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Does Globe Really Value Your Loyalty?

I have been a Globe Handyphone Subscriber for almost 6 years now. In fact, I got my 70th billing statement this month. I love Globe’s services. Apart from some bumps along the way, I am still very satisfied with their service.  That is probably why we also switched to a Globe Landline and Broadband at home. Anyway, we all know that Globe offers Loyalty Rewards everytime you renew your contract with them every 2 years. For the last two renewals, I availed of the bill rebates package. Bill rebate is when they offer to slash a certain amount on your monthly bill for the next 24 months instead of giving you a new handset. For example, instead of Globe giving you a new Nokia C3 to renew your contract and lock you in for another 2 years, they will offer you P400 bill rebate for the next 24 months. So if you are in their plan P999, you only need to pay P599 a month but still enjoying your plan’s full features and benefits.

Globe Bill

I was very happy and satisfied with Globe’s Loyalty Plans, until recently.

I have only 3 months remaining in my contract, which means I will be renewing my contract again with Globe soon. Currently, I am under G-Flex Plan 800 (their old consumable plan) and my account is under their SME/Business Plan – since I got this phone through my previous employer. Given that I am preparing to renew my plan with Globe, I called their loyalty customer service hotline few weeks back to check on their loyalty offers. I was informed that if I renew my plan and change to their current SME Plan 999, they will give me a new Nokia C3 phone; however, I told them that I was not interested. What about bill rebates? He said that it is not currently being offered. So I asked, what about an iPhone 4?

Now it gets a bit complicated and deceitful (That is how I felt).

I was informed that if I want to avail of the 16GB iPhone 4 under the new upgraded SME plan 999, I will have to pay for an additional 21K. I asked, what if I upgrade to the plan P1499 instead? He said that the cash-out will be around 7-8K. Aside from that, he informed me that if ever I will avail of the offer, I will have to wait for a few months (back then) since the stocks are limited and there is a limited supply for the loyalty plans. I said Ok…  In Doubt, I asked if that offer/price is indeed for the Loyalty Plans, he said yes. Ok, fair enough I told him. I will just call you back; I just need time to think.

Still doubtful after a few days, I got curious on how much the phone will will cost if I will just subscribe to a new plan instead of the loyalty plan. I called globe again (not mentioning my name and number yet) and asked how much is the cash out for the 16GB iPhone 4 under SME plan 999 and 1499. To my surprise, they gave the same amount as previously given to me for the Loyalty.

I was so dumbfounded and irritated at the same time.

I asked (calmly), why the offer/cash-out is the same for both loyalty and new applications? He answered, on a slightly confused tone of voice, “sir, yun po kasi yung offer talaga namin ngayon” “discounted na po yun”. I asked, “what about the loyalty rewards, asan na yun? If pareho lang ang offer nyo sa new and current subscribers? Saan na-factor ang loyalty doon?” He replied “sir yun po talaga ang offer ni globe sa iphone, fixed po talaga sya”. I added “Tapos I have to wait pa for the stock availability, samantalang yung mga new subscribers mag walk in lang sa business center may stocks sila!” “ano ba naman klaseng loyalty offer yan”. Then I hung-up still very upset and frustrated.

To cut the long story short. For new subscriptions of iPhone 4, most of the time, Globe business centers have available stocks for new account applications. No need to wait! You just fill-out a form, pay, and you’re done.

Now for the “Loyalty” Accounts, you have to inform them that you will be re-contracting with Globe, then, they will tell you that you will have to wait for a few weeks or even months because they have limited stocks under loyalty, then you will pay the SAME cash-out amount as the NEW subscribers.

I am writing based on my personal experience. I  and I am not sure whether this happen to other subscribers (I hope not!). I just think that a Loyalty Plans must be rewarding and hassle free considering that technically, they are trying to win you back, Right? Or they don’t really care?

I Currently subscribe to a number of Globe Services: Globe Postpaid account, Globe Load Tipid Account, Globe Landline, and Globe Broadband. Now, I ask again, does Globe REALLY Value Your Loyalty to them and their service? As far as I am concerned – NOT! Is this really how Globe “Value” their existing subscribers? I sure hope not!

Well,This really sucks! But Do I have a choice at the moment? Unfortunately, None! If only I have the option to move to another carrier and retain my current number, I already did! But it looks like I will be looking forward to another 2 years of bittersweet relationship with Globe… We’ll see…

Thank you for reading. My Apologies for the rant and off-topic post, will resume to regular after this post! 🙂

Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam!


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  1. I've noticed that Globe will offer you an really nice mobile phone but only if you ask. It actually happened to a family friend of ours but only if you inquire beforehand. I also have an outstanding balance with them (around Php500) when I terminated my postpaid line and of which I refused to pay because they could not provide me a reasonable explanation why my initial advance payment of Php500 would not be given back to me. They still call sometimes and I still tell them to have a supervisor call me back to explain the reason for my concern, but they still have not done so. Patigasan kami. Hehehe! =D

  2. I also have the same experience with Globe and I've been a loyal subscriber for more than 10 years. Before, Globe will call you at least two (2) months before your subscription expires and gives you options for renewal. Now they don't seem to care. Probably that's their way to piss off subscribers hanging on with old plans like me who is still under Plan 500 — 500 free sms and 20 minutes free airtime. -Ynnam-

  3. ang na experienced naman namin sa globe, mas binibigyan nila ng priority ang bagong account kesa sa subscriber na nila. my wife wants a blackberry curve 8250 kaya mag a upgrade sya ng plan and to our dismay we have to wait daw kasi hindi pa available ang unit pero if u apply as a NEW SUBSCRIBER meron sila. now thats what u call loyalty.

  4. Hi Dencio,

    My name is Paul Mendoza and I am the Digital Marketing Head of Globe Business. Just want you to know that we have read your blog and we have cascaded this matter to the SME Segment team. I would be pm-ing you for your contact details. Thank you for supporting Globe.

  5. Good Day Paul Mendoza. I have the same case with dencio. I've been a globe subscribers for 6 years.

    "To cut the long story short. For new subscriptions of iPhone 4, most of the time, Globe business centers have available stocks for new account applications. No need to wait! You just fill-out a form, pay, and you’re done.

    Now for the “Loyalty” Accounts, you have to inform them that you will be re-contracting with Globe, then, they will tell you that you will have to wait for a few weeks or even months because they have limited stocks under loyalty, then you will pay the SAME cash-out amount as the NEW subscribers."

    I went to Globe business center and even called to 211. Out of stocks yung Iphone 4 for "rewards/loyalty" pero meron naman for new subscription.

    Bakit Ganun???

