Mabuhay Miles

Korean Air Lounge Incheon Airport 01

A Peek Inside Korean Air’s Lounge at Incheon Airport

One benefit of being a Mabuhay Miles Elite Card Holder is the reciprocal lounge access that is extended to you in Airports where Philippine Airline Flies. In my recent trip to Seoul, I got to use Korean Air’s Amazing Lounge in Incheon Airport. My first thought – Our lounges here in Manila looks like Crap! Korean Air’s lounge was huge! it has all the amenities that an Airport lounge has… Read More »A Peek Inside Korean Air’s Lounge at Incheon Airport

PAL Mabuhay Lounge 06

A Peek Inside Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Lounge

I recently shared a review of NAIA 1’s Miascor Lounge, it is the Premier Airport Lounge if your airline is flying from  NAIA Terminal 1. But For those flying via Philippine Airlines from NAIA terminal 2 (aka Centennial Terminal) you will have to use their very own Mabuhay Lounge. The Mabuhay Lounge is an exclusive lounge for all Mabuhay Miles Elite (or higher) Frequent Fliers. You can access the lounge… Read More »A Peek Inside Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Lounge

HSBC Mabuhay Miles Visa

HSBC and Mabuhay Miles Break-Up!

  Yesterday I got a replacement card via mail from HSBC. I was surprised when I took out the card from the envelope. It was a Classic Visa – Not the Mabuhay Miles like I used to have.       Included in the envelope was a letter saying that HSBC and Mabuhay Miles will be Parting Ways Effective 15 July 2011. I know that this is bound to happen eventually since… Read More »HSBC and Mabuhay Miles Break-Up!