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Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point La Union

Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point
VOA Compound, Pennsylvania Avenue
San Fernando City, La Union Philippines 2500
Email: pororeservations@thunderbird-asia.com
Tel: +6372 888-7777

Experience Greece in Local Shores! 🙂 A Santorini Inspired resort at the Heart of Luzon!


I was in “Greece” Last week. I am really lost for words to describe this place. It was truly something else, not your typical hotel/resort. I am not sure why only now that I have heard of this place. They were up and running since 2008! But of course better late than never! :p

From this point forward, I will let the pictures do the talking and later, I will just list down the good, the bad, and the ugly during my stay at Thunderbird Poro Point. And of Course, the Rates, Prices, and Promos…


Let’s Start from the Outside… Day Shots… Picture Perfect!

 IMG_3411 IMG_3412 IMG_3414 IMG_3415 IMG_3416 IMG_3417 IMG_3418 IMG_3419 IMG_3420 IMG_3421 IMG_3422 IMG_3423 IMG_3424 IMG_3425 IMG_3451 IMG_3431 IMG_3432 IMG_3433 IMG_3434 IMG_3435 IMG_3436 IMG_3437 IMG_3438 IMG_3440 IMG_3441 IMG_3443 IMG_3444 IMG_3445 IMG_3446 IMG_3447 IMG_3448

NOTE: This is not the beach, just a portion of the seaside along the Boardwalk..

IMG_3449 IMG_3450  IMG_3451 IMG_3452 IMG_3454 IMG_3458 IMG_3459 IMG_3460    

Now, Here’s the Beach…

IMG_3919 IMG_3920 IMG_3928IMG_3921 IMG_3922 IMG_3923 IMG_3925 IMG_3945 IMG_3948 IMG_3949 IMG_3950 IMG_3951 IMG_3965

Night Shots… Equally Wonderful!

 IMG_5808    IMG_5685    IMG_5737    IMG_5752 IMG_3775 IMG_3776 IMG_3777 IMG_3785

Now Inside The Resort…

 IMG_3404 IMG_3409 IMG_3410 IMG_3778 IMG_3779 IMG_3781

Now, Inside the Room.. Impressive!

IMG_3711IMG_3837 IMG_3712 IMG_3713  IMG_3715 IMG_3716 IMG_3717 IMG_3718 IMG_3719 IMG_3720 IMG_3721 IMG_3722 IMG_3723 IMG_3725IMG_3724  IMG_3726 IMG_3836IMG_3727 IMG_3728 IMG_3729 IMG_3730 IMG_3731 IMG_3741 IMG_3742 IMG_3747 IMG_3748 IMG_3752 IMG_3755

The Good.

  • The resort and the view was spectacular. Picture Perfect!
  • The Rooms were big and COMPLETE! Even the standard one like we had. Great View as Well!
  • The price was very reasonable (The accommodation) especially the promo rates.
  • I love the room as much as I love the Satorini inspired architecture. It was very big. 4-5 people can fit inside comfortably.
  • The aircon was very powerful! I like it!
  • Super fast Room Service!
  • Lots of Complimentary stuff…
  • Jacuzzi, Rainfall Shower, In-Room Safe, DVD player with USB port and Surround Sound Speakers!
  • Parking right in front of your room. Perfect for Road Trippers.
  • And of Course! Super Fast FREE WIFI around the resort and LAN inside the Rooms!

WIFI Speed…


In-Room LAN Speed…


The Bad.

  • Some parts of the resort like the Basketball court were not regularly maintained.
  • There were parts that were not fully or not landscaped at all. This becomes an eyesore since the rest of the resort was beautiful
  • There were not much dining options inside the resort complex. And only one restaurant in the resort itself. To make things worse, the food was not fabulous! :p
  • If you are not a Gambler or a Golfer, there’s not much to do. No other activities available.
  • You can’t hide from the sun. Since the resort is white all over, the walls and floors bounces the sun’s ray’s like crazy. You’ll need lots of SPF!
  • The Check-In guys were not attentive enough. We were all out of the Van when they even started to move out with the push carts.
  • 4-feet swimming Pool! Yes, that gorgeous pool is only 4 feet deep! Seriously?! 4 Feet?!
  • Pool Closes at 10PM!
  • Bar Closes at 12MN!
  • Low water pressure on the showers, but Ironically, all other faucets have super high water pressure. Weird Huh!
  • Not So hot hot water in the shower… I took some time before the water got warm. Some time meaning 1-2 minutes!
  • Lots of Insects (Outside the room) notice the complimentary off lotion?! lol


When it comes to hotels and resorts I don’t usually complain about the service level, politeness, and courtesy of the staff. Most of the time they are way above my expectations especially if I am on a luxury hotel/resort. This is probably my first time to feel differently. (This is just my feelings and opinions during my stay)

  • First, Like I said during check-in the guys were not attentive enough.
  • Second, the people in the reception were not welcoming. Smiles were hard to come by. The mood was not pleasant and the way the people in the reception looks at you, I feel that I am being judged or something. Yes, They were polite, courteous and attentive but I feel that they were just working for the sake of finishing the check-in process. I don’t know. Perhaps it was just me.
  • Lastly.. In the restaurant (Which I will do a separate review later). Still, Like in the reception, I felt like I am being judge by the waiters. They were not attentive at all, you really have to call someone’s attention just to get noticed. This was even bothersome since during that moment, there were only a few clients inside the restaurant, And there were a lot of them. And then, after you ask for something, most of the time they will whisper something to the other waiters and smile. How rude was that. And the service time! Horrible! Our food was served after almost an hour! Even the free bread and herbed butter came in late! Around 15-20 minutes after ordering! Also, I was observing the way they serve and interact with the other guests, especially the foreigners, they were more enthusiastic and cheerful and attentive with them! OMG! This must be addressed SOON! Attention the Manager of Olive’s Restaurant!

Thunderbird Poro Point Rates/Prices/Promo Rates:

Thunderbird Poro Point Rates

Thunderbird Poro Point Day Tour Rates and Inclusions:

Poro Point Day Tour Rate: Php 1,000 net


  1. From the Php 1,000 fee, the Php 750 is consumable. You can use it on the Bar or the restaurant.
  2. Use of Facilities – Air-conditioned locker rooms, shower, lockers, towels, us of the pool and the kiddie Pool, swimming at the beach.

How to Get to Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

  1. By Car (5-6 hour drive via NLEX and SCTEX)
  2. Bus to La Union (7-8 hours due to stop-over)
  3. Via Plane (I did not know there is a flight to La Union until now!)

Thunderbird Poro Point and SeAir Package!

Flight to Poro Point Flight to Poro Point

**Credit Card Payment is of course accepted. There is no ATM though in the hotel itself. You have to go to the Fiesta Casino if you need to withdraw via ATM. There is a free shuttle going there.

Overall it was a very good experience. This place is recommended to the not so adventurous and hyper traveler since there is not much to do around. Also perfect for a family outing and of course a Honeymoon! Not to mention, golfers and gamblers! :p

Next.. I will review the only restaurant in the Hotel.. Olive’s!

Next Target.. Bellaroca in Marinduque! :p

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂


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