RC Cola: Bringing Back Childhood Memories

RC Cola Philippines
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RCColaOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RCColaOfficial

RC Cola

I have very vivid childhood memories of RC cola. I still remember enjoying an ice-cold RC Cola during my early elementary school years at St. James Tandang Sora. If I remember it correctly, back then, it only costs between 2-3 pesos per 8oz bottle at our canteen, so I suppose it was cheaper on a regular sari-sari store. Then as time goes by, I remember RC Cola slowly fading away and eventually left the Philippine Market.

RC Cola Philippines Biggie 1.5 1

Few year years back, I was really excited when I was able to buy RC Cola again. They were back! Upon drinking, It really brought back some fun childhood memories. If Coke and Pepsi has a distinct taste, so did RC Cola. It really has this unique and delicious cola flavor to it.

RC Cola has been back for a while and it seems that they are here to stay. In fact, they have multiple tri-media advertisements and aside from the usual 8oz and 800ml bottles RC Cola is now being sold in more sizes such as the RC Buddie 500ml in PET Bottle, RC 330ml Can and the Biggie 1.5L. All of which are sold cheaper than the other cola brands in the market – for example, RC 1.5L costs only P33 when the other brands costs around P36-40 per bottle! Perfect for Parties and Events!

RC Cola Philippines Biggie 1.5 2

One thing RC should offer next is a “diet” or “light” version of its cola for the diet conscious clients. Although, upon reading the ingredients, it already contains a bunch of artificial sweeteners BUT it still has regular sugar in it, they probably mixed it up.

RC Cola is available in you favorite groceries and sari-sari stores.

Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

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Sofitel Manila’s Social Media Week 2013 Celebration

Sofite Manilal Social Media Day 2013 3


Sofitel Manila Kicks Off Social Media Week 2013

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila kicks off the Social Media Week 2013 celebration with a full suite of exciting social media related events throughout the week engaging guests from check-in to check-out.

Advocating responsible use of Social Media in the Philippines, guests are greeted with a magnificent social media-inspired floral centerpiece in the lobby, which also serves as backdrop to those who share their social media resolution for the year. The guests’ photos are shared via the hotel’s official Facebook page found at www.fb.com/sofitelmanila.

The hotel is also giving away themed treats for its dining guests including specially designed French macaroons with Facebook and Twitter icons.

In celebration of the global event, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila will also give away 13 Magnifique Prizes at Social Media Day 2013 happening on Saturday, June 29. Prizes include 10 lunch buffet for two at Manila’s favorite buffet restaurant Spiral, two overnight stays in a superior room with breakfast buffet for two, and an exclusive “SoLuxurious at Sofitel” package which includes a ‘social media butler’ who will create a social media diary documenting guests’ luxury stay at the hotel. Use the hash tags #SofitelManila and #SofitelSMday to participate.

The hotel will also be hosting a virtual “tweet and greet” event and a private dinner with the movers and shakers from the social media scene with an exciting live tweet feed and raffle to celebrate the event in style.

Like Sofitel Manila on Facebook at www.fb.com/sofitelmanila for more information.

Sofite Manilal Social Media Day 2013 1

Sofite Manilal Social Media Day 2013 2

Sofite Manilal Social Media Day 2013 4

Sofite Manilal Social Media Day 2013 5

Photos Courtesy of Sofitel Manila’s Facebook Page


Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

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Crimson Hotel “Caption This” Photo Contest

Crimson Hotel Manila



Get your thinking caps ready as we officially launch our newest batch of hotel photos! And with your ingenious help, feel free to assist us in captioning these beautiful photographs and win Food & Beverage vouchers in return!

Please see below contest mechanics, for reference:

  1. Like Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila Facebook Page
  2. Visit our Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila Official Photos Album and caption as many photos as you can in the comment box.
  3. Have your friends like Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila Facebook Page and encourage them to like your caption as posted in the comment box.
  4. For a photo caption to qualify, a minimum of 500 likes is required. The top 3 photo captions with the most number of likes will win F&B vouchers from Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila.
  5. This photo-captioning contest will run from June 22 to to July 4, 2013 until 5:00 pm only.

Winners will be announced in our Facebook page on the 4th of July at 6:00 pm.

* Crimson Hotel Filinvest City Manila reserves the right to disqualify entries and comments that include any material deemed abusive, defamatory, obscene or otherwise acceptable. Likewise, hotel management has the right to remove posts that are regarded as such.


Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

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Tune Hotels Angeles: Your Convenient and Affordable Hotel in Clark Field

Tune Hotels Angeles
Don Juico Avenue (Clarkfield Perimeter Road) Angeles City Pampanga
Website: http://www.tunehotels.com/my/en/our-hotels/angeles-city/
Contact Number: +63 45 4590888

Tune Hotels Angeles 38

Tune Hotels Angeles 39

Whether you are in Clark Field in Angeles City for the weekend, transiting through the Clark Airport, doing business, or attending the annual hot air balloon festival, Tune Hotels Angeles is always available to provide you with a comfortable, affordable, and convenient accommodation right at the gateway of Clark Field, Angeles City Pampanga.

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How much does your Globe Postpaid Plan actually worth?

Ahhh the love-hate relationship between me and Globe continues. As much as I hate Globe when it comes to their signal strength, coverage and loyalty offers, believe it or not I genuinely love their postpaid plans. For me, it is one of the most transparent, “sulit”, and straightforward postpaid plans out there. I have been a globe subscriber for almost 8 years now and I have never encountered any problems on my postpaid plans when it comes to overcharging, missing statements, hidden charges and plan modification restrictions. (Thank goodness!)

Now, I get asked a lot by my friends on how can you stretch your postpaid plan to get the most out of it. The 2 most common questions I usually get are:

  1. Should I get a Plan 999 and just pay for the iPhone on Installment?
  2. What is the best freebie combination for my Plan 1,799?

I always answer this questions with a computation:

Question 1: Should I get a Plan 999 and just pay for the iPhone on Installment?
My Answer: NO! Here’s why.

Let us assume that you will get the MySuperplan 999 and you want a 16gb iPhone.

The gadget cash out is around P19,200 for an iPhone 16gb.

Monthly Payment for your plan (24 Months): P999.00
Monthly Payment for your Phone (24 Months 0%): 800.00
Total Monthly Payments: P1,799

Here’s what you get (may vary depending on the freebies that you choose):

  • A 16gb iPhone
  • Unlisurf (P999 Value)
  • 1 Freebie A (10 Minutes Globe Calls + 200 Free text to Globe &TM - P275 Value)
  • No Consumables for calls & text to other networks, NDD, IDD.

Total Plan Value: P1,274.00
Total Monthly Payments: P1,799
Difference: –P525
(You are actually getting less that what you paid for)

Let us compare this if you actually did get the Plan 1,799.

The gadget cash out is around P4,800 for an iPhone 16gb.

Monthly Payment for your plan (24 Months): P1,799.00
Monthly Payment for your Phone (24 Months 0%): 200.00
Total Monthly Payments: P1,999.00

Here’s what you get (may vary depending on the freebies that you choose):

  • A 16gb iPhone
  • Unlisurf (P999 Value)
  • 3 Freebie A (30 Minutes Globe Calls + 600 Free text to Globe &TM - P825 Value)
  • P800 Consumables (for calls & text to other networks, NDD, IDD)

Total Plan Value: P2,624.00
Total Monthly Payments: P1,999
Difference: P625.00
(You actually get P625 more that what you pay for just P200 pesos more per month if you got the Plan 999)

Ditch the Plan 999 and get the Plan 1,799 you will get more of your money’s worth!

Globe Postpaid Plans

Question 2: What is the best freebie combination for my Plan 1,799?
My Answer: It really depends on your current need. Since you can change your freebies monthly, it is advisable to tailor it according to your current need. In my case, I don’t need IDD since I don’t call abroad and I don’t need free surfing since I have unlisurf, the best freebie for me is the Free Calls and Text to Globe since 90% of my contacts are Globe Subscribers. If you have a partner, a secretary or a boss whom you call all the time then the my super one freebie may be the right one for you.. you can call his or her one globe mobile number – unlimited for free!

The Bottomline is, when choosing a plan, you should not just look at the face value but rather, always compute for the actual value that you will be getting out of it. At first, the prices may seem to be very reasonable and within your budget but at the end of the day you will end up paying more for additional stuff that is not included in the plan – worse, the stuff that you actually need are not included in the plan that you chose. Hidden and Surprise Charges Suck! So better do your math when choosing a plan since you may be stuck with the telco for a period of 24 months! It does not only saves you money but you also avoid a lot of future headaches. :)

Well, there you go… hope this helps!

Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

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A Themed Dinner at 7Seven Corners Crowne Plaza

7 Seven Corners Restaurant
Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila
Location: Ortigas Ave. cor. Asian Development Bank Ave. Ortigas Center Pasig Quezon City
Contact Number: +632 633.7222

Seven Corners Dinner Buffet 01

If there is one thing unique about 7 Corners Restaurant is that they always want to give their clients something new to enjoy. This is why 7Seven Corners changes their theme monthly to focus on certain cuisines and be able to serve something new on the menu on a regular basis.

