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A More Fillet-vorful Chicken Burger Hits the Market

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Burger King Philippines Chicken Fillet Sandwich 1

Burger King Philippines Recently Launched yet another Chicken Fillet Sandwich in the Market. Now like me, the first question that you are going to ask is – Another one? What’s the Difference? We already have the McSpicy and a bunch of Chicken Sandwich Varieties from KFC so again, what’s different about Burger King’s Chicken Fillet Sandwich? Two things actually:

(1) The Flavorful Sauces!

What makes this sandwich rock is the sauce that they use. There’s the Tangy Honey Mustard and the Zesty Garlic Mayo. Both sauces adds a whole new flavor to the otherwise very usual bun, lettuce and fried chicken fillet combo.

Burger King Philippines Chicken Fillet Sandwich 3

Burger King Philippines Chicken Fillet Sandwich 4

My personal pick is the Honey Mustard variant. I love the tangy sweet mustard flavor in the sandwich.

(2) The Amazing Price Tag!

Believe it or not, this delicious piece of pure chicken breast fillet sandwich only costs P55 per piece (P85 with Fries and Coke Combo)! While the others costs almost twice the price of this one, Burger King wanted to spice up the competition by making their very own Chicken Fillet Sandwich more competitively priced that the others.

Burger King Philippines Chicken Fillet Sandwich 2

So if you want to enjoy a delicious chicken fillet sandwich without having to pay a lot, then rush to your nearest burger king branch and order your very own chicken fillet sandwich.

PS: Chicken Fillet Sandwich + Onion Rings + Coke = Happiness!

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