Latitude Buffet at Traders Hotel Manila

Traders Hotel Manila (By Shangri-la)
Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City (Across CCP)
Phone: (63 2) 708 4888

Latitude Buffet 82

Latitude Buffet 01

There’s Circles in Makati Shang… There is Heat in EDSA Shang… and There is Latitude!

Traders Hotel is part of the Shangri-La group. So it is no surprise that the quality and the dining experience that Shangri-La has to offer can also be found here in Latitude at the Trader’s Hotel Manila.

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The Breathtaking Villas of Crimson Resort Cebu

Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan
Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines
Tel Nos. 63-32 401.9999 (CEBU) and 632 728.0005 (MANILA)
Website | Facebook Page | Twitter

Moving forward from my Previous Post about Crimson Resort and Spa… may I present to you their Luxurious and Super Amazing Villas and Rooms.

WARNING: This is a Photo Intensive Post (I mean really!) :p

  Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan Cebu Rooms 037

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More “Saucy” Choices from Kenny Rogers Roasters!

Have you seen the new billboard of Kenny’s? It was provocatively asking if you want a Threesome Yes! They were and in fact, they were damn serious! Kenny's is offering not one but two threesome sets for all their clients who likes more, more, and more choices! The More the Merrier Right? And wait for it… At No Extra Charge!

First – Three new Side Dishes! They are going Mediterranean!

Kenny Rogers Saucy Roast 2

Kenny’s Eggplant Pomodoro, fire-roasted eggplant baked with chunky, Italian-style tomato sauce, topped with parmesan cheese.

Kenny Rogers Saucy Roast 3

Kenny’s Mediterranean Pasta, a light but flavorful medley of premium pasta, roasted eggplant, olives, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese tossed in Kenny’s very own tomato vinaigrette.

Kenny Rogers Saucy Roast 4

Kenny’s Mashed Sweet Potato, a nutritional side with a sweet, buttery, and slightly creamy taste and aroma. I call it Mashed Kamote… It sounds better to me, and very pinoy! I like it! It is more flavorful and creamy than the regular mashed potato.

Pardon the tons and tons of adjectives. I tried to put it in my own words but I realized, their description was way better! Let’s stick with that… and besides, I was not able to try much of it since I am not a veggie person. Moving on…

Then Comes their 3 new Sauces for their Saucy Roast Chicken!

Kenny Rogers Saucy Roast 6

The Chicken for the Saucy Roast is a Modified version of the Classic Roast. They took out some of the Ingredients and replaced it with other ingredients so that the taste will complement the sauce and not overpower it.

The Cracked Peppercorn Sauce tastes like your regular gravy with lots of cracked pepper in it. This kind of flavor is an acquired taste. It goes well with roast beef or pork but with the Chicken, I am not really into it.

The Creamy Mushroom Sauce on the Other hand is too light and creamy for me. You’ll have to put more sauce in your chicken to be able to enjoy it. Too bad the sauce is not refillable, you will have to pay an extra for your next refill.

The Sweet BBQ Sauce may be the runaway winner among these three. It tastes – well – like a BBQ sauce. Sweet, Tangy, Smoky! Who does not like BBQ Right? Both Kids and Kids at heart will love this sauce.

I think Kenny’s – I my opinion – is targeting the higher class market on these new sauces.  Like I said, it is an acquired taste. To be perfectly honest, the taste of a cracked peppercorn gravy does not appeal well to most Pinoys especially the kids.

My personal Favorite is still their Honey Roast Chicken! Still the best Roast they ever served.. Although I am hearing some rumors that it will be out of the Menu Soon… I hope its not true!

Kenny Rogers Saucy Roast 7

We all agree that most Filipinos love the traditional gravy and or sarsa with their Roasted Chicken. If I may suggest, why not offer the Traditional Liver Sauce instead? The sauce which Andoks or Baliwag Lechon Offers… Pinoys will surely love that!

