The Best Suman EVERRR!

I mean Really, you have got to try this! :)

One of my officemate brought this Suman this morning.

Agings Delight Ang Original Suman na Espesyal sa Bagong Ilog

I like the packaging, unlike other suman out there, this one was not oily! It was neatly packed in a clean banana leaf. I was expecting something regular, like a sticky rice suman ala Antipolo. But What’s inside was a surprise.

Agings Delight Ang Original Suman na Espesyal sa Bagong Ilog

It was a Super Special Suman. Halayang Ube and Leche Flan Wrapped in a Sticky Rice Suman! This suman tastes sooo good! No need for additional sugar, coco jam, or chocolate. It was delicious on its own. Althought it may look sweet because of the halaya and leche flan, but its actually not. The flavors were very harmonious, just right!

I love eating Suman, I like Halayang ube, and I love leche flan. So the three of them combined together… WOW!

By the way, this is Aging’s Delight Suman. Tagged as “Ang Original Suman na Espesyal sa Bagong Ilog”. They are located in Pasig Blvd. Bagong Ilog Pasig City. The minimum order is 50 pcs. The suman is priced at P12 each. You also need to pre-order a day before then drop by the next day for pick-up. Aside from suman, they also sell Halayang Ube, Leche Flan, and other Kakanin.

For more information on Aging’s Delight, You may call them at (02) 6710172 or visit their Facebook Page. I am not familiar with the place, if you are from Pasig, maybe you can shed some light on the location. :)

Again I love this Suman, You have to try it! This is perfect for the coming Christmas Season!! :)


Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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My new favorite chocolate! Dark Ferrero!

Yes, there is a Dark Ferrero Chocolate!

First of all, this is a test post using the new official blogger app for the iphone. I am not sure how this blog post will appear on my site. Hopefully, the formatting and image size are acceptable.

I like my chocolate dark. The darker the better. My favorite? Royce' 90% dark chocolate. Soo good! Any % higer and it will become pure cocoa (i think).

I don't like nuts in my chocolate. In fact I don't like nuts in chocolates, cakes, and ice creams. I eat nuts, plain nuts, peanut butter, and M&M's peanuts!

That is why, I don't like the original ferrero chocolate.

But To my surprise, they created a variant that I really like! Ferrero Dark! Lools like a ferrero only dark and peanut free!

Soo good! All dark chocolate lovers and peanut in everything haters must try it! :)

Now, how did this post turned out on my site?

Hanggang sa muli! Paalam!

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