Makati Shangri-La’s Circles Event Café offers the ultimate dining experience for half the price.
Book your lunch or dinner buffet at Circles Event Café on September 1 to 3, 2009, from 8:00am to 10:00pm, and get 50% off the buffet rates when dining on September 4 to 30, 2009. Discount is applicable to a maximum of 8 persons.


Here are the Rates:
LUNCH: Monday-Saturday Php 770.24 Net | Sunday Php 1,029.20 Net
DINNER: Sunday to Thursday Php 886.44 | Friday-Saturday Php 1,029.20
Booking Dates: September 1-3, 2009  From 8:00am to 10:00pm
Dining Dates: September 4 to September 20 2009.
For more information or to make a booking, please call the Restaurant Reservations Information Centre at 813 8888 ext. 7588 / 7599.
Terms and conditions:
  • Booking for the 3-Day Buffet Rush will be accommodated within booking window of September 1 to 3, 2009, from 8:00am to 10:00pm only.
  • Dining period should fall on September 4 to 30, 2009 with no further extensions.
  • Discount is for dine-in reservations only.
  • The 50% off is only applicable to the total buffet bill (beverages not included), exclusive of service charge and government taxes.
  • Booking should be pre-paid by cash or credit card through the Restaurant Reservations Information
  • Centre desk located at the hotel’s main lobby, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • Not valid for send bill transactions.
  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and discount programs.
Go! Go! Go! :)
Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)
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Sky Experience Adventure: Edge Coaster

Let us pause from Eating shall we?… A 4 minute Pause that is! :p

Last week, I got the chance to experience the THRILL and the EXCITEMENT of this Ride!
Claimed as the First Edge Coaster in  the World, it is Located at the 38th floor of the Crown Regency Towers in Cebu, which is the highest building outside of Metro Manila. I am sure you have seen or heard of it somewhere…

The ride was AWESOME! If I have the chance, I will do it Again and Again and Again!

 Edge Coaster!

Now here are some things you need to know, do, and don’ts on this ride

  1. Bringing of your own camera is not allowed (a locker will be provided for you)

  2. Please wear tight fitting shades… If you tilt the ride to the max 55 degrees, there is a chance that your shades will fall off since you are almost parallel to the ground.

  3. It is good to ride on off peak hours (around noon time) since there is no queue. You may think that it is Hot outside, but when you are on the ride, you won’t notice the heat of the SUN! Promise! And it is also a great time to view the city from above.

  4. Enjoy the ride at its fullest! Although the ride automatically tilts on the edges, you can still tilt the ride some more… max of 55 degrees!

  5. Now, TAKE NOTE OF THIS: Since you can’t bring your own camera, they have their official photographer. If you want a copy of your pictures (who would not want?!) you will have to pay Php230 for each Print! Yes Php230 EACH! Surprise! Surprise!

  6. You Also have the option to have the soft-copy of your pictures burned on a CD. It will cost you Php350 per Pair. That includes all your pictures.

  7. The Certificate is FREE! :)

  8. It may seem that the ride is uncomfortable… but actually it is not! NO PAIN! :p

  9. The ride lasts only 3-4 Minutes… MAKE THE MOST OUT OF IT! :p

  10. They accept Credit Cards as payment for the pictures!

  11. And finally, if you are SICK, Afraid of Heights, etc… Please avoid this! :p

  12. And super finally… if possible… DO NOT EAT before riding… :)

For the rates… you may go HERE

Also located on the same floor as the Edge Coaster is the observation deck… You need 10 peso coins to activate the binoculars.

Observation Deck

Again! I love This Ride! Sana Magkaron Sa Manila! :p

Next Stop… Skywalk!

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)
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Ya Kun Kaya Toast

When I went to Singapore 2 years ago, one item that I always eat for breakfast was Kaya Toast. I really loved the taste of it! Kaya is super popular in Singapore and Malaysia, It is served almost everywhere. Kaya is their version of our Coco Jam… Only This one is less sweet but more creamy.

Well Anyway, Last year, when I went to Laoag, I saw Ya Kun Kaya Toast store inside NAIA Terminal 2 (Centennial Terminal). Of course I ate there… and It was really Good! It was very reminiscent of my SG Trip! This time It is time to share the Goodness! :p
Ya Kun Kaya Toast is Singapore's Most Well Known Coffee Chain Since 1944 (according to their slogan :p) Also, they do not only sell Kaya Toasts but they sell Singapore’s coffee with condensed milk also.. I really like This! I can totally ignore Starbucks for some time for this coffee blend! :p

Now I am back inside NAIA 2 for my trip to Cebu… What a perfect Time to Blog! :p


This Branch is their first branch in the Philippines, they have another at Robinson’s Place Manila.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

They have a special way of Mixing and Pouring the Coffee… (with a smile.. joke! :p)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

See… They do this All the Time! :p (Kahit sa House! Hehe! :p)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

What they offer…

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

The Counter, They have a Coffee Mixer, a “Taga Balat ng Boiled Eggs”, and a Cashier…

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
The Interior…
Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Wall Decors…

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Company History…

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

At first I thought that these were Pancake Syrup for the Toasts… But I was wrong! :p
They were Soy sauce, the yellow one was normal soy sauce, the violet one was a sweet and thicker version, very much like (if not the same as) the siopao asado sauce…

It is used to flavor the eggs… which surprisingly, was very good!

