What’s Your Favorite Street Food?

I love street foods! Who doesn’t? I am referring to the ones on the street and not the mall (clean) versions! 🙂 Here’s what I love: Kwek-Kwek Squid balls Fish Balls Kikiam Banana-Q and Camote-Q Camote Fries Pancakes (yes pancake) Scramble And Here’s What I don’t’ eat (not an exhaustive list) Isaw (Loser Me! I know!) Bituka Betamax Adidas Helmet Basta BBQ lang or Hotdog ang Pwede! hahaha! Sa Bangkok,… Read More »What’s Your Favorite Street Food?


A&W Rootbeer Float and Curly Fries!

A&W Pantip IT MallBangkok, Thailand They say that if you are travelling, you must try the restaurants that is not found on your home town. Check out Something New! And here it is! A&W! Not entirely new but something I Missed! Especially their Rootbeer Float! We were actually going back to the hotel. We were passing an Overpass when I catch glimpse of this bear! “OI!!!! May A and dabolyu!!!!”… Read More »A&W Rootbeer Float and Curly Fries!