March 2009


Charlie’s Grind and Grill

Few weeks back, I saw this New Restaurant or Should I say Burger House on TV. It was Charlie’s Burger. It was said that the restaurant serve freshly ground black angus beef burgers. Meaning, they only Grind and Grill the Black Angus Beef as you order. Also, their fries are made from fresh potatoes! It looked so good and taste so good that you’ll find people lining up to try… Read More »Charlie’s Grind and Grill


Sebastian’s Super Delicious Ice Cream!

Japanese restaurants were not known for their desserts, so we have to find desserts somewhere else. But thankfully, we won’t have to go that far! :p Few years back, Yeye told me that there was this Super Delicious Ice Cream Stand In ATC. It was there all along but I hardly notice it, until recently. It was Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio. Their Stand is located along Cinema Lane of Alabang… Read More »Sebastian’s Super Delicious Ice Cream!

Ayoko ng Sales Talk!!!

Tempura Japanese Grill

Hanging out with friends is good stuff! Looking for a place to eat when hanging out with friends is a bit tricky… After the usual chit-chat and a small debate, It is now time to eat. After choosing from several options and being bombarded with sales talks from Crustasia and Brazil! Brazil! People… We have decided to eat Japanese! :p I have been to Tempura Japanese Grill in Alabang Town… Read More »Tempura Japanese Grill


What Do you Think of the New FaceBook Layout? VOTE NOW!

Share your thoughts! Express Your Ideas! Release your Rage! VOTE NOW if You Like or Dis-Like the New FaceBook Layout! Just Click on the Picture below, Log on to your Account and Vote! Hurry! Let Your Voice Be heard! :p And I quote “a Friend”… Friendster = Eeewwness! :p Matapobre! :p Hahahaha! 🙂 Thanks! _________________________________ By: Dennis Christian Angulo Originally Posted On: Email Me | Post a Comment |… Read More »What Do you Think of the New FaceBook Layout? VOTE NOW!

WhistleStop Open 24/7 Since 1977

WhistleStop Jupiter open 24/7

It is a Saturday (Sunday) Midnight in Makati and you need to eat a Great Dinner, where can you possibly go aside from McDo? Hmm.. Why not try This one! WhistleStop! This 24/7 Restaurant (Formerly a convenience store) is Located along Jupiter in Makati, Right Beside RJ Bar and Near Fiama and Starbucks. They serve Hot, Freshly cooked Meals Day and Night! The said that Whislestop was a Convenience store… Read More »WhistleStop Jupiter open 24/7

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious 4 Teaser/Trailer

  Fast and Furious 4 – New Model, Original Parts! One Word – AMAZING! Can’t Wait for April!!! _________________________________ By: Dennis Christian Angulo Originally Posted On: Email Me | Post a Comment | Subscribe to My BLOG (RSS)

Acqua Salon

Acqua Salon

Way back in 2006, I was looking for a Good Salon within the Neighborhood. Before, I used to go to Toni and Guy in 6750 to have a haircut. It was a bit of a hassle, and not to mention so expensive! I have also tried David’s Salon, Ricky Reyes, Etc. Until one of my friend told me that he read an article in a magazine that there was this… Read More »Acqua Salon

Dirtiest Hotels of 2009

2009’s Dirtiest Hotels

Trip Advisor.Com has released their list of the Dirtiest Hotels! A list you would not like your hotel to be in… I am so glad that the Philippines had no Entry on this List! Although deep inside, I was expecting even one to be included (probably in the top 20 :p)… But it seems other hotels suck more in cleanliness… :p The list was brought about by Reviews of Trip… Read More »2009’s Dirtiest Hotels