  6. Yung 'Loyalty' Program ni Globe is kunyari lang para meron kunyari silang pangtapat kay SMART. SURPRISE!!! First they don't tell you unless you ask. Second, new subscribers come first, loyal subscribers come second….maybe 5th. Third, their business centers don't even know they have a 'Loyalty' Program! He he he. So much for loyalty.

  7. We share the same sentiment. i was fooled several times. april 2009 i was forced to opt for the rebates since they're insisting the iphone 3gs that time with a 21,300 cash-out, told them that my other phone is already an iphone, when I requested for other phone models they told me all-phone were out-of-stock and only the Iphone 3gs is available. Got irritated and downgraded my plan from Business Plan 1,200 to 800, and was surprised when they asked me to pay a 1-month advance subscription fee. And aside from that my contract's expiration was extended from April 2011 to October 2011 and another surprise when it expired my plan rolled-back to Plan 1,200!!!

    Now I'm availing the Iphone 4s, they won't allow the availment since I'm subscribed with their old Business Plan and I need to upgrade my plan. When I applied for the SME Business plan I was told that phones with higher value will be given since its under their SME Business Plan, maybe Globe forgot all about their commitment to their suscribers. I emailed, called and even tweetted several times regarding my Iphone 4s loyalty program availment but no call has been made by Globe's Loyalty Specialists. Visited their business center but the CSR insisted that I call 211 first because they cannot reserve the phone "daw" when new applicants can readily avail of iphone.

  8. Same here, they would not let me change the category of my business plan to personal. Sadly I have been a loyal paying customer for 6 years and 2 years away from the company I go my phone from. It is unfortunate that there are no visible incentives for being a loyal customer

  9. bakit ganun ang globe ngyon… before pumapayag
    sila na i renew ko ang plan ko kahit 3 months pa sya bago matapos ang contract ko pero now hindi na sila pumapayag…. ayaw ba nila nun irenew ko na contract ko agad…

    ive been globe postpaid subscriber for 6 yrs….
    now planning to cut my account bec of disappoint to there services…

  10. here's the latest update from my acct. i filled-up their new iphone 4s reservation form online on a sunday, for superplan consumable 999 + 99 powersurf there's a 23,976.00 cash-out so i opted for the 1,799 + 99 powersurf with a 4,800 cash-out. does the consumable doesn't include the data consumption? monday morning globe's been calling me 10X (imagine that?) informing me that my unit will be delivered to my address, and there will be a cash-out of 5,000… awww!

  11. Sad to say Dennis the plans for both business and regular subscribers are the same with different plan/package names, they call my plan "business combo":/

    another update, they promised to deliver my iphone 4s this January 5, but no delivery was made, I called the business hotline, and was told that there's no feedback yet re. the delivery that I must wait until the next day, but still no delivery from Globe. I called the hotline again, and was informed that the phone was out-of-stock!!!

  12. Hello,

    Globe is charging me 134K for data services that I used abroad while registered to their BDU service. 😐 Any advice on what should I do? I'm also very interested in finding out what the answer is to josegwapito's question as I have no plans of paying 134K for phone and internet charges that I avoided in the first place by registering to BDU.

    I hope for your reply ASAP. And any input will really be appreciated.

    Thank you 🙂

  13. Plain and simple, they do not value customers unless you pull in thousands of revenue for them every month. Sadly, we are expendable to Globe. They can easily reel in and attract future victims in one snap of a finger. Go to Hell Globe.

  14. Same dilemma.

    Now, iPhone 5 is here and I too have an issue regarding loyalty rewards. Apparently, the offer is still the same whether or not you're a loyal subscriber. In essence, your loyalty rewards, i.e. rebate, free phone, etc., are swept under the rug when you either renew your contract for iphone 5 or reset your contract for another 2 years. I hope Globe addresses this issue real soon or I might consider switching to a new carrier.

  15. Actually this is what some of my friends say about globe now: "GLOBE IS THE NEW SUN" hehehe. In the past 15 years, there is good signal inside our house, now you need to go out to get a signal.

    Also, the Tattoo broadband stick signal strength really sucks! Kahit sino pa kunin nila model/endorser, if the product sucks every subscriber will know. Hindi lahat ng tao tanga no!

  16. I didn't realize this after reading your blog. I ordered iPhone5 yesterday sa Globe business ctr and said NAUBUSAN na sila ng stock for Loyalty subscriber ang meron daw sila is for new line application. kung gusto ko daw itawag ko sa cust service nila which I did at ang sabi na NAUBUSAN na DAW sila ng stock ng iPhone5 at wala pa daw feedback from apple kung kelan dadating ang next stock. hindi na ba nila alam ang ratio ng between loyalty subscribers nila? yung isang sales rep na kausap ko one day mali pa ng computation ng reset plan ko. NAKAKALOKA SILA.


  18. My dad is a loyalty subscriber and he decided to upgrade his plan for the new iphone 5. Globe had promised to call and send the phone in Jan. 24 but still nothing! almost February nlang wala pa rin. i hate globe.

  19. parang walang matinong network.. im planning to apply for samsung s3 unli data, but after reading some blogs, post, im scared na :-S

  20. Thank heavens I stumbled upon this blog entry before renewing my Globe plan. I was planning to upgrade my plan to 999 and get an iPhone 5. But after reading this entry, parang wag na lang. I don't wanna deal with their poor "loyalty reward" scheme. It doesn't even deserve to be called a reward. Thanks!!

  21. i think the reward there is ma-maintain mo yung same number mo pag nagparecontract ka haha! pero seriously, yan din ang tanong ko, anong loyalty reward dun kung pareho lang din ng cashout sa new accounts?!

  22. under ako ng load tipid plan 800 and malapit na matapos ung contract ko, nung tinanong ko sa globe center kung makakakuha ko ng new phone kung gusto ko irenew contract ko ang sabi sakin – hindi daw. klangan daw muna paputol den magapply ulit.. globe suck..

  23. I also experiencing what mr. Dencio had experience to globe loyalty reward. And it is sad to know it. It's almost April 2013 wala pa rin nag bago sa systema nila. 🙁

  24. Nakakatawa tong Globe. They are offering a cash out of 7,600 for business flex 1800 under loyalty program un ha.
    Pero if u avail plan 1799 under new application, 4,800 cash out lang… wow diba?! Nice job globe!