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Something New from Sidebar El Pueblo

Sidebar Café El Pueblo
Location: El Pueblo Real Manila, Julia Vargas cor. ADB. Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig
Contact Number: (02) 470 6559
Website: http://1771group.com/sidebar/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sidebar.elpueblo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SidebarElPueblo

Sidebar El Pueblo 8

Sidebar has been reinventing itself to keep up with the time. They have been an established bar in Ortigas for quite sometime but until now they are still a go to place for young professionals who want to unwind and enjoy a drink or 2 with their buddies. This year, Sidebar introduced us several new dishes that will make their menu more interesting and current. Here are some of them:

Sidebar El Pueblo 1

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Experience the best of Italy in Alabang!

Crimson Hotel Manila
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang Muntinlupa
Contact Number: (02) 863-2222
Email: info.alabang@crimsonhotel.com
Website: http://www.crimsonhotel.com/manila/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonFilinvestCity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crimson_Alabang

Crimson Hotel Ciao Italia 01

Crimson Hotel Ciao Italia 02

“In commemoration of Italy’s National Day on June 02, Crimson Hotel in Alabang presents “Ciao Italia”, a month-long food festival highlighting authentic gourmet dishes from South Italy. A diverse spread of Italian dishes especially created to excite the palates will greet Café Eight diners this month of June.”

Crimson Hotel Ciao Italia 38

It is a Month Long Italian Celebration at Crimson Hotel Manila that is why Crimson Hotel’s Italian Executive Chef Alessio Loddo prepared some exciting and truly Italian Dishes for all the Hotel Guest this whole month of June. Here are some of his delicious offerings:

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Pay School Fees using Credit Cards and Save Money?

School opening is just around the corner. While some parents already paid for their kids Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees, others have yet to do so. If you are short in cash this enrollment season, why not consider using your credit cards to pay for you kid’s school fees. I know it sounds scary for most people but if you do it right, it is not that all that bad. I will share to you 3 ways on how to use your credit cards to pay for your kids school fees, some are interest free and some will incur minimal interests.


REMINDER: All these options are presented under the assumption that (1) you have enough credit limit to cover for the school fees, (2) Your account is updated and you are not revolving credit (paying finance charges) and (3) this is a personal advice, and I am not a professional financial advisor.

Option 1: 0% Installments

You are lucky if your kid’s school accepts credit cards and offer 0% Installments on the tuition fees. Some schools offer this to BPI and Citibank Cardholders via SIP and Paylite on 3, 6, 9, and even 12 months terms! This is very straightforward and super hassle free. Just go to the school, swipe your card and sign. I know BPI even offers additional 100% increase on your existing credit line to accommodate the fees. This option will cut a big chunk on your credit line but you get to earn points and miles. :)

Sample Computation:

School fees P50,000
0% Paylite or SIP = P50,000/12 = P4,166.67 per month
Interest Incurred: NONE
Monthly Installments: P4,166.67 for 12 Months

Option 2: 0.99% Credit to Cash

A lot of credit card companies offer credit to cash or pre-approved loans at 0.99% monthly interest rates or less (I personally encountered Allied Bank before offering this at 0.33%). If you can avail this promo, then you may be able to get the Cash for your kid’s school fees and still pay in 12 Month monthly installments. 0.99% Translates to approximately 12% per annum so if your kid’s school fees costs P50,000, there will be an annual interest of around P6,000. So your monthly amortization will be P56,000/12 = P4,667. This is still not bad since in most schools the rates for Monthly Payment Options are always higher than one time payment, semi-annual and quarterly.

Some Credit Card Companies that I know that Offers this promo are: Allied/PNB, Eastwest Bank, Citibank, HSBC, BPI, and BDO. Call your card company if they have this promo under your account. Based from experience, BPI has the fastest processing time for this promo, as fast at 24-48 hours if you have an existing BPI account.

You can still earn points and miles when you avail this promo.

Sample Computation:

School fees P50,000
0.99% Credit to Cash = P50,000
Interest Incurred (0.99%*12) = 11.88% or P5,940
Monthly Installments = P4,661.67 for 12 Months

Option 3: The Balance Transfer Option

This may be a more complicated approach since this will involve 2 or more credit cards but most of the time, this option will have less interest than option 2. Here’s how:

Step 1: Since most schools nowadays accept credit card payments, go to the school and pay for your kid’s school fees in full, straight charge. In short, charge the full amount in one of your credit cards. Some of the best cards for balance transfers based from experience are BPI, Eastwest Bank, HSBC and BDO so if DO NOT USE THESE CARDS IN PAYING THE FULL AMOUNT OF YOUR KID’S FEES. Use Citibank, Bankard or or one of the credit cards mentioned above if you have another from that list – meaning if you have 2 cards BDO and HSBC, use one of them to pay the full amount.