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

This one is the French Toast with Kaya (P75)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

This one is Set D… Cheese Toast Set (P175, add 25 to change normal coffee to Iced Coffee)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Set D: Cheese Toast with Kaya, 2 eggs, and a cup of hot coffee, Tea, or bottled water.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

For your eggs, you have the option if you want it Hard-boiled or Soft-Boiled.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Ya Kun Kaya Toast

This is Set E, Cheesy French Toast Set (P175, add 25 to change normal coffee to Iced Coffee)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Set E: Cheesy French Toast with Kaya, 2 eggs, and a cup of hot coffee, Tea, or bottled water.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

This meal is so wonderful! I really Love this… Kaya goes well even with plain toasted bread!
Here are the rest of the menu and Prices…

Menu 1

I recommend buying the set meals… it is cheaper! :p

Menu 2
New Menu

I hope they open more branches across Metro Manila! This place is really a great alternative for Starbucks for Me! I really enjoy eating their delicious Kaya Toasts and Their Coffee!

By the way, they sell Kaya Spread by the bottle too! So you can make one at home! :p

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)
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Army Navy | Burger + Burrito

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. But Rain can’t stop me from leaving home, going to Tagaytay and eating a Hefty Triple Patty Army Navy Bully Boy Burger! Which You’ll Meet Later!

 Army Navy Burger and Burrito
Yellow Cab Tagaytay

Army Navy Burger and Burrito is a relatively new Burger Joint in Tagaytay Beside Yellow Cab Pizza, near the area of Starbucks and Pancake House. You won’t be able to see it from the road. You have to pull over and walk at the side of Yellow Cab’s Building.

Eating Burger, Al-Fresco, with Friends, in the cold Tagaytay Weather! Perfect Tambay Moment!
What they serve are of course Burgers, Burritos, Soft Tacos, and Peanuts! :p

Rainy Weather
Go Green!
for the Crew
The Joint
Property of...
Get your butts in here!
The Kitchen
The Kitchen
The Kitchen
Wet Floor
Free Peanuts

The Place is Self-Service, but while waiting for your order, or your name to be called, they give your some peanuts to keep you busy… It doesn’t mean though that it may take a while for the orders to be prepared… Just something to make you busy.. labo! hehe! :p

Going, going, Gone!   
Breakfast Burrito

Now, This one is the Breakfast Burrito (P155)

Why Breakfast? Because what’s inside are breakfast items like Eggs, Rice, Bacon, Etc… This is one good and very satisfying Burrito!

Big Big!

Army Navy Freedom Fries (P50)

It was ok, It’s just that, that time it tasted like burnt oil… Or something like that. Nothing special about it though…

Onion Rings

Onion Rings (P60)

Nothing special about it too.. the serving was small, but of course if you are eating it with a Bully Boy Burger, You won’t notice how small it’s serving is.. :)

Black Sesame

This one is the regular burger (P135)

Regular is an understatement. Their regular burger is as big as the bigger burgers in your favorite fast food (BigMac, Champ, Bacon Mushroom Melt, Whopper!)

The Patty is made of 100% Beef… Not sure what kind but it was Juicy! :p

The Bun has black and white sesame seeds on top…

Regular Burger

Buns, Onions, Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Ketchup! YUM!


Now, Get ready for the heavy weight! Neatly packed in Aluminum foil, labeled with Pilot’s Permanent Marker! :p


This is their Bully Boy Burger “BBB” (P235)

I forgot to ask why they called it bully boy! :p

This one has Three Burger Patties! If you Finish it, you won’t feel hungry for the next few days! Hahahaha! :p

The taste, Hmm.. I can’t say that this is the best burger I had… for the size, yes, It is probably one of the bigger ones, but the taste… It was made from pure beef, I did not taste any special flavor or something… But it was still very good! The Patties were Juicy and Tender, and with the melted cheese… Hayy!

Triple Patty!

It was very Heavy! Probably one pound of burger. You can’t even bite straight into it… You’re jaws might lock if you try so hard! :p


But of Course, I still managed to finish the whole thing :p 

So Full!

Tambay with Friends… L-R: Me, Mau, Joy, Gotch, and Paow (behind the lens)
By the way, this is only snack time, There’s still dinner after, Uhm, 2 Hours?! Hehe! :p

May I Take Your Orders?

For Army Navy’s Menu… Please Order HERE! :p (Si ate nacoconcious :p)


Great Comfort Food + Great Tagaytay Weather + Great Company = TAMBAY! :p

If you like burgers, you may also want to read these posts!
Burger Avenue and Charlie’s Grind and Grill

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)
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