  25. I share the same sentiment… I am a globe subscriber for more than 10 years now. I called up to renew my loyalty last December. They told me that I need to wait 2 months before they can renew my bill rebate loyalty, since I asked it when my loyalty expired. I followed up 2 months after but nothing happened. Up to now, I'm still billed for the regular amount of my plan. very poor customer service and loyalty program…made me think twice about your post whether globe really value their customers…

  26. This is so very true. it's my 1st time to renew. I tried to visit Globe Business Center in Ayala Triangle last friday (may3) and they were able to assist me though Galaxy S4 is not on hand. (I doubt, maybe because I'm recontracting). So they advised me to visit Glorietta and so i did. Then, when im there and i told them i am interested in recontracting, they assisted me in their so called "EXPRESS Assistant" which is not express at all. What's more irritating is that, it's also same as calling their CUST Service. So what's the use of going there if i can use my mobile to call them. So i still followed their protocol but i can't stand the long queue. So i informed them that why does the Ayala Triangle branch informed me to just visit other branch is in reality i need to call the CSRs to get an order. So i told them that it's better to just terminate my contract and get a new line if they can assist me right away. Because im irate, they told me just to get an order# thru CSR so that they can provide a unit. So i did. After 2hours i was able to get an order#. I upgraded my plan to 1799 for 1year only, though i need to pay much for the handset,i rather do this than hooking myself again with them for 24months. (Now they offer 6,12,18,24,30months contract period) After an hour, i got my new phone, new lte sim. I was informed that i just need to wait 24hrs for the new sim to become activated. so i did. 24hrs had passed. Still, my old sim is working. so i called CSR. long wait again. I was informed that the new sim serial number is not linked on my acct. (GGGRRR) so they requested to activate thru their system. and my plan upgrade, guess what! it will be activated May6 as per their system. So i waited until today. When i called, no info about my new sim serial number. and my plan is not yet upgraded. i was advised to wait again within 24hrs. monitor, monitor. Yes indeed globe offers great deals that's why i rather choose them than SMART which their plans only give few freebies for txt and calls and excess will be on top of your bill. But they offer poor service.

  27. Thank you Dencio for this blog. this cleared up my mind on the question as to buying an iphone thru plan or pre-paid kit thru credit card.

  28. Hello Dencio. I also have this issue with Globe. They have called me twice now to offer a subscription with a free phone as a reward for more than 2 years of loyalty to them, which they promised to deliver within 3-5 business days. But it's been more than two weeks now and they have not delivered, nor have I heard from Globe again. I followed up on this application only to find out that they don't even have a record of the transaction or of the call they made to me. Can you believe that? How inefficient can their records be? Don't they have a single system where they can document all calls they make to and receive from their customers, where everyone from their customer care department, no matter which division, can just log-on to and see all transactions? How messed up is that, if they don't have that? Plus, Globe claimed to be the most advanced communications company, and they don't have that? Unbelievable, really.

  29. thanks for this blogpost. im a globe user for already 1 year and was thinking to get an iphone 5 when my contract ends a year from now. but i did a little research and found out that there are really pro's and cons in Globe's offering of their iphone 5. the cheapest is plan 999 but you have to burden yourself of 24months of cashing out P800/month. their next plan is at 1799, which for me is already steep and expensive. i looked at smart and they had this mid-level plan between 999 and 1799 which is the UNLIDATA 1500. and i found it reasonable and well controlled for my budget.

    i have thought of switching and indeed i went to a smart wireless center and inquired of their switching program. i was pleased with their response of my inquiry. somehow, im a bit convinced of switching and wont be finishing my remaining 12 months with Globe. but then a thought came to me of this so called "loyalty program" from globe. i searched the net and here i am reading your blog. i once remember that i asked a staff from Globe Business Center that i am possible to get an iphone via their loyalty program. id wanted to get an iphone which could relieve me of the "bloody cash-out". but after reading this blog, im already having 2nd thoughts. if this is all true relatively to all GBCs around the country (im from Davao City anyway), then i might switch to smart in 2 to 3 months time.

  30. when i renewed my contract I asked about the loyalty rewards and it is true that there's no difference between getting a new subscription and using the loyalty rewards, i asked the CSR about this and the answer I got was maintaining the same number is the reward :/ so i took it since i dont want to change my 3+ year old number. I am terminating my other postpaid though .. Moving to smart or sun 🙂

  31. Mismo! This is the very reason I cut off my postpaid..damn data charging even when your using your own wifi connnection you get charge…WTF!!

  32. Parang nagoyo din ako ng globe na to ah.nagtanong ako kanina sa csr at ang price ng offer nila na phone for loyalty at new subscriber ay same lang.parang ang pakinabang lang talaga ng loyalty program ay bill rebates na hindi naman kalakihan.

  33. Tnx for the blog. Found it in time for my renewal of contract. Nice contributions everyone. Truly appreciated.

  34. Hi! Iba naman po na experience ko sa globe. =(

    I love globe so much. Though hindi ako plan before but I've been a prepaid subscriber of globe for 8 or 9 years. Nag search ako online ng mga bagong offers nila, initially i applied for a line only pero matagal bago na process (at mukhang di nga na process) so i decided to get a line with unit na lang din kasi nasira yung phone ko. nakita ko sa pinaka RECENT nila na brochure yung bundle ng blackberry 9220 at pocket wifi for only 999 but to my dismay it's no longer offered. The thing is I chose plan 499 since my consumption of globe is no lower than 300. Supposedly, blackberry 9220 is free at plan 499 but I cash-out 2,400 for the phone! Oh my God! I was surprised! Since my friend got the phone for free, she got it last year though. But my 2 friends (one availed for plan 300 and got the 9320 model at 3000!!!, the other one at plan 300 and got the SAME UNIT as mine for FREE!!!) what the? I mean? what the hell with this pricing? I actually went back again to their branch and asked why is that so. they said that's their new pricing. =( and their marketing determines the pricing they'll use. I can't do anything about it since I need a phone and regular load. =(

  35. Sir, what if you have long outstanding balance from ur postpaid plan thEn wish to reactivate, pwede po bah??

  36. GLobe just charged me 1900 for internet usage on my iphone in which i did not avail, when i ask them about the details of the said charges, they told me that they do not have access to those data.

  37. I also have a bad experience with GLOBE TELECOM. I subscribed to UNLIMITED DATA PLAN 999…Now, when my bills arrived, I was suprised that my internet browsing have been charged. I called up globe and verified my account. I was suprised to hear that my subscription (on their records) is only UNLI CALL AND TEXT 599. I asked Globe to review my contract and subscription but nothing happened. I also noticed that there are hidden charges on my bill.

  38. I had the same experience with Globe loyalty. I have been a subscriber for 4 years. They made me jump through hoops just to get an iPhone 5. I ended my subscription and switched to Smart. I manage a business and have five additional lines with Globe under their corporate plan. I'm planning to switch everybody to Smart.

