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A Peek Inside NAIA’s Miascor Lounge

Miascor Lounge Passenger Service (AVIACOR)
Mayin E. Jimenez (General Manager)
Tel: (632) 851-6061 | 852-9397
Mobile: (63 917) 865-6909

Travel in Comfort and Relax while waiting for your flight in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1. Miascor VIP lounge is open to all domestic and international passengers whether you are flying Economy or Business Class. It may be a complimentary access to Business Class Passengers but to those who always fly economy, don’t fret! You can also take also benefit from the lounge’s services if you have an accredited credit card like the Citibank Platinum Credit Card and American Express Platinum Card Or if you are a member of a tie-up Mileage program of another Airline. (This is not a complete list… please call them to check if your card or membership have access.) As for me, my stay is courtesy of my Citibank Premier Miles Platinum Card – You and 1 Companion can enjoy the lounge for free!

Aside from the Comfort and the Convenience, here’s a quick list on what the lounge offers.

  • Open 24 Hours Daily
  • 2 Conference Rooms & Business Center
  • Cable TV
  • Baggage and Coat Area
  • Male & Female Restrooms with Shower
  • Flight Information & Paging System
  • Free Food
  • Free Drinks (even liquors)
  • Bottomless Coffee!
  • Free WiFi (Working and Fast)
  • Plenty of Sockets for your Chargers
  • Daily Newspapers and Magazines

Here’s a peek Inside the Miascor VIP lounge. We were there in the morning.

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 01

Aroz Caldo

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 02

Bottomless Taho!

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 03

Breads, Panini, Croissants, Danish, Mini Sandwiches, Fruits and Cereals

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 04

Jack Daniel for Breakfast

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 05

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 06

Noodles, Rice, and Adobo

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 07

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 08

Bottomless Cola, Beer, Juices, and Coffee!

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 09

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 10

Office Stuff – Computers and Fax Machine (Free to use)

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 11

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 12

Miascor Lounge Terminal 1 NAIA 13

A lounge access at the Airport is a huge perk for travellers. For one, you don’t have to pay for expensive airport food. BUT Don’t expect super delicious food though. The food was ok, acceptable but it was not that good. Second, you have a safe place to leave your stuff. Third, you get to be productive while waiting for your flight.

To be honest, Miascor lounge is a bit outdated. It looks, feels, and smells old, probably as old as NAIA 1? I hope they upgrade their facilities soon or better yet, open a new one in NAIA 3 since to date, there is no Lounge in NAIA 3. Centennial Terminal (NAIA 2) has Mabuhay Lounge – which I will review later – so a lounge in NAIA 3 is in order.

For those who are curious on what’s happening inside this lounge.. well, there you go!

The bottomline for me – It is Convenient, Clean, and Free! Who am I to complain right? :p

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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