April 2017

MOA ECOM Bike Parking Map

Mall of Asia Complex (MOA ECOM) Bike Parking Location Map

  I have been partially Biking to Work (2-3 times a week) for a little over a year now and during those times, the convenience of biking to work, particularly inside the Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex and ECom Centers has greatly improved upon formal introduction of official bike parking slots around the complex. This post will show you where exactly can you park your bikes in One-Ecom, Two-Ecom, and… Read More »Mall of Asia Complex (MOA ECOM) Bike Parking Location Map

Rodianos BF Resort (14)

Rodianos Mexchicken and Sizzling BF Resort Review

  Next in my #DenciosBFResortAdventure series is this new Mexican – Sizzling plate restaurant along BF Resort Drive – Rodianos: Home of MexChicken and Sizzling.   It was a Thursday night, I planned on eating Thai Food from my favorite Thai place in BF Resort. On my way, my eye caught this shiny new, small restaurant in front of Westfield School along BF Resort Drive, well actually the official street… Read More »Rodianos Mexchicken and Sizzling BF Resort Review

SSS Pension Calculator

Do you want to know your future SSS pension when you retire?

Did you know that you can check your estimated pension amount for your 60th or 65th retirement age? Have you even wondered how your SSS pension is calculated? Me and my employers have been paying my Social Security System contributions diligently for the past years and recently, I became curious on the benefits that I have under the SSS program. A few weeks back, I was playing around the SSS… Read More »Do you want to know your future SSS pension when you retire?

Quartercup Cafe BF Resort Las Pinas (3)

Quartercup Cafe: BF Resort Las Pinas

  Before I begin, I have been living in Las Pinas city for almost 3 years now, particularly in BF Resort Las Pinas. I have been eating around the places within BF Resort Village and I have not blogged about any of them – yet. A lot of people know BF Homes Paranaque as a food haven in the south but recently, the BF of Las Pinas has been gaining… Read More »Quartercup Cafe: BF Resort Las Pinas

Recession Coffee Manila (14)

My Recession Coffee Experience

  About a few months ago I came across a post on my Facebook Feed about this relatively new coffee shop (they opened around 2015) which according to the post, lets you decide on how much you pay for your coffee. The place is called recession coffee which is a coffee place where you can go whether you are in a good or bad financial situation in your life. To… Read More »My Recession Coffee Experience


McDonalds Philippines Summer Kiddie Crew Program 2017

  Celebrate summer fun with McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop’s newest and biggest program (2017).   Summer is the perfect season for letting your kids learn and experience new things, and with McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, they can do just that!   Now on its 25th year, McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is McDonald’s flagship family program that gives kids an opportunity to experience in-store restaurant training and learn time-tested values such… Read More »McDonalds Philippines Summer Kiddie Crew Program 2017

Visa 2017 Promo Philippines

Create your own Epic Experiences with Visa

    Visa cardholders can now create their own unforgettable experiences as the global payments firm launches Epic Experiences by Visa, an ever-expanding universe of exclusive privileges for Visa cardholders.   In its fourth year, Visa’s homegrown privilege platform is broadening its offerings beyond dining to cater to the different interests of cardholders. Over 80 dining, retail and travel partners nationwide have been added to the list of partner merchants… Read More »Create your own Epic Experiences with Visa

McDonalds Smurfs Happy Meal 2017

  Get ready for a fantastic adventure with McDonald’s new Smurfs Happy Meal toys! Collect all eight (8) Smurfs Happy Meal toys in vibrant colors for a fun playtime experience. Each toy features a specially designed Smurf house and two unique Smurf friends, including favorite Smurfs characters like Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Smurfette, so you can complete your own Smurfs village.   Catch these adorable Smurfs Happy Meal toys… Read More »McDonalds Smurfs Happy Meal 2017