  39. Their retention team is really useless.why transfer us to their queue if they cant even give us good deals to keep us as customers.sabi lang sakin ng rep ay "ayaw nyo maam iseparate ang 3 line from your family plan to get bill rebate?" B***$h*t….magbabayad ako ng 550php each line na maseparate and another month in advance when I do the recontract.

  40. i guess the loyalty program is something globe doesnt focus on. my contract is about to expire in oct 2013. and when i called their hotline, the promo for the iphone 5 is no different frm the new and old subscriber. thats how they value their old customers.

  41. Imposible po na walang silang access sa mga data na un. Sim card nila ung gamit nila dun eh kaya lahat ng transactions mo within that sim as long as globe alam nila un. Kaya nga kapag nauubusan ka na lang ng load pwede mo sa kanila itanong kung bakit nauubusan un pala may nagpapasa ng load . Real talk po yan . kaya po imposible na di nila alam un sadyang nagpapaka ignorante lang sila. Ningas Kugon ika ng ang serbisyo walang reinforcement sa mga loyal subscribers.:)

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  43. hala, nag-apply pa naman ako ng plan 1799 with 30 month contrct with s4, sana wag na lang ma-approve. tatawagan daw nila ako, , pwde ko pa naman icancel un ryt?

  44. Globe is a big cheat company and they cheat most to people who are under the loyalty program. I am told that in order to avail new free Andriod headset I will have to take 99 peso powersurf or else they will not be able to give me free phone. Can someone ask them why will I go for an option of paying 2376 pesos (99 X 24 months)and a locking of 24 months for a phone that does not even cost 4000 pesos in open market. Shame on you Globe for cheating. I am going to disconnect my Globe connection as to get this information, I had to be on queue in their Ayala office for 3 hours. Poor service.

  45. hi also on ltp 800..still got 6 months on my contract,effective po ba na pinaputol nyo muna ung plan then re-apply po?

  46. All Smart/SUN has to do then is to offer a small rebate for users to switch to their network, seeing that Globe has a bad retention policy.

    For example: A rebate of 300 a month for x months for customers switching, on top of the regular stuff given on new lines. Lots of Globe users will surely switch.

  47. I am a globe subscriber also. My contract ended last August 7 and there's really confusion this days. I tried calling the new globe team currently handle renewal and loyalty accounts and and answers were different in numerous occassions.

    In truth there is no loyalty reward now. If you're done with the contract, they'll offer a new phone provided you'll stick with a new 2 year contract. In reality, its the same as applying for a new postpaid line. This is a really decieving scheme that should be brought to the attention of NTC or DTI.

    Im quite fed up and I'm not renewing anymore. I have sent my application to Smart. At least its owned by Filipinos and with PLDT behind, deals will get better in the long run.

  48. Ganyan pa rin po up to now. This post was written in 2011 and the issue is still that way, it's now 2013 and STILL NO STOCK FOR LOYALTY REWARDS!!! And the choices for handsets are limited for existing subscribers, not the same as what they offer for new subscribers. Eh in essence we are re-purchasing aka Re-NEWING our subscriptions. I'm switching.

  49. Hello! To be honest I was happy as a peach with their services but I got really disappointed when they they started sending bills really late because of their system upgrade. I've always had a clean record of paying bills on time, and now I don't. Very hard for people who budget their expenses! For instance today I receive my bill in the mail that was way past my due date. So kasalanan ko pa ngayon na there could be a chance na mapuputulan ako ng line? Ang galing talaga nila. Bravo.

  50. Poor service indeed! When I got my line recontracted, the person fixing the paperwork told me to wait by the side kasi tapos na saw yung shift niya. The security lady ended up assisting me with my new unit, how rude is that? Ano na yung extra 10 minutes na tatapusin mo yung business ng client mo bago matapos shift mo?

  51. I've been with globe for years. Pre-med palang ako, globe postpaid na ang gamit ko though I switched from one postpaid number to another over the last 11 years. Ang pinakamalala kong problema sa kanila was when they were trying to charge me over 16,000+ for internet usage daw while I was on a trip to Thailand. That time, I availed of their promo na 500 pesos na "consumable" load which you can use internationally for calls, texts and internet surfing which apparently is just bullshit kasi hindi naman pala kaya i-cover ng 500 mo ang services nila especially kung gagamit ka ng internet kasi per kb ang billing nila. They also send their bills way past your due date. Tuloy, ikaw pa ang maghahabol sa kanila. Kung hindi lang sobrang tagal na ng number ko sa kanila, hindi na ako magpapatuloy but I've had this number for years kasi. I called to inquire about their retention plans din because I recently lost my phone to a thief and I was flabbergasted by their rates. Ang mahal-mahal ng cashout! Parang hindi sulit… to think na matagal ka na sa kanila. So yes. They do not really value your loyalty to them. All they really want is to get "new" subscribers para kunwari marami pero God knows kung ilan lang diyan ang tatagal for years and years to come like us.

  52. Statistics lang na may mga new subscriber sila, pero marami na rin ang disappointed "loyal" subascribers, kami nga dating may 5 postpaid lines pero nag terminate na kami ng 2, malapit na rin ang iba numbers kung patuloy na ganito ang treatment nila sa mga "loyal" subs … may unit para sa new subscriber pero walang available unit para sa "loyal/retention/recontract" subs.

  53. 15 years na rin kaming subscriber, kala ko kami lang ang disappointed … may reason pa ba to stay with them (Globe)feel ko ring i close ang account sa kanila … 🙁

  54. Oh my, we have almost the same exact situation Mr. Blogger. I've been with Globe for 9 years! I'm on a business flex and I've been waiting for 2 months now for recontracting just because they dont have an available phone I want. I've just attempted to switch my plan category to Personal because I believe the Personal will give me much flexibility vs cost if I'm going to utilize other service features PLUS I have the opportunity to avail their "Unbelievable handset deals" if I go for the Consumer plan. Confused, I've once asked a personnel of one of their service centers what difference the two categories have but I was only told that the rates of the Business is little lower than of the Consumer plan. I've just decided to go to the service center again to request to change my plan category and was advised to wait for 3-4 weeks for their confirmation (either a call or SMS) that my plan has been updated. After 2 weeks, I tried calling the hotline to check any progress of my request and at the same time tried my luck asking what handsets are now available under business rewards, and to also inquire about the 1799 plan whch I was planning to get. Surprisingly, they already have available handsets I want! PLUS, they have just improved the flexibility of the business plan – same scheme to that of the Consumer! I got more irrirated when I was told that I will have to wait for the confirmation that my request will be canceled before I can avail of the new offers! It just disappoints me much! Because when I called in again, nada, no more, they have already ran out of stock, just 2 days after that phone availability inquiry. For the Nth time of calling, they still dont have the phone I want. Just yesterday I called again for any updates because I was not receiving any notification/ confirmation that my change request has been canceled. Then I was told that since there has been no action taken on changing my plan category and my request has already been sent to the back office, I can now proceed availing of rewards. But unfortunately,I will still have to wait for the phone to become available. It seems like I have to call every single day to check. But to new subscribers, they accommodate requests?!?

