Charlie’s Grind and Grill

Few weeks back, I saw this New Restaurant or Should I say Burger House on TV. It was Charlie’s Burger. It was said that the restaurant serve freshly ground black angus beef burgers. Meaning, they only Grind and Grill the Black Angus Beef as you order. Also, their fries are made from fresh potatoes! It looked so good and taste so good that you’ll find people lining up to try their burgers! That immediately became one of my next target…

Charlie's Grind and Grill

I have tried Burger Avenue and it was GOOD! I’m so excited to Try This one too! So, one Saturday, we scheduled our trip to Pasig! Yes! the place is located in East Kapitolyo Pasig! Talk about effort! :p

We arrived at Charlie’s at around 10:45 AM however, the store does not open up until 11:30 so we waited. The store is currently under renovation or an expansion. I’d love to see their new design when its done.

We were the first customes for the day but after a few minutes the place was already packed with “Conio” people… :p Oh Yeah! nagmukha kaming urban poor… :p hahaha! :p

Walls and Ceiling and Plasma TV

The Plasma TV is showing Discovery channel at that time…

Wall Accents
Urinal.. Hehehe! :p Cute kaso Sira :p

Now… The Food! :p There were only a few Items on the Menu, so we decided to try them all. We ordered them all except for the Pulled Pork Sandwich because it was not available at that time.
I’ll tell you now… the food was WORTH THE WAIT! It was So Good!

Black Angus Burger with Fries P175

This burger is amazing… actually I don’t really care much if it was actually made from black angus beef (which I am sure it was) but It was SOO Good! The burger was very flavorful and it tasted like real beef (you know what I mean) you can really bite into real ground beef which is so juicy, tender and DELICIOUS! If this opens a branch in a mall, good luck to Wendy’s and Burger King! :p

Fries!!! YUM!
Gourmet Chicken Burger With Fries P170

Again another delicious spicy burger…. but instead of beef, this one is chicken (for the white meat lovers out there)

May bumawas ng Ketchup! :p

As I have said, the fries was freshly made. It was cut and fried to perfection. Not oily at all. Amazing Fries + 1 Liter of Heinz Ketchup = Perfect! :p

Meatballs Marinara on Pasta P250

This pasta has 5 meatballs which tasted soo good! It is a bit spicy and can serve 3 people!

Goood! :p
Sarap ng Meatbol!
Buffalo Chicken Wings 6Pcs with Bleu Cheese Dip and Veggie Sticks P150

The buffalo wings are great too! It was so juicy and yet still crispy!

Fili Cheese Steak P220

Batangas AAA Sirloin with caramelized onion, sautéed peppers, topped with velvety cheese sauce.

In case you were wondering why it was called “Fili” Cheese Steak… Because it was the petite size, Pang Pinoy.. kasi mahina daw kumain hahahaha! :p They serve “Philly” Size Cheese Steak for Starving People :p Pang foreigner :p

So Sarap!

This cheese steak sandwich taste very good. It actually tastes like eating pizza. however, during tthat time, the beef were not that tender, there were so many “Chewy” beef strips, which a bit ruins the wonderful taste and experience. But it was still good, just need some effort in chewing.

Fish and Chips P180

Hand Battered cream dory fried to a crisp, served with home made tartar sauce and fresh fries!

And Fries..

I love fish fillet, this one is good but I did not taste something special :p Just you ordinary good fish fillet :)

Gusto mo?
Drinks anyone? 

The Place also serve Craft Beers, Priced at P200 each… Kung sana lang malapit ang bahay ko! hehe! :p

Charlie’s Burger Menu

Charlie's Grind and Grill Menu

Few More Shots after that WONDERFUL Meal!

We waited for so long… and after a few minutes…

May Tira pa! :p
Gutom! :p rated PG!
Ang Programang ito ay rated PG!
Patay-Gutom! Hahaha! :p

If you are a burger Fan, Charlie’s Burger is a Must Try! I mean REALLY! :p

Thanks for Reading! Watch out for More! :p
By: Dennis Christian Angulo
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Sebastian’s Super Delicious Ice Cream!

Japanese restaurants were not known for their desserts, so we have to find desserts somewhere else. But thankfully, we won’t have to go that far! :p

Few years back, Yeye told me that there was this Super Delicious Ice Cream Stand In ATC. It was there all along but I hardly notice it, until recently. It was Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio. Their Stand is located along Cinema Lane of Alabang town center, in front of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and TimeZone and Netopia. They serve Extremely Creamy and Super Delicious Ice Creams! Flavors that will Excite your taste buds the moment you hear or read their names, for example – HAZEL NUT TRUFFLE (Rich Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Garnished with Hazel Nut Chunks!) Now What do you think?!

Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio

Stolen? :p

Ayan di na..

Super Ice Creams! 

People love It! :p

I have tried almost all of their Flavors, My previous favorite was the Chocoholics Anonymous (Rich Chocolate Ice Cream Loaded with Dark Chocolate Chunks and Thick Fudge Swirl for SERIOUS Chocolate Lovers) – Until I Tried this Hazel Nut thingy :p When they Say Nutella chunks, they mean CHUNKS! :p

Nuttela chunk!


