What’s Your Favorite Street Food?

I love street foods! Who doesn’t? I am referring to the ones on the street and not the mall (clean) versions! :)


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Fried Quail Eggs on a Stick

Quail Edds on Stick 5

If you think you’ve had enough cholesterol eating kwek-kwek, think again! A new pugo street food is coming to town! Or is it?

Meet Fried Quail Eggs on Stick.

Quail Edds on Stick 1

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Eat All You Can at YAKIMIX Greenbelt!

Yakimix 01

Yakimix is an Eat All You Can Place for your favorite Japanese and Korean Dishes. What makes Yakimix popular is their smokeless table top grill where you can cook your own food on the spot. If you love to cook, you will surely enjoy this place. The concept is Similar to shabu-shabu its just that, this one is grilled. By the way, No additional charge for this one, so Grill all the way!

Yakimix 02

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List of Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

I love these group buying sites! And I love the concept in general! Now, no need to wait for sale items on the mall or at different agencies and stores. Now, all the promos, sales and deals go directly to your inbox – in real time!

Shopping bags

Now, you can afford to buy a vacation in Bellaroca, El Nido, and Boracay. Dine at fancy restaurants and steakhouse. Bleach your teeth, whiten your underarms, wax the hair off your body, and botox all the way! Rebond, Color, and Style your hair. And my favorite, BUFFET, BUFFET, BUFFET! All at a fraction of the price! Usually starts at 30% discount.

And soon, you will be able to buy a new gadget a discounted price via YugaDeals.Com

Here are some of the most popular group buying sites in the Philippines today. Actually these are all I know So far. Most of them offer a variety of items. But some of them offer unique items to targeted market. For example, Deal Grocer offers Fancy and Expensive vacations and restaurants at a discount and Yuga Deals focus on offering discounted Gadgets and Techie Products.

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Breakfast Buffet at Bellevue Alabang

Cafe d'Asie, Bellevue Hotel Manila
North Bridgeway, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel: (632) 771.8181

Bellevue Breakfast 02

Relaxed Ambiance, Quiet Surroundings, and Great Food! All for only Php643.00 net, Drinks Included.

Bellevue Breakfast 38

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2011 Summer Offerings from KFC

This summer, Treat yourselves and your family to these New, delicious and healthy treats from KFC!

First, be healthy and Lenten season friendly with KFC Philippines’ new Fish Twister! This is the first-ever fully-fish offering of KFC.


KFC Fish Twister P80.00 (Ala Carte). Crispy Breaded Fish Fillet, Cucumbers, Dill Sauce, Cheese, wrapped in Tortilla. Healthy and Delicious at the same time!

The KFC Fish Twister is only available until the end of April 2011. Go Grab one Now!

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Miss B’s Tuckshop

Miss B's Tuckshop
#20 Valdecon Bldg., Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City

This will be another quick post. After that super HOT meal from the Secret Chinese Restaurant, we had to go somewhere to have dessert. We were brought here because one of my buddy knows the chef here (Aaron Lau). She said that their Manila Cheesecake is a must try!

Indeed it was!

Miss B's Tuckshop 5

Manila Cheesecake Php 195 (+5%sc)

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Dinner at the Secret Chinese Restaurant near Rockwell

You Jie Xiao Chao Chinese Restaurant
6404 Camia Street, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City
Tel:  +63 927 7876999 or +63 915 4252972

Dinner Time: I have no Idea where we were going until we found ourselves along Camia Street. There were no signage – don’t look for one. When you get to Camia Street, the best thing to do is to ask the street children/parking attendants where the Secret Chinese restaurant is and they will gladly point you to the right direction.

You Jie Xiao Chao 01

If you were able to find it. You wont be disappointed. The food was GOOD!

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Love the Popsicle Sticks!

This will be quick!

I just noticed this morning that Starbucks already replaced their usual plastic stirrers with a somewhat more environment friendly version - wooden stirrers/popsicle sticks. And they already changed their logo locally – they started with the cups, the signage will follow soon.

Starbucks Wooden Stirrer

Starbucks Wooden Stirrer

Remember: “It takes all of us to make a difference.” Do your share! :)

My Favorite Starbucks Drink is not on the menu: Classic Chocolate w/out Vanilla Syrup.

What’s yours?

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)


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I Love KFC’s Fully Loaded Breakfast!

I was finally able to try the KFC a.m.™ Fully Loaded Breakfast this Morning. We had it delivered from Alfaro (Makati) branch. And how was it? It was great! Now I can really say that I can ditch my good old favorite “Big Breakfast”.

KFC Breakfast

Like I said, this is the complete package. Super Busog Morning For Me!

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KFC a.m. Breakfast Menu. Taste the Difference.

Selected KFC Stores in the Philippines are now Serving these Hot new Breakfast Items.

What caught my attention was their KFC a.m.™ Fully Loaded Breakfast! It looks very good and very filling! All your favorite breakfast item in one meal!

Should I say goodbye to my favorite “Big Breakfast” Now?! We’ll See…

KFC Breakfast 1

KFC a.m.™ Fully Loaded Breakfast P90 (Ala Carte) P105 (with regular softdrink) P120 (with coffee)

There are two variants: The Filipino Fully Loaded Meal and the Breakfast Steak Meal

Here are the other KFC Philippines a.m.™ Breakfast Menu and Prices:

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Time for some seafood goodness this season of lent!

Today is Ash Wednesday. The official start of the lenten season.

Most Filipino's Abstain from eating meat during the Lenten Season. BUT, Dining during Lent does not have to be boring! Because, Max’s Restaurant Offers you exciting dishes for your Lenten Season Dining Experience! AND WAIT, did I mention that you’ll get rewarded after your abstinence Diet?

Presenting Max’s Seafood Selection Promo!

Seafood Selections Promo poster

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Great Lunch at Outback!

Ground Level, Glorietta 4 Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel: (02) 729.8458

First of all, Outback Makati has the friendliest staff ever! Our experience went from good to great because of the exceptional service.

Outback Makati

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Manila Bulletin Online!

I am loving this FREE service from Manila Bulletin and Pressmart. Not only do I get my e-newspaper for free but also I love the feeling that I am saving some trees by going paperless.


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Starbucks Philippines FREE Drink Upsize!

Starbucks 2

Yes, you got that right! No Frills, No Strings Attached! Just Free Upsize from Starbucks!

WEH! Smile

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