  55. Hi,

    I just called Globe hotline to inquire about their latest offer on Samsung note 3 since I am already eligible for recontracting. Pero ang sabi sa akin ng agent ay wala daw sila stock for recontracting offer and I have to wait until magkaroon ng stocks which hindi rin masabi sa akin ng agent kung kelan. I think talagang priority nila ung mga new plan over sa existing plans which is very frustrating. Uunahin muna nilang bigyan ng mga bagong handsets ung new application bago yung mga existing subscribers nila. At kapag hindi na uso at wala ng nag aavail ng handsets nila ibibigay nila sa mga recontracting plans. I was very dismayed, I was asking for the Samsung Note 3, pero ang ibinibigay ng agent sakin is iPhone 5 dahil meron n nga nman na iPhone 5s at 5c. They really dont care about their existing subscribers, maybe its time to switch i dont see any customer service sa kanila. Dapat tanggalin na nila ang Loyalty Rewards or offers coz its useless.

  56. after 10yrs with globe postpaid, i already switched to SMART freedom plans, i feel sentimental about my globe phone number kasi marami na kaming napagdaanan pero recently hindi ko na naramdaman yung value ng services vs sa binabayad ko sa kanila. The superplans sucks compared to smart's freedom plan na may mga unlitxt to ALL networks (including globe ha). Masyado madamot ang globe kaya kakainin sila ng buhay ng smart eventually

  57. oo nga bat ganun sa Globe di nila pinapahalagahan ung mga old subscribers nila ako matagal na nag end ung contract ko last June 19,2013 pa and up to now wala pa rin balita dun sa Loyalty reward ko, ilang beses na ako nag E-mail sa kanila wala naman reply mag reply man puro ads. pa laman ung talk2globe chat naman nila laging busy, and kung maka connect ka i-didis- connect ka naman ng agent anu ba naman yan Is this how you value your old subscribers GLOBE? now I'm planing to terminate my line on globe, tapos na naman ung contract ko e lilipat nalang ako sa ibang network provider.

  58. oh maaaan! my contract is about to expire and i am thinking of re-contracting with them.. i thought globe's services were superior than its competitors, yun pala second rate or worst pa pala. in fact, sun's loyalty is better than globe's! how i wish i chose smart. bakit ba kase globe pa napili ko. this is all because of my experience with smart bro! that damn broadband thing made me switch to globe, not knowing na globe pala is even worse. BS. sana may number portability sa pinas para kahit mag switch ka ng carrier, same pa rin ang number mo. pero, what do i know, i havent talked to globe yet about retention, baka naman maging maayos na sila this time.

  59. Di kayo nag-iisa! I've been a Globe postpaid subscriber for 12 years (I just received Bill no. 147). I can't count the number of times Globe has screwed me in the past: over-billing (paid P30k+ once when I travelled overseas…my bad, so I paid), dropped calls (and deals), weak or non-existent signal (even without Yolanda), etc. But when I tried switching to Smart, the list of requirements was daunting, so I never bothered. Until yesterday…

    When the i5 came out, I found it funny that a telecoms company can't process my contract renewal online. They wanted me to fax (only 3rd world companies use fax) signed and scanned documents, and they called me (I have hundreds of meetings a day) and never left messages.

    Anyway, I reserved for an i5s 32g and was informed via email that my only cash out is P1k+ and to go to the Greenhills branch at 8am. Yup, 8am. So I cancelled a meeting and went, only to see the shop closed. I emailed them and they replied: as a loyal customer, you can get your unit at any Globe office. I went to Shangrila and was told to go to Greenhills. So I cancelled another meeting and went to Greenhills. After waiting an hour and a half, I called my brother to line up for me so I wouldn't have to cancel a third meeting. Two hours later, they called me: You have to upgrade your plan (ok) and you have cough up P14k, contrary to what they emailed me.

    I told them I'll think about it. I've had enough screwing for 12 years. I registered at Smart, opened an account, ordered an i5s, and got approved on the spot.

    As soon as I get my Smart i5s, I'll close all my Globe accounts (3 cellphones and 2 iPads) and shift all to Smart.

  60. GLOBE layuan mo ako..
    Just want to share my recent concern (again).

    Heres my bill starting from May2013 LINE only since I was waiting for the IPHONE5s

    1. may18-jun17 plan1799 10 combo all netpv100+999supersurf = -Php3001
    2. jun18-jul17 plan1799 10 combo all netpv100+999supersurf = -Php1202
    3. jul18-aug17 plan1799 10 combo all netpv100+999supersurf = Php597
    4. aug18-0sept17 plan1799 10 combo all netpv100+999supersurf= Php1821.57
    5. sept18-oct17 plan999+powersurf50mb+ 600PV for SAMSUNGs4i905?!?!= BILL SHOCK Php4988.75 (The 600 was reimbursed to me as advance payment since I have defended that I'm on Line Only Plan)
    6. oct18-nov17 plan999+600PV for SAMSUNGs4i905?!?! =BILL SHOCK Php17,205.57 (They have included on my billing statement the S4) Called them up but the agent cannot answer daw and that the Loyalty Department knows the answer alone.. hay globe sakit ng ulo. At ang ipad mini pawala wala ang signal..

  61. Ang Dad ko, visiting from the States, nagpaconnect ng Globe DSL plan 1299 + Landline sa isang roving Globe agent sa village. On the spot kabit agad, ang start ng bayad after a month pa. The thing is, hindi sila nagkaintindihan ng agent. My Dad specifically asked about the lock in period, WALA DAW. He can have it disconnected when he goes back to the US in a few months. Now I called up Globe, said it was a misunderstanding, 24 month plan pala, & that we don't want the subscription anymore. Apparently, we have to pay P6000ish for the installation and pretermination. Ang sabi ko, 3 days pa lang nakakabit, wala bang consideration. Shempre and sagot, wala. I tried going to Globe Megamall, pinapila lang ako sa landline nila, ang CSR daw ang kausapin ko. I asked one of the employees, try ko daw mag-appeal sa CSR, pero sa tingin niya daw hindi ako magtatagumpay. NAKAKASIRA NG ULO!!!

