A New Chapter in My Blogging Career

Last July 1, I attended a Webinar entitled “The State of Professional Blogging in the Philippines”. This online event was organized by Mr. Anton Diaz of and Maven Secrets. The guest speaker was the considered “Father” of Pro-blogging in the Philippines Mr. Abe Olandres of It was a one and a half hour webinar where Abe was able to discuss how he got into professional blogging, how he was able to make blogging his full-time career, and shared some tips and tricks of the trade.

One of the key thing that he said, that a blogger (an aspiring one) need to do to be able to make your blogging work is to focus on a topic. Ideally if you wish to blog on a certain topic like food, travel, tech, or cars, you should focus on those areas so as not to confuse your readers. This way, you will be able to attract more “loyal” readers who loves reading your topic. So basically, if you have a reader who loves food, and your blog is also about food, most probably – if you have good and up-to-date contents – that reader would continue to follow your blog.

Having said that, it is also important to separate your “personal stuff” from your blog (unless of course if IT is a personal blog). Most readers want to read the posts about the topic of your blog and not about your personal life. If you really want to blog a topic and your personal experiences, you should put it on a separate blog. That way, you have everything organized and properly placed.

And that’s what I did these past few days. I separated my blog into 2, one for my personal and one for dencio. From this day forward, readers of will be reading only about food, travel, and some other non-personal thoughts. On the other hand, my more personal stuffs will be posted on

I am looking forward to that I will gain more avid readers for both blogs because I am now able to – at least – target particular groups of readers. This is a big step for me in improving my blogging. I am keen in learning more blogging stuffs in the next few months.

I hope you like my posts and expect more stuff in the coming days… I wish!

I would like to thank Anton and Abe for a very enlightening Webinar. Also, thank you for all your support (naks!) because of you the visits and page view stats of my blog is consistently moving on an upward trend…

Happy Reading!

Dennis Christian Angulo aka Dencio

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