dish. For only P230, it can serve 3-4 people, again depending on the appetite. If you’ll still have pizza, 3-4 people is ok to share but if you are hungry and just craving for spaghetti, 2-3 is ideal. Yes! they have big servings! So solo dining = Huge Leftovers for take out.

Chicken Carbonara... Bottomless Iced tea for only P70.

Creamy and Flavorful Sauce


 With real fried chicken fillet

Most of the time I prefer red sauce for my pasta, but this one changed my mind. It is very seldom that I find Carbonara better than my red sauce favorites. This white sauce pasta is very rich in flavor and very creamy! DELICIOUS! And there’s more, there’s a surprise beneath the sauce, fried chicken fillet which is equally delicious. For just P285 and comes in a serving as big as the spaghetti… just Great!

Bacon CheeseBurger Pizza 


 Mozzarella Strings....

I love this Pizza, Particularly the crust, it is thin but not crispy, just the way i like it. It is soft and a bit chewy, you can taste the flavor of the toppings in every bite. The pizza toppings was good as well, very generous number of cheese and bacon. Very flavorful. And the Price? Only P420 for a 16” pizza. Almost the same price as pizza hut or Shakey’s where you get only 14” and and a ton of grease :p

But wait?! Bat ganito ang pang sandok?! Hindi ka-shape ng pizza?!


Great Deal! P1500++

All of these great Food (May Take out pang leftovers) for only P1,512.00 about P300 per person for a super filling meal. We also had Buffalo wings however since it was served late into our meal, I forgot to take a picture, but it was good too! thought not that big, but it was good… around 6 pcs for P155 served with a dip (i forgot what kind, ranch or blue cheese). Overall, the experience was pleasant. Although the feel was very “Fast-Foodish” maybe because it was located in a mall. but nevertheless, it was a great dining experience. Especially if your in the company of your friends.

I would probably recommend this place with my friends. And also try their other pizza flavors, maybe in their BF branch, where it will have a more homey feel to it.

Next Stop… Flaming Wings in BF. Until next time!



By: Dennis Christian Angulo

Originally Posted On: www.DENCIO.com

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  1. the food is great and very affordable…
    But me and my mom recently had dinner at A Veneto MOA branch … our bill was only P644.00…but we were charged P1999. I found this to be really dubious since we was only me and my mom, we were only two….there were only two other tables occupied, or two other groups…. How could they make a mistake and add almost P1,300.00 plus to our bill? Since the appetizer was only P150 and the soup P150, the Tiramisu P100…the Seafood pesto P315….how could they have neglegted to add what almost 6 or 7 dishes to our bill?

    The owners should look into this matter…the cashier said the waiter did not check but it was her who made the mistake….how could she have added 6 or more dishes to our tab? we were just two persons dining it would be impossible for us to have 10 mor more dishes on ouir menu…. the waiter very quickly said it was wrong even without looking at the bill…he seemed to be expecting it…. my mom is a senior citizen, we were both women who were dining and we both wear glasses….and we kept on talking during the entire meal…. I noticed the waiter listening in to our conversation and looking at us…since he was standing nearby our table during the entire meal almost….
    I am searching for the owners of A Veneto to place a complaint….P1, 300 plus addition to our meal seems rather dubious….
    This spoiled the end to our dinner….sayang I recommended this restaurant to my mom…I recently dined at their Makati branch in Glorietta and found the food great, servings large and the price very affordable…my friend and I had no problems with our bill there…even though the place was full and customers kept on arriving….
    How could they make this mistake when the place was nearly empty? I suggest every customer to thorougly check their bill before they pay at A Veneto MOA branch.

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