Extreme Nostalgia!

Way, way before the Mexicans, Chinese, Taiwanese, and even the Koreans invaded our television, there was already the Japanese… Giving us Hit after hit… Animes, Takeshi’s Castle, and of course these Sci-Fi action series! Who doesn’t know these characters! :p Bioman, Maskman, Shaider, and mask Rider Black. I was on youtube when I stumble upon these videos. I think it was worth sharing, a bit, no! Extreme Nostalgia! (well, at… Read More »Extreme Nostalgia!

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Meditation and Relaxation – Online?!

I’m so Exited to Publish This Post! I mean So-So Excited! Why? I was surfing the net as usual and I stumbled upon this cool site Poodwaddle. They offer free gadgets that you can use on your Blogs or Websites. Among the several tools that they were offering, one of them catches my full attention. The Meditation and Relaxation Tool. At first look, It sounds too good to be true… Read More »Meditation and Relaxation – Online?!

Google Chrome

Google’s New Amazing Tools – All for Free!

In case you haven’t noticed, was not aware, or just plainly not paying attention to the world of online technology, Google, last week released 2 new tools or applications for the tech-savvy and Googleholics out there. They released a new Web Browser – CHROME, and Updated the Famous Picasa 2 to the new PICASA 3 beta. Google Chrome If you are a Googleholic, an avid user of their amazing cloud-computing… Read More »Google’s New Amazing Tools – All for Free!

Digicam 101

While I was surfing the net and suddenly, I came across this video site ( and they have this collection of videos regarding digital cameras and picture quality. It  explains the different basic things you need to know with your digital camera. The best part is, it was explained on a video using layman’s term and it comes with a transcript! This is Digicam for Dummies! It is really worth… Read More »Digicam 101