Kenny Rogers Saucy Roast 8

But then again, this is just me. You can go to your nearest Kenny’s Branch and prove me wrong. :)These are only some of the new Choices that Kenny’s has to offer. All your other favorites are still on the Menu.. The Classic Roast, Honey Roast, Ribs, Muffins, Sandwiches, Wide array of Side Dishes including my all time favorite macaroni and cheese and of course Kenny’s still serve their healthy delicious dessert… Kenny’s Yogurt!

Kenny Rogers Saucy Roast 9

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan. Cebu’s Hidden Gem.

Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan
Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines
Tel Nos. 63-32 401.9999 (CEBU) and 632 728.0005 (MANILA)
Website | Facebook Page | Twitter

Amidst the several luxury hotels, resorts and spa’s in Mactan Island Cebu lies Crimson Resort and Spa. A hidden luxury resort at the heart of Mactan Island Cebu. The resort is relatively new and to be honest, I have not heard of it until now. I have been to Cebu several times, I have tried hotels in the City and Resorts in Mactan Island. I can tell you, Crimson Resort is really a one of a kind.

Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan 64

I can think of several reasons why Crimson Resort unique from most of its neighboring resorts.

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J.CO: My New Favorite Donuts!

J.Co Donuts and Coffee, Philippines
SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

Here’s my new Favorite Donut Shop! Although It’s still a love-hate relationship but at the end of the day, It is still my new Favorite. :)

5 Reasons Why I love J.CO Donuts.

  1. It is an Asian Brand (Finally!)
  2. The donuts are not too sweet. Just the right sweetness.
  3. They have unique, cleverly named and delicious flavors. The perfect term is Luscious!
  4. They serve great coffee!
  5. They have a big dining area.

5 Reasons Why I hate don’t love it so much.

  1. The Lines are too long. You may have to stand and wait for a while.
  2. Most of the time, not all flavors are available. Again, you will have to wait.
  3. As of now, Only 1 branch is open (Megamall) but they are opening MOA, Trinoma, Greenbelt, and ATC Soon.
  4. The dining area is not always tidy.
  5. It takes a while for the coffee to be prepared (even though there’s no queue)

Here’s the concept, they make donuts in small batches and decorate, design, stuff them by hand. You can just imaging the time being consumed for that – and the waiting time as well. Unlike the other donut shops where they shower their donuts with sugar syrup, J.Co does not do this with all their donuts (except for the glazed variants of course) thus making it not too sweet. They have very clever donuts names, forget the Basics… Meet your new Favorites!

J.CO Donuts Names

It may seem that their donuts are expensive – yes probably if you buy them per piece, but if you buy the 2 dozen package the donut price goes down to P23 each! That’s cheaper than most donuts out there! Not to mention that they are super delicious! :)

J.CO Donuts Philippines 21

J.CO Donuts Philippines 04

J.CO Donuts Philippines 05

J.CO Donuts Philippines 08

J.CO Donuts Philippines 06

J.CO Donuts Philippines 01

J.CO Donuts Philippines 07

J.CO Donuts Philippines 09

J.CO Donuts Philippines 10

J.CO Donuts Philippines 12

J.CO Donuts Philippines 13

J.CO Donuts Philippines 14

J.CO Donuts Philippines 15

J.CO Donuts Philippines 16

J.CO Donuts Philippines 17

J.CO Donuts Philippines 18

J.CO Donuts Philippines 19

J.CO Donuts Philippines 20

J.CO Donuts Philippines 22

J.CO Donuts Philippines 03

J.CO Donuts Philippines 23

Above: Lower right portion of the Box… My Favorite… And apparently most people as well is the Tiramisu! You have got to try it!!! Melts in your mouth goodness!

J.CO Donuts Philippines 11

J.CO Donuts Philippines 24

Aside from coffee… they have yogurt too! :)

J.CO Donuts Philippines 25

J.CO Donuts Philippines 02

Tip: You can store the donuts in the Fridge. If you’ll be eating them again, you can pop it in the  microwave for 10 seconds, and they are good as new! :)

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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Go Hotels! Our Country’s Very Own Budget Hotel.

