DB Tapsilog…

The quest for the ultimate Tapsilog continues!

This time… DB tapsilog… this place has a lot of branches… they are all over the place… I am sure you have heard or seen one! This one is located at Damarinas Cavite, in front of La Salle Dasma… 12MN and still open… hehe 24/7 nga eh! :p The Tapa is Not as good as Maty’s (bias ako) but is a great alternative to eating Kabayo :p (So far I haven’t heard of any information if their meat is the same as Maty’s) What a perfect place to eat before and after playing counter strike! :p

DB Tapsilog.. 24/7
May Ice Cream Sila...

The Tapsilog is also great but it lacks some distinct flavor (bias nga ko diba?!) but it is still way better as compared to other tapsilogs out there… They have 70grams and 90grams version of this tapsilog… this one was the 90grams version. The rice was not fried on this one.. parang plain rice na binawangan lang! hahaha! :p Naubusan siguro ng Bahaw :p

Zzzziizzling Zizig!

Aside from the Tapsilog, they also serve Sisig… for just P59.. A great deal! (Although I only eat sisig at Dencio’s and Countryside)

Oil = food!

The menu… 

Another must try Tapsilogan… More Branches = More chances of eating!

Next Target, SEX (BF Sinangag Express)

Thanks for Reading! :p
By: Dennis Christian Angulo
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Maty’s Tapsilog

My favorite Tapsilog in the whole wide world!

I still remember, back in college we used to drive to Dongalo Paranaque from Dasmarinas Cavite just to eat at Maty’s! It was so good, and Still is… Although the place was not that fancy… no fancy presentation, fancy restaurant.. but the food was great. Even if the place is located right along the highway…

Few years back, thankfully, Maty’s opened their Molino Branch! Yahoo! And as expected, I am one of their loyal customers!

The Taste, Quality, and Presentation (if there’s one) is the same as their Dongalo Branches!

Maty’s is an Excellent Example that Great Food Need not Be expensive… :)

Maty's D' Original

 Utensils and Condiments Sari-Sari Stuff...  Free SAbaw!  

I don’t exactly know what’s in this soup… it taste different every visit :p Hmmm…


Their Super Famous Tapsilog… I like the egg – Well Done!

Wanna Know A little Secret? (actually not a secret anymore to Maty’s Fanatics) but the secret to their succulent, very tender, and super flavorful Tapa is the Meat itself… it is Horse Meat.. yeah! Kabayo Sya! :)

At first when I heard about the meat… I was so surprised! What?! I have been eating horsemeat all along?!! but what the heck… It is still good! :p

That is why no other Tapa comes close to the Flavor of Maty’s… :p


Lucky Me!

Another Maty’s best seller is their bar-b-q however, we were there early in the morning, that is why the the bar-b-q and the grill was still being prepared :p

Their Menu…


Their Tapsilog is A must Try! So Go, visit a branch nearest you! :p

Next Target… DB Tapsilog :p


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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Movie Time!


Isang movie na pag labas ko ng sinehan eh felling ko ang tanga-tanga ko… hehe! Parang Ha?! Ano daw yun?! Parang religious, na may alien, na apocalypse, na global warming… Maganda naman sya yun nga lang kasi ayoko nga ng movie na kelangan ko pa mag-isip… di na entertaining! :p Hehehe! :p


Mas Maganda yung una (yung 1) kasi yung una parang feel-good and cool movie na malupit ang kwento at effects.. eto kasi masyadong seryoso, revenge ang tema nya. Sa effects di din masyado spectacular… wala pa din tatalo sa nag sslide sa ilalim ng truck. pero kung fan ka at napanood mo na din lang yung 1-3.. might as well panoorin mo na din.. tapos parang may hint pa sya ng part 5… :p Si michelle rodriguez, yung babaeng mukhang gangster… saglit lang role nya sa simula lang :p

T2: Tenement 2

Psst! Psst! Dapat nasa cinema 1 to ng ATC (ang nasa cinema 1 ay ang DBE) ang daming tao! puno Cinema 3 may pila pa sa labas… maganda sya, nakakatakot! or nakakagulat… mas maganda pa nga kwento nya kesa sukob eh… must see sa movie house kasi madilim at maganda ang sound… PAG DI KA NANOOD KUKUNIN KA NILA, KASI BAD KA! :p Psst! Psst!


Kelangan ko lang to panoorin para mapatunayan ko na corny sya. Ang I was absolutely right! Fan ako ng DB-DBZ-DBGT na anime… This one is a loser! :p corny masyado.. basta! naboringan ako… hehe! :p Sa tingin ko dapat ang DB series sa Anime na lang talaga… Compared sa movie adaptation ng Spiderman, Xmen, at Transformers… eto eh Crap :p hahaha! :p Sorry na Goku! If there’s one thing na ok sa movie na ito… yun eh ang anim (6) na “dragonbols” Ni Bulma, Chi-Chi, at Mai! May tig-dadalawa silang dragon ball na may tig iisang star :p hahaha! :p bat kasi ganun.. Uyy! naintriga! Panalo ang Costume! lalo na si Chi-Chi! :p Hahahaha! :p “Must See” :)

Eto naman eh sa akin lang :p hahaha! :p Meron kang free will gamitin mo ito! :p

Looking Forward to: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Transformers 2, and HP-6

Hanggang Sa Muli!


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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