September 2011

Agings Delight Ang Original Suman na Espesyal sa Bagong Ilog

The Best Suman EVERRR!

I mean Really, you have got to try this! 🙂 One of my officemate brought this Suman this morning. I like the packaging, unlike other suman out there, this one was not oily! It was neatly packed in a clean banana leaf. I was expecting something regular, like a sticky rice suman ala Antipolo. But What’s inside was a surprise. It was a Super Special Suman. Halayang Ube and Leche… Read More »The Best Suman EVERRR!


My new favorite chocolate! Dark Ferrero!

Yes, there is a Dark Ferrero Chocolate! First of all, this is a test post using the new official blogger app for the iphone. I am not sure how this blog post will appear on my site. Hopefully, the formatting and image size are acceptable. I like my chocolate dark. The darker the better. My favorite? Royce’ 90% dark chocolate. Soo good! Any % higer and it will become pure… Read More »My new favorite chocolate! Dark Ferrero!