Delifrance’s Early Christmas Gift Booking Discount

Avoid the Rush, Plan your Holidays Early, and Save Money! :)

Enjoy 10% discount on bookings of Christmas gifts worth P5,000 and above on or before Nov. 15, 2009. (see images below for more details and the complete catalog)

DF Xmas Catalogue_Page_1 DF Xmas Catalogue_Page_2 DF Xmas Catalogue_Page_3 DF Xmas Catalogue_Page_4 DF Xmas Catalogue_Page_5 DF Xmas Catalogue_Page_6 DF Xmas Catalogue_Page_7 DF Xmas Catalogue_Page_8

You may visit your nearest Delifrance Branch for more info :)

Photos courtesy of Delifrance Newsletter.

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)
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Rufo’s Famous Tapa

To conclude my 4-Part Tapsilog Series, I present you, Rufo’s Famous Tapa.

But before anything else, I am just done with this week-long series but I am done looking for tapsilogs out there. Actually, this is just the start of my quest for the ultimate tapsilog! :)


Moving on, Rufo’s Tapa is one of the fancier tapa versions out there. They are fancier because, compared to the other tapsilogans out there their tapa is more expensive, almost twice the price of other tapsilogs out there, also their locations are on the prime areas of the metro.

This Rufo’s is located along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati. Dining Al-Fresco, this branch has has a clean and well maintained dining area. Although the setting is similar to the typical setting of the other tapsilogan. The service is relatively fast and the crew were friendly, attentive? Hmm.. Not so much. He got my order wrong the first time. But they corrected it right away.

Rufos22 Rufos01 Rufos02 Rufos03 Rufos04 Rufos05 Rufos06 Rufos07 Rufos08 Rufos20

The main difference of their tapa with the others is the fact that it is sliced as a tapa, thin and flat. Also, their tapa is saucy, it is actually topped with their special sauce. Now, let’s take a look.

Rufos13 Rufos14 

Tapsilog P89 Tapa-Sinangag-Itlog

Now, that is a saucy tapsilog. The tapa was flavorful, taste a bit like bistek tagalog. I realized that I am not a fan of a saucy tapsilog. Also, the tapa was not that tender. Probably I got to try the “Malitid” chewy part. Anyway, I still like my tapsilog fried and oily! :p The serving was generous and the sauce goes well with the fried rice. :) But of course, since you paid a hefty P89 pesos, this is expected :)


Embosilog P75 Embutido-Sinangag-Itlog

The serving of this one is generous also, two rolls of Embotido per order. The embotido was good although it taste more like longganisa rather than a meaty embotido roll. But it was still very juicy and flavorful.


Sizzling Sisig P130

The sisig was also good, it was crispy and was not full of pork fat bits :)


Now, for some desserts Leche Flan P30 and Creamy Fruit Fiesta P26.

The leche flan taste like sago-gulaman :p probably because of too much vanilla or something but the Creamy Fruit Fiesta was good. Fruits and cream on top of Crushed graham at the bottom.

Rufos18 Rufos19

As I said, this is just the start of my quest for the ultimate tapsilog. I will post my new discoveries next time! :)

By the way, Rufo’s Delivery number is 899-3811

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)
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Laidz Tapsilogan

One day, I got an email from a reader named Ryan inviting me to try their Tapsilog in Bacoor Cavite. He sounded very proud of their tapsilog and he claimed that it will be the best tapsilog that I will ever try. It sounded promising, so I decided to visit their tapsilogan.


Laidz tapsilogan is a small tapsilogan located in Greentown Homes in Mambog Bacoor Cavite. It is a home business established by Ms. Adelaida Cadiz hence the name Laidz Tapsilogan. Ms. Adelaida is a retired teacher so she decided to put up a small home-based business. The person who emailed me was Ryan Cadiz, Ms. Laidz Son.

They put-up their tapsilogan in-front of their house. Thier house is located along the main street so it is a great location. Finding the place won’t be a problem once you get to the gate of Greentown Homes because the tricycle drivers know the place and can give you directions.
It was a small place, just a couple of tables and several chairs. They cook their tapsilog inside their house. The place was clean and well maintained. It was also very nice of Ms Laidz when she offered their electric fan to us because it was a bit humid that night.