WARNING: These Ice Creams are Wickedly Good and SWEET! You might want to SHARE! :p

For an Ice Cream so good, you might expect to pay a lot.. but surprisingly, the price is so affordable! Not to mention, the serving is very hefty and good enough to share! They even offer a FREE TASTE!


Catchy names, perfect Ice Cream!

Now, obviously Sebastian’s Does not have a dining area, so is you want to sit down and enjoy your Ice Cream, you may want to use the nearby Auntie Anne’s Pretzels’ Tables (as a courtesy, you may want to buy a pretzel in return). WHICH, is so good to eat together with your Ice Cream! :p Dipping Your Pretzel (Preferably Plain) on Sebastian’s Ice Cream is a Must try!! It is so GOOD! :p My mouth is watering! My two favorite snacks in ATC in one place… They very much Complement each other! :p

Auntie Anne's Pretzels


Wala na Plain, Almonds na lang :p

Looking Back...

Perfect Couple!

Great for Dipping!

Must Try!

Sebastian and Auntie Anne should Be married! they would make a wonderful couple!

I know that Auntie Anne’s are everywhere, but I am not sure about Sebastian’s… No idea on their other branches. If you know one, please post a comment :p Thanks! :)

Thanks for reading! Watch out for More! :p


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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Tempura Japanese Grill

Hanging out with friends is good stuff! Looking for a place to eat when hanging out with friends is a bit tricky… After the usual chit-chat and a small debate, It is now time to eat. After choosing from several options and being bombarded with sales talks from Crustasia and Brazil! Brazil! People… We have decided to eat Japanese! :p

Ayoko ng Sales Talk!!!

I have been to Tempura Japanese Grill in Alabang Town Center several times but this is the first time I will be blogging about it. The place serve delicious and yet reasonably priced Japanese food, both rice meals and Grilled foods are great! :p I am not a fan of raw Japanese stuff… and sushi… and maki… just the fried stuff :p

Tempura Japanese Grill in ATC is located along the cinema lane, right beside northpark.

Tempura at ATC

Temoura Japanese Grill

One of the main feature of this restaurant is the Table Grill (No extra charge). They serve you the marinated meats and you will be the one to grill the meats. It is a fun experience and a nice way to bond and enjoy the company of your family and friends. Normally you should use chopsticks when grillin’ however since were not that talented… we use thongs instead :p Pathetic! :p

Table Grill

Inside the Grill

Gas Powered..

LPG tsk, tsk!

Cooking Time!

Chicken! :p


The place does not feel like “Japanese” that much. It is more like a fancy fast food store or a Shabu-Shabu house. The tables were nice and clean, the waiters were attentive and very friendly, the noise level is tolerable, but the service could be faster. the food took a while before being served. But hey, if you are with friends, not starving, and not paying attention, you would hardly notice the service is a bit slow :p

Nagpapanggap na Marunong :p

Posing! :p

Pare Nakabalot pa ang Props Mo! Bwahahaha! :p

Pili Na! Bilis! :p

Caution :p

Plain and Simple



Hot Stuff!

The food here is Superb! Not actually comparable to gourmet or authentic Japanese restaurants but at least at par or better than the usual like Teriyaki Boy or Rai Rai Ken or Saisaki, and not to mention, cheaper! No Hidden charges, what you see on the menu is what you pay!


Tori Yakiniku P195

Tori Teri Don P175

Barbqued chicken served on top of rice with Japanese sauce :p


Banana-Nut Shake P65 and Iced Tea P55

Banana-Nut shake? Yes!! It is for real, fresh bananas and fresh nuts! Crunchy nuts! You get the Idea… :p Taste ok but I’m not into it :p

Mango Shake P65

All time Favorite Ripe Mango Shake…

Oyakudon P140

Oyakudon! My all time favorite Japanese Rice Bowl Meal. Although on second thought, there was this small Japanese Restaurant in La Salle Dasma called Jatayna’s Japanese Food. They serve this dish called Torikuwayaki. It was chicken balls, fried and served with spicy secret sauce… It was so good! I could eat it everyday! AS IN! But apparently, I can’t seem to find a similar dish in other Japanese restaurants… It must be a unique dish that they created. I really Miss that Dish!!! I went back last year but to my luck, they ran out of chicken balls! :p Oh so Sad…! :p Will have to try again soon! :p

Soo Good! :p

Tofu Teppanyaki P120

I don’t eat Tofu… but according to Paow.. this one was good as well.

Gyudon P195

Another Great rice Meal! Hefty serving!

Sarap! :p

Chahan Rice P45 

Chahan Rice = Fried Rice… I think :p But this one is much flavorful.

hot off the Grill!


All of these… for Just.. :p

So Sulit!


Tempura’s Menu…

Tempura Menu Front  Tempura Menu Back 


Thanks for Reading! Watch out For More! :p


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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