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New York: My Dream Holiday Destination

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

I have been dreaming of a White Christmas my whole life for quite some time now. This year, it will finally happen! Although not exactly during the actual Christmas Week, but almost there… I will be going to Seoul, South Korea on December 8-14. I don’t know what to expect but I am definitely expecting Snow… if not in Seoul but at least in the Ski Park where we booked a tour! I was there last April for the Cherry Blossoms and it was super fun. I am sure that this Winter Tour is Twice more Fun!

I am so Excited! -6 Degrees, Bring it on! My winter stuff is all set. Tickets are Booked (Korean Air) . Hotel is booked (Fraser Suites). Tours are booked. And our ever changing itinerary is almost done as well. This is it!

I’m definitely sure that I will be having a Blast in Seoul this Holiday season but deep down, my ultimate holiday destination is still the Big Apple – New York! I want to experience the City that Never Sleeps. I want to eat hotdogs along the streets, eat an authentic New York Pizza, walk around time square, visit the central park and meet Ms. Liberty. All these while loosing track of time. I Know! #Cheesy

If my Seoul Trip is expensive, I am super duper sure that my Dream New York Trip will be even more expensive so I am counting on my Mabuhay Miles to bring me there coupled with a cheap Holidays to New York Tour Package or a Discounted Hotel Accommodation.
My target is 2013 and here is the Plan.

  1. I will apply for a US Visa early next year
  2. Continue earning Mabuhay Miles for my Free Airfare. I currently have 30,000 Miles already. Half of the required 60,000 Miles for the MNL-LAX Flight. If 1 mile is P33 so I just need to spend another P990,000 on my Credit Card! #GoodLuck (I Will have to invite more friends to shop using my Credit Card)
  3. Start Looking for a Discounted New York Accommodation
  4. Plan my itinerary
  5. Stick with The Plan

I am looking forward to my first ever White Christmas/Winter Sonata in Seoul this year. But I am also extremely excited on my next project. I know, It is still a long way to go but time flies so fast so it is better to start sooner rather than later right?
How about you? Where is your Dream Holiday Destination?

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!
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