June 2009

Sa Labas...

Red Kimono | Painted Red

While looking for another place in Alabang, we came across Red Kimono and Painted Red in Westgate. These two restaurants are conveniently located in a single establishment. They share the same dining area but have two separate menus. The Theme of the place was, as expected, a mix of Japanese and Western Designs. The place was predominantly black and red and the Interiors were modern and sophisticated. The waiters were… Read More »Red Kimono | Painted Red

Food Models

Tokyo Cafe MOA

One sunny day, I was in Mall of Asia and I passed by Tokyo Cafe and saw this display on their window… The food models looked so good and that made Tokyo Cafe one of my next target. So, one lazy Saturday afternoon… Go! Go! Go! Tokyo Cafe is Located inside Mall of Asia. I forgot which wing but it is located in one of the entrance on the side.… Read More »Tokyo Cafe MOA