Go Hotels Philippines
Phone: 0922- GOHOTEL (4646835)

Go Hotels has been around for a few years now but it was not until recently that I was able to try it. I checked-in on their Mandaluyong Hotel and the experience was surprisingly good!

Go Hotel Cybergate06

A brief background. In the Philippines when we say budget hotel, we immediately think of it as either an old torn-down hotel or a motel which offers “Short Time” Stays. That is absolutely not the case for Go Hotels. Their business model was patterned to the business model used by budget airlines (Go Hotels is a Sister Company of Cebu Pacific Air) which is a Limited Service Model or More of a “Strip Down” or “Back to Basics” Model wherein you only pay for the things or services that you actually use. This hotel concept and business model has been around for quite sometime and is slowly gaining popularity especially to budget conscious travellers.

When people travel, most of the time they are out of their hotel rooms. They are basically out on tours the whole day and just come back to the hotel to sleep, shower, and leave their stuff. So the question is, why would you pay tons of money for the hotel facilities that you don’t even get to use? Makes Sense Right?

Go Hotels' Amenities are the Basic Amenities you’ll need for a Comfortable and Safe Hotel Stay.

  1. Small Clean Rooms (Good for 2, Twin or Queen, No Space for an Extra Bed)
  2. Nice Clean Shower with Towels, Soap and Shampoo and A Clean Toilet
  3. Free WiFi (Although I found their WiFi Slow and Unreliable)
  4. In-Room Safe and Key Card Entry (for Safekeeping of your stuff)
  5. Friendly Staff and Crew
  6. Great View of The City (Available on Some rooms, Other Rooms have no Windows)
  7. Convenient Location (5-10 Minutes walk to the MRT Station)
  8. Plenty of Water and Individually Controlled Air Conditioner
  9. Comfortable Bed and Pillows, Phone and TV with Cable
  10. Super Affordable Rates!

I heard that other Budget Hotels may charge you for the use of the Air-conditioner but not Go Hotels, at least not for now. The only extra that you my have to pay for are the Toiletries Set and Breakfast.

Here are the Pictures of Go Hotels in Cybergate Plaza in Mandaluyong. Lucky for us, we were able to get the room with a real window and a great view of the Pasig River. We booked this rooms 2 weeks in advance and we got it for only P1,500 per night including Breakfast! Great Deal I must Say! But if you book earlier and if you are able to catch a promo, you may get the room for way less that that amount!

Go Hotel Cybergate01

Their Spacious Check In Counter Resembles the Check In counter in the Airports.

Go Hotel Cybergate02

Go Hotel Cybergate03

Go Hotel Cybergate04

You only get a Small Soap and A Shampoo in the Room so if you need more than that and IF you don’t have a toothbrush on hand, I suggest you buy their optional toiletries set for only P88.00. If you find that expensive, there is a mini-stop beside the lobby and there's also Robinsons Supermarket (Go Hotels is located beside Robinsons Forum Mall).

Go Hotel Cybergate05

Go Hotel Cybergate07

Go Hotel Cybergate08

Go Hotel Cybergate09

Go Hotel Cybergate10

Go Hotel Cybergate11

Go Hotel Cybergate12

Go Hotel Cybergate13

Go Hotel Cybergate14

Go Hotel Cybergate15

Go Hotel Cybergate16

Go Hotel Cybergate17

Go Hotel Cybergate18

Go Hotel Cybergate19

Aside from their Mandaluyong Branch, Go Hotels can also be found in the Provinces of Palawan, Tacloban, Dumaguete, and Bacolod.

Right now, Only Go Hotels and Tune Hotels (Which I will Review Next) use this business model here in the Philippines. I heard that the SM Group is also Planning to build hotels with similar concept. I am looking forward to having more of these hotels available for both local and Foreign tourists. Tune Hotels (A Malaysian Hotel Chain) has been aggressively expanding in the Philippines, and in Few Months time, they might be able to overtake our Very Own Go Hotels. I hope Go Hotels also has plans of expanding its operations to catch up with the competition and the demand.

Yes there is a demand! Most of time, Go Hotels are Fully Booked. So Book Early! :)

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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