Wham Burgers MOA!

Wham Burgers MOA
Ground Level, North Parking Building, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel: (02) 556.9394 |

First of all, My apologies for the quality of the pictures. The pictures were taken using Samsung Spica i5700. I guess this Android Phone has no auto focus, or I don’t know how to use it! :p

Moving on. After watching a Movie at MOA, we decided to have some snacks. After a few minutes of walking along the North Restaurant Wing, We ended up eating in Wham Burgers.

Wham Burgers16

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Breakfast Buffet at Olives Restaurant | Thunderbird Poro Point Dining

It was 6:30AM at Thunderbird Poro Point. What a wonderful Morning! A great view of the sea, Complimentary newspaper hanging on your door, and of course a free breakfast to look forward to. Where you may ask?! Guess!

Where else? But in Olives Restaurant.

Olive's Poro Point Buffet18

Olive's Poro Point Buffet21

Breakfast is really one of my favorite meal of the day that is why whenever I stay in a hotel, I really look forward to it. Making sure Not to Miss it! :)

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Santorini Lounge and Pool Bar | Thunderbird Poro Point Dining

Third Part of My Thunderbird Poro Point Santorini Lounge and Pool Bar

Read Parts one and two of my posts here..

Poro Point Pool bar7

The sun has set in Poro Point. If the place was beautiful during the day, it is mesmerizing during the night. Accent lights around the hotel highlights some of the most beautiful spots around the resort.

After dinner and you are looking for a place to hang out, unwind, and have fun, you can either go to the casino complex or stay at the hotel and enjoy a drink or two at their Santorini Lounge. You may enjoy the drinks at the bar itself or you can have it served by the pool bar. But Remember that the pool area closes at 10PM so if you are looking forward to a long drinking session, you have to continue it on the Lounge.

Poro Point Pool bar1

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Tempura All-You-Can at Saisaki for only Php 330!

Saisaki-Dads-Kamayan Branches and Contact Numbers
Glorietta - (632) 892-8897
EDSA - (632) 722-8125
Megamall - (632) 636-3785
Padre Faura - (632)528-1723
West Avenue - (632) 413-6359

In celebration of their 33rd year, Saisaki, the Japanese Division of our All-Time favorite Cross-Over Buffet Restaurant is Offering – Tempura All You Can for just Php330 NET! That’s inclusive of Rice, Soup, and Iced Tea!

Here’s the Promo Poster

Saisaki Tempura All You Can

(Photo Courtesy of http://www.kamayansaisakidads.com/)

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Max’s Pork Binagoongan and Chicken Caldereta (New Offerings!)

Continuing the celebration of Max’s Restaurant’s 65th Year, they have cooked up 2 new dishes with heirloom recipes for your dining pleasure!


Last night I was invited to attend their thanksgiving event in Glorietta.

A thanksgiving event for the success of their super successful Chicken-All-You-Can promo last month – Which apparently, I was not able to try (Luckily, that night, they offered the chicken all you can again for the last time! :p Yey! :). And of course an introduction to their 2 new hot dishes!




At the event, I realized that since I was one of the first blogger to share the promo, a lot of their client got the Information from my Blog! :)

A couple of trivia regarding the Max’s Chicken All You Can Promo:

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Lunch at Olives Restaurant | Thunderbird Poro Point Dining

Picking Up From My Previous Post

It was Lunch time at Thunderbird Poro Point, and the choices… Olives Restaurant and…

That’s it. :p

Olive's Menu01

Olives Restaurant is the only restaurant in the main Hotel/resort area in Thunderbird Poro point. There are 2 other cafe’s/restaurant in the casino area (not a walking distance away). Alternatively, you may drive out of the complex and go to the town, the nearest fast-food is Jollibee.. a 5-10 minute drive…

Being the only restaurant in the hotel, I was expecting a great dining experience… But unfortunately I was disappointed on the food and the service..

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