Grassi’s Cafe Alabang


First of All, I am a bit hesitant in posting this. Because, I am not actually sure if Posting this is still appropriate..

Why you ask?

Well, I was in Alabang Town Center Last weekend and Unfortunately, I found out that Grassi’s was already closed. I am not quite sure if they closed for good or just a total make-over or a renovation. Although, there was no sign that they are under renovation.. So I assumed that they a really closing for good (In Alabang) I am not sure if there are any other branch still in operation..

My apologies if this blog came in Late.. I was able to dine in Grassi’s a while back.. back when it was still open on the Second Floor of the Alabang town Center (near PC Express and Healthway). The food was really good and the dining experience was really pleasant. That is why I really feel that it is still worth sharing… Who knows, maybe they will open again somewhere…

When I first passed by Grassi’s, my first impression was – Fancy French Resto.

At first I thought that the food will be ridiculously costly but after studying the menu, which was short but sweet, I realized that the prices were reasonable. Php 500-700 for a fancy delicious meal, not bad right? I was expecting at least P1K.

Anyway, the place was simple yet elegant. Dim lights, cozy interior, and a small bar. Upon entry on their frosted glass door, you will be greeted by their friendly and accommodating staff.

Grassi's18  Grassi's02 Grassi's03 Grassi's06 Grassi's12 Grassi's13 Grassi's17 Grassi's19

Like I said, the food was exquisite. The serving was big and the serving time was not that long. Before you start your meal, you are served with a complimentary bread together with an olive oil and balsamic dip.. The combination was really good. In fact, I asked for a refill :) The bread was firm on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside…

Grassi's04 Grassi's01

Appetizer… (Although I don’t need one! :p) And Yes, Mango Shake is an Appetizer for Me!


Above: Fried Risotto Mozzarella Balls with Wasabi Aioli Sauce P220 (+10% sc)

Below: Mango Shake P120 (+10% sc)


The Main Course..

I stand corrected. The cuisine, was not French… It was very continental. There were rice meals and Pastas and others… Which was all really good! and Filling!


Sautéed Stripes of Chicken Breast on Pommery Mustard Honey Sauce P320 (+10% sc)


Pan Fried Beef Tenderloin Strips Stroganoff P370 (+10% sc)


Save the Best for Last!

US. Kurobota Pork Tenderloin with Chimichurri Sauce P495 (+10% sc)

The Meat was very tender with a delicate flavor. What I like most about this dish was not the meat but the pickled cabbage (Cabbage ata yun) that was served on the side! It was super delicious!

Desserts… Which by the way was just So-So.. Nothing special here but the presentation. But among the three, I like the Frozen Banana Mousse the most :)

Grassi's16 \

Chocolate Cake in Caramel Mirror P180 (+10% sc)


Frozen Banana Mousse with Choco Split P180 (+10% sc)


Chocolate-Cognac Crème Brulee P180 (+10% sc)

Grassi’s Menu

Grassi's Menu01 Grassi's Menu02 Grassi's Menu03 Grassi's Menu04 Grassi's Menu07  Grassi's Menu09 Grassi's Menu11 Grassi's Menu05 Grassi's Menu06

Grassi’s is a great place for a fancy evening without having to rob a bank or leave the mall or the need to suit-up!  I hope they open or re-open a nearby branch soon :)

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)


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Acqua Salon Style Packages (Promo)


Previous Post: ACQUA SALON

Good News to All My Kikay Readers! Acqua Salon Westgate Alabang and Trinoma are currently offering discounts if you avail of the Following Packages! :) There are 4 Packages to choose from Depending on Your Desired Look! :)

 Acqua Salon Promo Packages

For First Timer’s, If you visit Acqua Salon Alabang, Look For MJ :)

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)


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Bottomless Nachos at Chili’s!

Chili's Bar and Grill, Greenbelt 5
2nd Level Greenbelt 5, Makati City
(02) 729.2862

Did you know that Chili’s Served BOTTOMLESS NACHOS?! Oh… I mean, Tostada Chips!

You Don’t? Me neither!