  62. i beg to disagree with you maam/sir…
    im from customer service too and most of our clients are complaining abt this..
    what i usually tell them is that, there is a fix close data and due date for every account that an account owner should be taken care of..

  63. nagsubmit ako ng application online for LINE ONLY
    ccheck ko if magiging maganda ang service ko.
    kelangan ko lang kasi sya for my net usage.
    took the 499 my superplan with 900pv
    gusto ko yung bbmax599
    so may consumables pa rin akong matitira..

    sana ok to..

  64. wow ngayon ko lang to nabasa! hahaha ako naman po my sariling story ,well im a student pero ayun nag apply ako for broadband sa "globe caravan " nila which is 799 lang with landline, 799 for the 1st 1yr then back to 1099 ata for 13th month-24th month ( they allowed me coz i have my id and remittance slip ng sister ko) then sinabe din sa "PROMO" na walang INSTALLMENT Fee , so ang saya po dba ? 😀 so settled ng 1k for 1st or "INITIAL" paymemnt. after that ayan na ang 1st bill, WOW wala akong bill! so di ko alam kelan magbabayd! so i went ot store to pay 1k 1k pa un to think na dapat 799 lang para my advance na ko dba. after than aba naputol yung net namen! pag kausap pa namen sa customer service nila ang tgaaalll (thru phone sila ngayon) nakaka irita di nila magets point ko na wala ngang bill at bakit mataas ung babayad ko. ano ang dameng fee at my "installment fee " pa daw na payable in 3months "PARA HINDI MABIGAT SA BULSA NG SUBSCRIBER NILA" galing ng tactics ha! so i insist na di ko babayadan un kasi hindi ako iniformed. hanggang eto nanaman 3rd billing cut , then dun na ko nag hanp asan ang initial deposit ko ????? 3rd -4th billing daw nalabas un sa billl na "print out" nila , hanggang 4th billing walang "1000.00" na naka credit, wow dba? hahaha kaya bahala sila , di ko na ginagamit ang net nila at never na ! mauutak

  65. They still do this. Which is why I switched to SMART! Globe knows nothing about loyalty! I mean i know a lot of people say " I'll stick with globe since my friends are on it and so i can keep my number etc. etc.. Well if we all switch to smart, we can mark off that first problem and as for the latter, it's just a number. Let's make the switch people, I did since they have better plans and offers anyway, not to mention over charge you. I mean how many of us have seen those HUGE bills, my friend was just charged 64K because her roaming was on in Hongkong for 3 days, what the hell right?

  66. bottomline, there is no such thing as "Loyalty" only "Recontracting" – because they offer the same packages for the public for new subscriptions. So could you Globe just please omit the term "Loyalty" you're confusing all the loyal subscribers… geez..

  67. I've been with Globe since 2000 (landline & since 2008 for Broadband), I signed up with them because then their international call rates were lower. When I upgraded to a broadband bundle, there was hardly a month that I did not call them to complain about intermittent connection. Especially when it rains, even slight rain, I lose connection.

    Yesterday I received a call from them offering a 100-peso rebate for 6 months if I upgrade. My reply: no thank you, your service sucked!

  68. Guys im having a problem w my globe line. Its my first time to subscribe to globe and it was just required by my employer for us to get a line with unli surf and should be a plan so we can reimburse it. Anyways im going to dubai and i have to resign from work. The problem is, the globe line will be left with me. It is 1799 and im really not interested in using it for personal use. My idea was to have the acct be transferred to somebody elses name and someone volunteered to continue the problem is, i have to pay the PRETERMINATION FEE of 30k for the remaining months (its an iphone5). I mean, gumawa nako ng way para d ako magkaproblema with globe pero d pala pwede? I have to wait for the contract to finish? So whats the use? Help me… Totoo ba to? Cos with sun cellular(ive been using for 8yrs) pwede kaht dpa tapos ung contract. 30k is no joke. Thanks

  69. I'm about to renew my contract with globe (unli call and text plan to globe – 599/mo), 4th year ko na sa kanila. nung unang renew ko, bb8520 ang binigay saking unit, no hassle naman. no waiting, pero i had to add for the unli bb chat so nasa 600+ na ang plan ko per month, required daw kasi if i want to get the unit or rebate ang offer. now ko lang nakita, yung unli bb chat, may free palang 200 texts (globe to globe lang ata, coz I get additional charges for texting to other network). sayang lang kasi unli call and text nako to other globe in the first place lol

    anyway, I hope pagpunta ko ng business center nila one of these days eh hindi naman ako ma-hassle. dami ko ring kinakainisan sa globe, like yung everyday may tumatawag (disturbing my sleep) para mag-offer ng broadband, etc. tapos yung mga kung ano ano offers through texts na from numbers na hindi ko alam pano nila nakukuha yung postpaid number ko! I think binebenta ng globe ang postpaid numbers natin to marketing companies / people ugh! I keep getting offers for condos, lots, credit loans etc. it's so annoying.

    and most recently pala, they disconnected my line dahil may balance akong 960 pesos! eh nakalagay dun sa credit limit ko sa bill is 2,500. i was so pissed off. like what if may emergency and i don't have the means of paying that 960 (halimbawa nasa lugar ako na walang net or closed na ang banks but i need to make an emergency call diba?) so hindi ko na magagamit yung service all because I have an outstanding balance of 960 pesos? to think more than 3 years na nila akong customer and for sure hindi naman yung 960 ko ang pinaka malaking utang sa kanila diba? nakakaloka lang. #globesabaw

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  71. A CSR who doesn't know his/her grammar!?! Way to go!! Are you from globe? (Reason enough to expect poor service!)

  72. Hi Jacque,

    I think you only ave to pay P550 processing fee for changing the account holder's name. The new accoutn holder should present the requirements and both of you should go to a Globe store since you both have to sign documentations. And the new holder continues to pay P1799 for all the remaining months. I know this bec I am a subscriber and the line is under my boyfriend's name and I'm planning to transfer the account under my name. Anyway just try visiting the store to have accurate details. 🙂

  73. You can always ask them to waive the charges of no usage was detected. 🙂
    You can always call their CSRs. A bit tedious, but then, it's better to rant to them (since calls are recorded) than pay a whole lot of money you didn't even benefited from.

  74. I just read this post and replied to some comments. All I can say is that, we won't get everything we want. Naturally because these are all businesses and just think about profiteering. We get good service at the onset and either lose our interest in their services or get used to it eventually as the years go by.

