Orinda Beach Resort | Your Budget Resort in Boracay!

Orinda Resort Boracay
Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island, Balabag, Malay Aklan
Beachfront, Near Nami Beach Resort
Tel: (036) 288-64115 | 0922-8563358 | 0920-9455378
Website: www.orindaboracay.com

During our 4-day stay in the island of Boracay we stayed in Orinda Resort (For Free! :p) How? Why?! Well, I have a friend who has a friend who happens to be a Friend of the Owner of the Resort! In short my  friend’s friend’s friend, sort of a Third Degree Friend if you want to look at it in another way…

Orinda Boracay

Anyway, Orinda resort poised itself as one of the Budget Beachfront Resort in Boracay. The resort is located in Diniwid Beach. This is actually located at the end point of Boat Station 1, on the other side of the cliff with an altar, and it is near Nami Beach Resort. The location is not the most convenient you can get especially of you like to go partying and walking along the crowded beach of Station 2. But, if you are in Boracay just to relax, unwind, need some peace and quiet, or you do not want to meet a lot of people, and of course - on a budget, well this resort will suit you just fine.

So without further a due, Here are some of the pictures of the room we stayed in. They call it the sunset room, and I believe this is the best room of the resort. (Notice the door on the first photo? It is actually a connecting door to the other sunset room…)

Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay

Here are the views from the Window/Veranda

Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay

And of course, like most of us, this one is just as important as the main room itself…

Orinda Boracay

Orinda Resort offers the basic Facilities even in their sunset room, which is considered the best they can offer. There are no fancy reception area, no welcome drinks, and no in-room phone to call the reception. Just the basic to make your stay comfortable and affordable. Here’s what you’ll get.. (On a sunset room)

  • 2 queen sized bed
  • 14” CRT TV (Remote Controlled)
  • Split Type Air conditioner (Remote Controlled)
  • Cabinets/Clothes Hanger
  • A small table
  • Lamp with shade fitted with a dimmer
  • Mini Fridge
  • Towels and Toiletries
  • Timba at Tabo (A true Filipino Touch! LOL)
  • 24/7 Water supply
  • Hot&Cold Shower
  • Veranda with a Great View of the Beach!!

Speaking of the TV, I have a sort of freaky moment with the TV. Well here it goes, I went home (home = resort) early because I was already soo tired and sleepy (I left my friends partying at Club Paraw in Station 1 – Loser!) Anyway, so I was there alone in the room, I watched the late news before going to bed. it was around 12MN, I turned off the TV using the remote, after a few minutes, just as I am about to go into super deep sleep, THE TV TURNED ON! So I looked for the remote, baka kasi nahigaan ko lang or something, BUT NO!! the remote was on the bedside table!!! And if that was not freaky enough, while still in shock on what happened, the TV CHANGED CHANNEL on its own! I haven’t got the chance to get the remote yet!!! OMG Talaga! Freaked out, I Immediately jumped out of bed and pulled the plug of the TV… Good thing I was soo tired, I still managed to doze off after the incident..  The next day, while we are watching TV, it happened again, we even removed the batteries of the remote control but the TV still changes channel every once in a while. Sira pala talaga! :p What a relief! :) Well, yun lang.. Moving On…

Outside the room and the resort, they have a restaurant/dining are which doubles as a mini reception area where guests may check-in. They also have some sunbathing beds by the beach, a small huts and some chairs where you can relax and enjoy the beach. Also, they have a shuttle to take you to the other parts of the Island.

Aside from the facilities, it is also worth mentioning that the people of Orinda resort were very Friendly, Polite, and accommodating. They are always all smiles, pleasant to talk with and very helpful.

Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay

Speaking of the beach, Although the finest sand can be found on the shores of Station 1 and 2, Diniwid beach also offers the powdery white sand shores. In fact I find it better suitable for swimming since the “Lumot” on the shore was very minimal compared to the other parts of station 1 and 2.

As for the beach activities, similar to the 3 other stations, there are also a lot of “agents” who offer beach activities. At the same time, Masseurs are also readily available for your R&R moment by the beach. For just P350/Hour you can have a 1-hr full body massage or foot spa by the beach, just a stone throw away from your sunset room! Less the noise, tje crowd, and the passers by..

Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay

As for the Food.. Orinda offers Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner.

Nothing beats eating breakfast by the beach!!! – Bon Appétit!

Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay Orinda Boracay

Above: Filipino Breakfast P110, Your choice of Longganisa or Tocino.
Below: American Breakfast P110, your choice of Ham or Bacon.
Both sets are served with either juice, coffee, or tea.

Here is their Menu:

Orinda Boracay Menu Orinda Boracay Menu

Overall, Orinda Boracay is the best place for you if you are on a budget and love staying at the beach for long hours! The location is very quiet and relaxing. It is away from the noisy Boracay crowd – but also away from most of the restaurants and dining areas. For the Price range of More or less P2,000 pesos (Depending on the Time of the Year), I would say, Not a bad deal.

I would like to thank the owner of Orinda Resort and the rest of the gang for the  accommodation! :) Until next time! :)

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)



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Dinner Buffet at Le Soleil de Boracay

Le Soleil De Boracay
Boat Station 2, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan, Philippines 5608
Tel. Nos. (036) 288-6209 to 12

The sun is setting in Boracay, and that only Means one thing for me… Dinner Time!!

