Max’s Restaurant’s New Ketchup!

This will be quick!

Have you noticed? Max’s replaced Jufran with a new Ketchup! They are now serving their own Ketchup Brand! Goodbye Jufran?!

Max's New Ketchup

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My First Blogging Event of 2011

First of All, Happy New Year Y’all! :) It has been a wonderful 2010 for

Second - I would like to Thank you guys for all your support and Visits! That’s 500K++ Visits from July 2010-December 2010! I know some of you may say that that’s not a lot, but for me it is! For that, I am really grateful! :)

Third – Thank you for all the resume’s, proposals, and reservations that you sent me. Apologies for the confusion. So then Again, this site is not in any way related to dencio’s restaurant. Dencio’s Restaurant official website is :) But it was nice reading all of them!

Looking forward to a great 2011 with all of you!

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New Innovations From Max’s Restaurant this 2011!

Max’s Restaurant Reinvents itself and keeps up to technology by offering state of the art and industry-first services to their clients.

Sarap Kapiling

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Max’s Crispy Pata Feast!

In a move to highlight their other products and offer good and affordable meals for you and your friends and family, Max’s Restaurant jump starts 2011 with a Crispy Pata Feast.

I say, Enough with Pizza group meals Already! If you are Looking for a truly Filling and Satisfying Group or Family Meals? Go Try This one!

Max's Crispy Pata Meal

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