Laidz10 Laidz01 Laidz02

Now the food.

Of course we have to try their tapsilog. Their tapsilog comes in two sizes, the resular tapsilog and the Supertapsi. Supertapsi = Double Order in a single plate. Also I tried the longsilog. But before eating and while waiting for our orders, they served us the most delicious free soup that I have tasted! I mean it! It did not taste like any other free soups out there. It tasted like a good beef nilaga or something! This food trip is starting good.


I intended not to tell them that I will be paying a visit. Just to pretend to be a normal walk-in customer. But as soon as I took out the camera and started taking photos. They Immediately noticed and asked if I was Dencio! Cover Blown! Sayang! Surprise sana! :)

Laidz06 Laidz05

Tapsilog P45 Tapa-Sinangag-Itlog

The tapsilog was good. I see now why they are so proud of their tapsilog! What they claimed was true. Although I still Love Matys! Hahahaha! :p But this one is promising. It was tender, juicy and very flavorful. I could say that I can level it to SEX’s tapsilog! The serving was big enough and it was Cheap! :) A must Try!


Longsilog P39 Longanisa-Sinangag-Itlog
The longsilog did not disappoint either. It was sweet and spicy, crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Good!


Sisig P55

They also have a new offering. Sizzling Sisig! It was ok but the plate could have been hotter. :) It was not sizzling anymore when served :)


I should say that Laidz tapsilog has a potential to become a successful tapsilogan. They only have to introduce their tapsilog outside of the village and on to the main roads. This place is a combination of the great tapsi of SEX and the Hiddenness on the Hidden Tapsihan! :)
Here is the menu of Laidz Tapsilogan. As you can see, they already tapped the power of the internet by putting up their own multiply site!


Last Stop on my Tapsilog Series… Rufos Tapa! :)

Lastly, I will correct my last post.. This one is not in Imus but Bacoor Cavite! :)

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)
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Kawit’s Hidden Tapsihan

If you happened to be in Kawit Cavite Area, and you are craving for some tapsilog, you may want to visit Kawit’s Hidden Tapsihan.

Hidden Tapsihan21

Hidden at the heart of Kawit Cavite, this infamous Tapsilogan is a favorite among locals and visiting tourists. In fact, It has been featured in different TV shows.

Hidden Tapsihan01

Hidden Tapsihan is truly hidden inside the town, If you are not familiar with the place, you will have to ask the people for directions. From the streets, you won’t be able to see the establishment because it is located at the end of an alley. If you are lucky, You will only be able to see this signage located at the entrance of the alley going to Hidden Tapsihan.

The place is big. Bigger than the usual tapsilogan out there. They have clean tables and friendly waiters to take your orders. Service is relatively fast. And the Price? More expensive than SEX :) But still cheap :)

Hidden Tapsihan04 Hidden Tapsihan05 Hidden Tapsihan06 Hidden Tapsihan15 Hidden Tapsihan16 Hidden Tapsihan17 Hidden Tapsihan09

What sets this tapsihan from all the others is their Vinegar. Their suka is a bit sweet and not too sour. If you combine it with ketchup and hot sauce, you will have the perfect sauce for your tapa!

Hidden Tapsihan10
Hidden Tapsihan11

Tapsilog P60 Tapa-Sinangag-Itlog

As for the Tapa, It was ordinary. Actually, it was a bit dry for me. It was not that juicy but still very tender. Their tapa was mildly seasoned. It was not that flavorful compared to other tapas out there. But once you dip it to their special vinegar, its a different story! Mmmmmm! :) Perfect Combination! :)

Hidden Tapsihan12 Hidden Tapsihan14Hidden Tapsihan13

They sell their special suka… For only P35 you can have their special vinegar for your home cooked tapa and longganisa :) They also have the famous Cavite Tahong Chips :) And Pork Chicharon… Suka + Tahong Chips + Chicharon = Hypertension! :)

Hidden Tapsihan20 Hidden Tapsihan07 Hidden Tapsihan08

Here is the Menu of Hidden Tapsihan. Aside from Tapsilog, they have a wide range of food choices. :)

Hidden Tapsihan18

Next Stop… Laidz Tapsilog in Imus Cavite!

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)
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