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Fried Quail Eggs on a Stick

Quail Edds on Stick 5

If you think you’ve had enough cholesterol eating kwek-kwek, think again! A new pugo street food is coming to town! Or is it?

Meet Fried Quail Eggs on Stick.

Quail Edds on Stick 1

I saw this booth inside the recently held food expo at the world trade center. At first I thought they were making takoyaki. But after looking closely, I found out it was something else, Fried Pugo on a stick!

Basically, they just crack the whole quail eggs, fry it inside a mold, with the sticks laid in the middle. Sound simple right? But same as the other quail egg dish, this takes a bit of time to prepare. They have to make sure that no shells get on the pan and they have to make sure that the stick is fully covered with the quail eggs for it to stick!

Quail Edds on Stick 6

Quail Edds on Stick 7

Quail Edds on Stick 3

Quail Edds on Stick 2

The finished product.. Not as round as you think! 🙂 It was round on the other side and somewhat flat on the other side.. Where’s the dip?! No dip for this dish… They brush it with a bbq-like sauce before serving…

Quail Edds on Stick 4

The taste?! Nothing special as expected. Basically it was just fried eggs with a special sauce!

I’ll be sticking with my favorite kwek-kwek for a while. 🙂

So far I have not seen any kiosk or cart anywhere, how about you? Have you seen one around?

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