Boracay Sunset

Like I said on my previous post, eating Buffet in Boracay is a better better option than eating À la carte. There were a lot of buffets to choose from. There were Mongolian Buffets, Seafood Buffets, the High-End Buffets at Fridays and Discovery Shores, the Low-end buffets at some Boracay Grills and of course the, I consider, Mid Priced Buffet by Le Soleil.

The buffets are usually priced at P250.00 up to P1,200. This increases a bit during Saturdays and Sundays where the lowest starts at P280.00. Some buffet prices are net price some VAT exclusive, you have to ask them especially if you see the “+” sign at the end of the price. Most buffets do not offer drinks, some offer a single serve of Iced Tea, some, like Le Soleil offer bottomless Iced Tea. lucky for us, bad for them! :p

Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet 

So after walking along the shore of Boracay, We ended up choosing the dinner buffet at Le Soleil. The Buffet Price is P396 NETT, inclusive of Bottomless Iced Tea. Buffet starts at 6:30PM-10:00PM.

Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet

Their buffet looks fancier than the other buffets around them, probably this is why some people are intimidated to try their buffet. They have a nice setting by the beach, the food are arranged well, there is a BBQ grill, and desserts (which some do not offer). We were the first ones on the buffet. Chow Time! (I was not able to take pictures of the buffet since we were using a wide lens camera, and the lighting was bad :p) But anyway, here are what’s on the menu that night.

  • Clams
  • Oysters
  • Baked Tahong
  • Grilled Liempo
  • Chicken Inasal
  • Grilled Porkchop
  • Grilled Lapu-Lapu
  • Tinolang Manok
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Salad Greens with choice of toppings and dressing
  • Pasta Bar!!!
  • Fruit Salad
  • And the one that was so irresistible to me… Mango Graham Cake!
  • Etc…

Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet  Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet  Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet    Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet  Le Soleil de Boracay Buffet

Not Bad for P396 and they all tasted good and the ambiance was wonderful. The waiters were attentive and very friendly as well. I really recommend this Buffet to everyone who will visit boracay! I myself will be definitely be back here at their Buffet!

Dencio’s Tip: If you will be eating on a buffet, be there at around 6:30-7PM so that you get the best seats and be the first ones on the buffet table. This is especially important if you are eating on a low-end buffet. The buffet gets crowded easily and the food gets messed up by the other peeps. This can spoil your appetite seeing the food somehow, “mutilated” :p

The Next day, our buffet was horrible, why? because we were late,Le Soleil was full, and the food was already messed up, and the taste… Arrgh! Not Worth P295 + Drinks! Where?! Bugs Grill… We were probably better off eating Choriburger by the beach! :p

The night is still young… Time for some Booze by the Beach! :)

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)



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Nigi Nigi Too | The Best Burger on the Beach of Boracay?

Nigi Nigi Too
Station 1, Boracay Island, Malay Aklan

We arrived in Boracay at around 3PM only to find out that our resort is located at Diniwid Beach – Located at the End point of Station 1. The place was a bit secluded and private and there were not a lot of food establishments around. So we had to walk on the Beach, Rocky Roads, Pass on the side of a cliff, and walk a Mile going to the nearest Boracay Boat Station (Sana nag tricycle na lang pala kami!!!) But anyway we already far from the resort when we realized this so we moved on…


Our last meal was a Snack at NAIA 3 at around 10AM. It was a long bumpy travel, no wonder our Stomach is Growling Already. We are out of energy, thirsty, and Super Exhausted walking on the sandy shore of Boracay under the scorching 3PM Sun! We will eat on the First restaurant that we see on the beach! So while we are walking, we passed by Fridays and other several posh Boracay resorts until something caught our attention…

Nigi-Nigi Too01

If you were as hungry as we were, this sign is the best sign you will ever see! :p

Best Burger it is?! This better Be good!

The sign is from Nigi-Nigi Too. They claim that they have the best burger on the Beach of Boracay. The bar is on the beach front of the resort, beside it is their Massage Area which offers a relaxing private massage for just P500 (Relatively cheaper compared to the other private massage/spa in the island). Anyway,  So, we sat on the bar and ordered…

 Nigi-Nigi Too02 Nigi-Nigi Too03 Nigi-Nigi Too04 Nigi-Nigi Too05

It took a while before the food were served, around 10 minutes. I am already done with my Mango shake before the food were served. But It was ok… no rush.. I am on vacation…

Nigi-Nigi Too06

My Very First Mango Shake in Boracay: P100.00 Definitely Worth it!!!

Nigi-Nigi Too07

Open Faced Tuna Melt Sandwich served with Fruit on the Side P180.00

I love tuna melt sandwich, tuna salad and melted cheese, ON THE BEACH! Perfect!

Nigi-Nigi Too11

Nigi-Nigi Too09 

Now, the alleged best burger on the Beach P190.00,  (+40 for cheese, +40 for bacon, + 40 for Fries)

The one on the top is the basic burger, just the Patty and Some Tomatoes and Lettuce. The one on the bottom, is the one with bacons and cheese. Great American Style Burger. The burger was big! It was about the size of my Palm. The patty was made from 100% beef according to the barista. I forgot to ask if it was fried or grilled – but who cares?. We were so hungry that the waiting time for the food was longer than the time we finished them all.

Best burger on the beach?! Hmm, Probably! It was juicy, filling and very tasty. Not the best I tasted but could pass as the best burger in Boracay. (Although There is also another Burgeran in D’Mall, which I have not tried).

After that wonderful meal we are now recharged and ready… For Dinner at Le Soleil De Boracay.

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)


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