Dalandan and Mango Shake

Via Mare Cafe

My First lunch out with my Oracle Peeps… Actually welcome lunch namin (new hires ito). Sa Via Mare Rockwell kami kumain… Nag pre-order na kami kaso parang wala lang naman tagal pa din bago naiserve yung food… nakapag shopping na yung team mates ko di pa naserve yung food. Sorry di ko na nakuha yung name and prices kasi Shy pa ako kunwari.. pero pinicturan ko naman bago nila kainin…… Read More »Via Mare Cafe


Thank You Lunch from Joey Pepperoni!

  Few weeks after blogging about Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria, I received an email from one of their marketing officer – Ms. Eddnell – inviting me (and a few of my friends) to blog for them once more. This time, it will be at their posh branch at The Fort. At last, my first (and hopefully not the last) blogging gig. So, one Saturday morning we headed to The Fort for… Read More »Thank You Lunch from Joey Pepperoni!

WhistleStop Open 24/7 Since 1977

WhistleStop Jupiter open 24/7

It is a Saturday (Sunday) Midnight in Makati and you need to eat a Great Dinner, where can you possibly go aside from McDo? Hmm.. Why not try This one! WhistleStop! This 24/7 Restaurant (Formerly a convenience store) is Located along Jupiter in Makati, Right Beside RJ Bar and Near Fiama and Starbucks. They serve Hot, Freshly cooked Meals Day and Night! The said that Whislestop was a Convenience store… Read More »WhistleStop Jupiter open 24/7

Tarragon Restaurant

Tarragon Restaurant: Steaks, Fried Ice Cream, Pasta…

After that wicked meal we had in Flaming Wings a while back, we saw this restaurant across the street and became one of our next target. And true enough, it did become our next target! So, it was Cristy’s Birthday so it’s the perfect time to eat! Tarragon Restaurant is Located Along Aguirre Avenue in BF Paranaque. It was right across the Street from Flaming Wings and was a few… Read More »Tarragon Restaurant: Steaks, Fried Ice Cream, Pasta…

Joey Pepperoni MOA

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

After that tiresome around the world tour, time to eat!!! This time, we’ll try Joey Pepperoni in Mall of Asia. According to the waiter, Joey is Joey Conception, son of Raul Conception – the businessman. Anyway, the place looks good and intriguing and they have this big sign – 50% Off on Pizza’s From 2PM-6PM. Sounds like a good deal! No Strings Attached! So Let’s give it a try! We… Read More »Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

Parang Hindi Puyat ah!

Travel and Tours Expo 2009 at SMX

We attended the 2009 Travel and Tours Expo Last week at the SMX in MOA Compound. The event was a blast! If you are a frequent traveler, you should feel sorry you missed this one. As for me, since I am on a “TIGHT” budget for the next couple of years, I was happy with the Exhibits, Freebies, and Photos! I did not really look for a great bargain because… Read More »Travel and Tours Expo 2009 at SMX

Thir13en Ghosts

Halloween 2008

To conclude the recently celebrated Customer Service Week at the Office, we had our annual Halloween costume and decoration contest. We (our team) have been the over-all winner on this competition for Three years in a row 2004, 2005, and 2006. Last year we were not able to actively participate in the event (In short, Pahinga daw muna, wala muna Kareer). But now, we were back with a Bang! Wohoo!… Read More »Halloween 2008