Manila Bulletin Online!

I am loving this FREE service from Manila Bulletin and Pressmart. Not only do I get my e-newspaper for free but also I love the feeling that I am saving some trees by going paperless.


Every Morning, I get an email from Pressmart with the link to the day’s Manila Bulletin e-paper issue. The email is usually sent at around 12MN to 1PM. That’s way ahead of the print version!

Morning Dispatch

You can read your Manila Bulletin’s e-Paper in 2 ways.

One is you can view it using their online viewer. Although I am having trouble using it when I’m using firefox, So I use Internet Explorer when reading online.

Second, the one I use more often, is you can download the entire paper in PDF so that you can read your paper offline - on you computer, your tablets, or your smart phones. You may choose to download a section or the entire issue. The average file size for the entire issue is around 20-30MB so be patient when downloading. It may take a while. Go prepare breakfast!

Here are some sample pages of the e-paper. Notice that the pictures are really more vibrant and alive. As for the text, Good news for those with poor eyesight, no need to squint, you can finally ZOOM in to what you are reading.

The Online version is entirely the same as the print version – Only Better!


Front Page






Students and Campuses

HERE’s a sample of an entire issue in PDF.

When reading from your PC, having a big monitor comes really handy since each page is quite long. You can enjoy the full-color glory of each section when viewed this way.


You can read the e-paper without subscription. But to be able to download and receive notifications via email, you need to sign-up and subscribe. It only takes a few minutes to subscribe, you just need an email, a password, few other details, then validate you email and that’s it!

You may subscribe to Manila Bulletin’s Online Paper by going HERE.

As of the moment, the service is still free. But if the time comes that they will charge for the subscription, I am willing to pay for it. Just think of the number of trees you can save by going paperless. Also, its cooler to read your daily paper on your smartphone or tablet than to carry a broadsheet around! And of course, it is easier to archive.

Kudos to Manila Bulletin for the Great Innovations. First, the 3D Newspaper then this fully functional and Free e-paper service!

I am not sure if the Philippine Star has a similar service already. As for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, The have a similar service but the access is limited or not free.

So that’s it! Happy Reading!

Full Credits to Manila Bulletin.

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! :)


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  1. Hello! I would just like to ask if you have a pdf copy of the September 14 and 15, 2010 issue of Manila Bulletin... I just need it for school. Please email me. I would really appreciate it a lot. Maraming salamat po..

    Here's my email..

  2. Hi Paolo, You can access the back issued when you sign up with them. Thanks for Visiting. :)

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