    Just to share my experience, we have been an internet subscriber since 2005, I guess. We haven't gotten any "loyalty" rewards or anything except just recently, a P130 (more or less) rebate on out P995 bill for 12months. This is good since this is more than 10% and with those numbers, I can say that's pretty good.

    We get poor connection at times, too. Poor signal during rains/storms (but then this is understandable I believe. Even the electricity gets cut during heavy rains/storms, right?) We get poor service at times. But the best thing about this, I have almost always had things done my way. For instance, there was a point in time when we have the P1299 internet + landline bundle. The phone got cut and wasn't active for a few months for no explainable reason at the time and we still paid the P1299 fee. After about 4-6 mos of not being able to use the phone, (idk what went wrong), we decided to get the phone permanently cut and downgrade the plan to P995 (internet only). We asked to get a refund for all the months we didn't get to use the phone and we did. We got i think 3-4 mos refund of the landline (about P1200) and then got the P10% rebate I was telling earlier.

    Then I had my own mobile plan. i am very satisfied with the services, I must say. I got the UNLITXT 349 plan and have been switching from 349 to 599 (unlicall and tx) and vice versa and it didn't get offhand. Not even a tiny bit. I am behind my bill and due dates for about 2-3 months now and owe them atleast P5k but haven't got disconnected yet and even got a free change of sim card from regular to micro sim (even if I was told I can't have it changed since I have an overdue balance). I have also been using my phone for surfing, checking emails, checking IG and FB accounts, and haven't got charged as per their "per kb charging". And so I became too relaxed at my usage. I turn on my cell data often and have been posting photos on IG and FB and been sending photo emails and iMessages. I wasn't surprised that I got charged P500 for my internet usage. I also keep a track of my Share-a-load transactions, Unlisurf registrations, and texts to other networks and check my bill everytime. and to be honest, my bills are correct. When I find some thing off on the bill, I call the CSR immediately and ask why I'm being charged. i get a reasonable explanation everytime and a refund/rebate for wrong charges.

    They are pretty accomodating for me (my opinion only. no haters please).

    To conclude this, I have to say that consumers should be well aware of our responsibilities (i.e. due dates, billings, inclusions). If you don't know or understand something, ask them. Globe is a big company and it is understandable that some CSRs don't know the answer to your questions bec it isn't under his/her dept. With my experience, as long as you know what you're talking about, and you are firm and persistent, they would accommodate you. As long as you don't let them fool you, you won't get fooled.

    Just a bit of advice: don't sound like you don't know anything.
    I do my research before I call them. So I'll know what to say. 🙂

    But with all honesty and sincerity, I do agree that the term "loyalty" should be omitted and that sometimes,they really are a pain in the a**. 😉

    Disclaimer: this is based on my experience only. If I offended someone, I am sincerely sorry and did not mean to. I just want to share the pros of Globe and to show you guys that we could always do something about it. We can always fight for our rights. 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  75. Weather weather lang ang Globe. Personally, I am with Sun. Pero si Kuya at Mama nasa Globe. Swerte si kuya kasi may personal contact siya sa globe kaya maganda ang offers sa kanya at ni mama. More than 8 years na sila pareho sa Globe.

  76. Dapat tangalin ng globe ang offer na New Gadget sa Loyalty kasi wala naman pinagkaiba yoon sa mga New Application. Ang Loyalty Reward na makukuha ng subscriber sa globe ay Bill Rebate lang talga.

  77. Nag rerenew din ako ng contract ngayon.. pati BIll Rebate WALA NA!!! they don't offer it for new plans na daw… i have to stick to the old plans to get rebates.. WTF?!?!? phone na lang daw pwede kunin.. wala na ngang loyalty wala pang rebates..

  78. what is irritating me sa globe is that mas mura ang prepaid nila than postpaid.. di man lang pareho… i tried using GO Sakto and for 500 min Globe/TM and 1000 all net texts for 30 days P300 pesos lang… pero satin mga naka postpaid kahit naka plan 499 ka with all your doble peso value wala kang makukuha na remotely na makaka pantay or maka kalahati sa nakukuha nila??? san ang loyalty dun

    at mas nakaka inis pa dun is ikinakahiya ni Globe ang pinag gagawa nila… they are not showing us computations ng GoSakto nila sa webiste unless prepaid sub ka…

  79. It also happened to me last october 2013. Wished to upgrade my unit pero wala di daw available ang gusto ko. I opted to terminate my acct after the 2-year lock-in period, then applied for a new one to get the unit i wanted. Now i cant wait to get out of it again.

  80. I m so glad I saw this blog. Thank you to everyone for their insights and comments. My contract with globe will end sa September and I'm seriously having doubts about recontracting. I work in a call center for an international telco so I know what it means to retain loyal customers. Globe should pay more attention to their tenured customers and not the new ones. Their "best ever super plan" is not a good plan at all.

  81. same thing happened to me, so i switched to another telecom…. i've been a globe subscriber for about 9 years and i was given a run around when i was trying to get my so called loyalty phone…bahhh….i believe they should take care of their really loyal subscribers rather than try to make "ligaw" to new ones…

  82. I just called globe 211 for recontructing/retention plan. Its my 10th year. It means 5x na akong dumaan sa recontructing plans. Before i was so irritated and angry with globe because nga with what you're issues they dont know the real essence and meaning of loyalty. But as time goes by i became used to it.
    Rigjr now during my conversation ok naman for plan 1799. I chose Iphone 5s may availablw daw sila with 9,600 cash out divided into 24months. To be added on top of my 1799.
    Sometimes it is very difficult to be a know all person. Just leave with that. Hopefully, on oct 14 i will get my new iphone5s.
    Note; try to accept the fact. Globe doesnt value their loyal subs. Thank you!

  83. I think It's basically a marketing strategy to increase the companies' profits by getting old subscribers to loose their loyalty/freebies. I remember the same scenario when I worked at a bpo company that housed an Australian telco.

  84. I tried to post my not so nice experinced with Globe, originally they approved my post but recived an email after few minutes from PAULO advising my why they archive my post. He asked me to reply with my account info but Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently.

  85. experienced the same problem today. may stock daw akala kasi new plan ako (pero explicitly ko sinabi na gusto ko maretain old number ko, excited lang ata ung sales lady), nag fill up na ko ng forms and all, tapos nun nag clarif ako na ma retain ung old number, biglang sabi kailangan daw sa 211, so I followed, called and got my plan upgraded, tapos biglang wala na daw stock??? (Globe MOA)

  86. 2014 is ending and nothing has changed. The same treatment with loyal customers still never changed. They speak of system enhancement and upgrade but everything just turns into worst. Their system has been having issues and the burden is being shifted to the customers. What's to look forward to this coming 2015?