NOTE: Make sure that the card that you want to do the Balance Transfer has enough credit limits to accommodate the principal amount plus the interest. ALSO, card companies only allow you to use up to 80% of your available limit for balance transfers so make sure that that 80% can cover for both the principal and interest.

To avoid confusion: We will call the Card that you used to pay for the fees in full CARD 1 and the card that you will do the balance transfer will be CARD 2.

Step 2: Upon receiving the statement of account from CARD 1. Call you’re the bank of CARD 2 and inquire on their current balance transfers promo and how much can you transfer at the moment. USUALLY, HSBC, BPI and BDO offer Balance Transfers at around 0.60% Per Month. Upon confirmation that your CARD 2 bank and your credit limit can accommodate the balance transfer, proceed with it. Usually this can be done over the Phone for HSBC and Over the Counter for BDO and BPI.

Now, I mentioned that this will be cheaper than option 2 right? Here’s how:

School fees P50,000
CARD 1 Straight Payment= P50,000
Interest Incurred CARD 1 = NONE

Balance Transfer Amount to CARD 2: P50,000
CARD 2 Interest Rate for Balance Transfer: 0.60% per Month or 7.2% for 12 months = P3,600
CARD 2 Total Due: P53,600/12
Monthly Installments = P4,466.67 for 12 Months

To Summarize @P50,000 School Fees, 12 Months to Pay.

Option 1: 0% Installment = P4,166.67 for 12 Months
Option 2: 0.99% Interest Rate/Month for 12 Months =  P4,661.67 for 12 Months
Option 3: Balance Transfer @0.60% per month for 12 Months = P4,466.67 for 12 Months

Well, there you go. I hope these options help you in deciding if you are having second thoughts on using your credit cards to pay for your kids school fees. Now, how do you save money from these? It is not just money… :)

  1. These option will probably be cheaper than if you pay monthly directly to the school using their terms.
  2. You get to earn miles if you are collecting
  3. You get to earn points
  4. You get the freebies for the charge slips
  5. You don’t nagged by the school if you forget to pay especially before the exams
  6. Peace of mind

Some Final Reminders:

  1. Make sure that you have enough credit limit for these transactions
  2. Always check the current promos of your Card Issuing Banks
  3. Always pay in full, if your revolve, all succeeding payments will incur additional finance charges.
  4. I am not a professional financial advisor. These are based from personal experiences.
  5. I am not connected to any bank. This is purely public service. :)

Let me know if this makes sense of if it helps! :) If it did, I may need to post more Credit Card stuff!

Goodluck Guys!

Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

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The Club Lounge at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

Crowne Plaza Club Lounge
19F Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel
Ortigas Avenue corner Asian Development Bank Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Located Right Beside Holiday Inn and Robinsons Galleria Mall
Contact Number: +63 2 6337222 , Toll Free: 1800 1888 0188
Email: mnlcp@ihg.com
Website: http://www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/cpmanila
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crowneplazamanila
Twitter: http://twitter.com/CrownePlazaMNL

Crowne Plaza Galleria Club Lounge Access 02

More and more hotels nowadays especially the business hotels are offering priority access to those availing of their higher room categories and some preferred corporate clients. Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, mostly catering to business travelers have their Club Lounge at the top floor (19F) of the hotel. Guests occupying Premier Rooms, Priority Club Members and Selected Corporate Accounts will have access to the Club Lounge all day long. Some of the benefits of having access to Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria’s Club Lounge are the following:

  • Exclusive Check-in and Check-out at the Club Lounge
  • Complimentary food services for 2 guests (Breakfast, Cocktails, Coffee, Tea, Snacks, All day refreshments)
  • Complimentary in-room internet access (CPMG still does not offer free Internet)
  • Free Local Calls
  • Free Daily Newspaper
  • Free use of the Board Room/Meeting Room (Up to 2 hours per stay)
  • Free Pressing of one Suit or Dress
  • Complimentary 15 Minute Back Massage or Foot Reflex
  • A dedicated room attendant to address your needs

These are perfect for the demanding and busy business travellers!

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Happy Anniversary Village Tavern Manila!

Village Tavern (BGC Philippines)
2nd Level Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue corner 29th Street BGC Taguig.
Contact Number: (02) 621 3245
Email: villagetavern@bistro.com.ph
Website: http://www.villagetavern.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VillageTavernPhilippines/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/VillageTavernPh
Instagram: @villagetavernph
Village Tavern Philippines is a Member of the Bistro Group

Village Tavern BGC Manila Philippines 04

Village Tavern - One of my favorite restaurant in BGC High Street area recently celebrated its first year anniversary this year. And to kick off the event, they revamped their menu and introduced a few new dishes to keep their menu interesting and keep clients hooked! How does this sound? Tomahawk Steak – So catchy, who would not be intrigued by that right?

Village Tavern BGC Manila Philippines 01

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