But Yes Folks! You Read that Correctly. I was also surprised when I knew that Chili’s Offer Unlimited/Bottomless Tostada Chips with Salsa! For Just P310+ You and your Barkada/Family/Officemates/Other Buddies can Enjoy this offering.

I suggest you try this in Groups Para Sulit! :p Perfect for a Beer Night! I just wish there was a bottomless beer! That would have been perfect!



Tostada Chips P310+


Mango Shake P130+

Of course you won’t go there for just the Chips (Or would you?!) You can also try some of their best sellers!


Calamari P320+


Triple Play P450+

Chilis6 Chilis7

Fajita Nachos Chicken P440+


Buffalo Wings P390+

And Beer Of Course! :)

A Perfect Beer Night at Greenbelt! :)

Any other restaurant offering Bottomless Nachos?! Let Me Know! :)

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)


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Lazer Xtreme Now Open in Alabang Town Center (ATC)

Lazer Xtreme (Laser Extreme) Alabang
2nd Floor Cinema Lane, Alabang Town Center (ATC), Muntinlupa City
Located Above NorthPark and
Tempura (Previously Paeng’s Bowling)
Tel. (02) 856.6467 | 0915.635.1448 |

Lazer Xtreme Alabang Town Center4

I was in ATC this afternoon and found out something new!

Lazer Xtreme (Or Laser Extreme) is now Open! Yes, this is similar to the one in Market! Market! in Taguig. BUT, according to the front desk, this branch is more than twice the size compared to the one they have in Market Market! That means, More Space to run around and more people can play the games at the same time.

I haven’t tried playing lazer xtreme… I did not have the chance yet… But now, there is no more reason not to try it!

Lazer Xtreme Alabang Town Center5

They opened Yesterday 21 May 2010 and they are still in their soft opening stage. But by the looks of it, A lot are already excited to play…

Lazer Xtreme Alabang Town Center6

Lazer Xtreme ATC Games:

The classic Laser Tag. But this time, made Bigger and Better with 3 Levels

They also have two new additional Games which they claim - “First in Asia”...

Laser Maze and Laser Golf

Here are Lazer Xtreme’s ATC Prices/Rates:

Lazer Xtreme Alabang Town Center1 Lazer Xtreme Alabang Town Center3 Lazer Xtreme Alabang Town Center2

Their Services are also available for group bookings like Team Buildings and Birthday Parties.

They also have some “Mascots” or Characters walking around to attract Kids Like me! :p

There were Lady Kontrabida (Pero naka Smile) and Robot Guy… (I forgot their character names) who were kind enough to pose for a picture :) I am not sure though if they are always around… sana.. Look at lady kontrabida’s abs! :p

Lazer Xtreme Alabang Town Center7

I Must Try This Lazer Lazer Games Soon! :)

Lazer Xtreme Alabang Brochure:

Lazer Xtreme Alabang Now Open

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)


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Microsoft Blogger’s Night | The Food!

I must say, Microsoft really knows how to hold an Event. They fill your tummy first with great food then your head with Information! You cant explain something to a Man with who has an empty stomach! Win-Win! :p

The menu that night… and the Best part of the event :p

Microsoft Bloggers Night16

I will start with the Panini – Ham and Cheese Panini! It was Soo Good! Crunchy on the Outside, Chewy and Gooey on the Inside! Yum!

Microsoft Bloggers Night02

Then Every table has a plate of Nachos and a Big Bowl of Spicy Cheese Dip!

Microsoft Bloggers Night06

Nachos + San Mig Light! = Better!

Microsoft Bloggers Night09

Off to some heavier stuff, Juicy Chicken BBQ

Microsoft Bloggers Night10

Crispy Chicken Lollipops!

Microsoft Bloggers Night11

Spaghetti with Tomato Basil Sauce…

Microsoft Bloggers Night12 Microsoft Bloggers Night13

Microsoft Bloggers Night07

Then For Desserts There were Fresh Fruits Slices and Assorted Brownies – which I was not able to take a picture.

Microsoft Bloggers Night15

Strawberry Iced Tea…

Microsoft Bloggers Night30

The Food was amazing, I was already in cloud nine – and the event hasn't even started yet! Can’t wait for the next one…

I must know the caterer for this event, again, their Panini was to die for! :p

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)


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