  87. loyalty you say? you will get one of these when you complain to them. Your complains will be treated as a bashing statement to them. Such an arrogant company.

    "Given your dissatisfaction with Globe and the long running issues we have had with each other, we will provide you the opportunity to cancel your account with us without the termination fees should you decide to do so. There comes a time in a business relationship that one has to admit that it is not working for both parties and therefore, it is time to part ways. You can then select another provider that can adequately provide the service you expect."

    I somehow know that Smart somehow is better at taking care of loyal subscribers.

  88. mas priority ng Globe un new subscribers, so i needed to give up my 11 yr number just to avail the promo. Kc if i'd continue, mas malaki cash out compared sa new account…tsk tsk now lagi nman wala signal at internet…sayang un binabayaran kong monthly fee. Sana ng prepaid n lg ako at kumuha ng wifi. Tsk tsk

  89. Same problem here. I applied for a Platinum Plan and they seem not interested with me since no one bothers to call me on the status of my application. And when I call to inquire of the status, some CSRs were quite insensitive, sarcastic and annoying since they keep on repeating every detail that are not necessary since I was just asking for the status. I'll be giving them more time though to call me until next wednesday (January 21) otherwise I will just file my retention with Smart Infinity. Anyways, the mobile internet and service of smart infinity is awesome. I will also be terminating my other globe postpaid plan and globeline dsl plan next month. So long Globe. Been with you since 1999 as a postpaid subscriber,yet I did not feel any special treatment for being a loyal customer. So disappointing

  90. This happened to me as well – Almost 10 years but Globe seems no longer interested in retaining their loyal customers. They would even suggest na mag new contract ka na lang everytime because there's no difference whatsoever when it comes to the services and what they can offer. Tsk tsk..

  91. Had to post my sentiments here. I ordered an iphone 6 plus 64gb gold in the nearest globe center near me….they told me it wasnt available so i called the hotline instead…. i conversed with them and told me that my unit was available. And it will be available on feb 4. A day before the so called deliverg… i called the hotline to confirm if it was out for delivery and assured me it had been dispatched…. feb 4, no one texted me or notified me…. i went to confirmed my unit but it wasnt there… next day, they called me that it was out of stock…. how come it took 2 weeks to tell me that? And how come they assured me it was out for delivery? They offered me a 16gb instead… but i told them that if i really liked that i should have just accepted the offer given to me at the globe center….. they asked me to wait for 48 hours to ask other centers to spare them my preferred unit…. the next time they call me and promised a date wherein they would deliver my unit, i will make sure i draw a line and give them grounds if they break another transaction… i will make sure that the ntc will know about this…..

  92. The term postpaid no longer applies to Globe plans. You actually need to have an advance payment which you can use on ur last bill. It was a different information that was given when I applied for the account. So I think that is for the sake or sales only. Globe Reps and Managers can't even communicate properly in English. You chose English as language but the Reps and Managers still speak in Filipino. How will they be able to resolve the concerns of foreign customers? The product knowledge is very poor and they have very confusing terms that you will only find out once you are enrolled in a plan.

  93. eh kahit nga aku. Mag rerecommend sila ng plan because im loyal costumer pero hindi naman nila ini explain ng maayos yung plan na nirerecommend nila. Until the end of the day na sha shock nalang aku na ang laki na ng outstanding balance na babayaran for new billiing payment it was supposed to be 499 a month. Pero umaabot yung oustanding balance umabot ng 1,600plus how come? Nalaman ko nalang lahat yung tumawag aku sa hot line nila. And i am planning to cut my plan. Pero may termination fee na worth 5,000php yung costumer representative na nakausap ko ma recactivate ko yung plan ko if i can wait this december. So indecide to wait nalang. Tapos to make it clear tumawag aku ulit this month. Ibang costumer representative ang nakausap ko eh ang sabi naman nya december 2016 kaloka! Ibaiba ang info ang binigay sa akin.! Nakakainis! Parang nag lolokohan na! Parang nag hahanap sila ng way basta mapatagal ang recativation! Tsk tsk sana hindi ko nalang kinuha! 2 years or 1 year po ba ang my super plan 499 para pede ma reactivated? Pls reply thank you!

  94. more than two years na ako sa plan 599 unlimited call and text to globe/tm and currently on soft contract. last week tumawag ako for termination ng account ko pero naitransfer ng account specialist ung tawag ko to their retention department. nagthreat pa na may admin charge na 550 pero sabi ko ay sige lang at pakicharge na lang din sa credit card ko. ayun nagoffer pa si agent ng 2 options: Plan 0 (you will pay for whatever you use towards the end of the month either promo registration or regular call/text charges) or my superplan 399 (same unlimited call and text to globe and tm plus additional 200 pesos consumable. i chose plan 399

  95. Kindly check globe website, and they are now offering more freebies, better promos for new customers. So LOYALTY is just a marketing gimmick.

    Third week of April 2015, I was trying to re-contract to get a Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB(P23,400 cash-out) for plan P999 which included P499 unlicall to globe/tm, P299 unlitext to all network, go surf P99, and P102 consumable.

    In their website, new customer who will subscribe on or before April 24, 2015 will get the following:
    Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB(P23,400 cash-out), P499 unlicall to globe/tm, GO SURF 499 with unlitext to all net(3GB + 3 months free spotify premium), free 1 month navigation bundle 99, free 1 month gadget care, free 1GB Globe cloud.

    I've asked globe support(thru hotline: more than 3x to get 2nd/3rd opinion, and on-site visits since I have errands in the area:Trinoma, Megamall, Fairvew Terraces, SM Fairivew) if I can get the same freebies/promos/plans allotted for new customers since I'm a LOYAL Globe subscriber. They told me that the promos in their website are for new customers only and old customers has no perks(no promos for now) except retaining the mobile number.

    I'm sure this will happen to new customers when its their time to re-contract. BEWARE, we already WARNED YOU.

    After reading this blog, I'm definitely looking at SMART promos.

  96. Di rin maganda karanasan ko sa globe, hihintayin ko na lang ang pag-end ng contract ko then I'll switch to SMART postpaid na lang. I subscribed for an iPhone 5, 32Gb unit with 1799 Php per month plan. mag-one year nang di nareresolve yung issue sa mali nilang pagsingil dahil sa "system" nila, every month ako nagco-compute ng dapat ko lang bayaran, katulad ng advise ng Customer Support nila. Every month ako tinatawagan na isettle ang unpaid balance ko, at every month ko din sila nireremind na meron silang pending transaction sa account ko. AND FYI, this dilemma is going on for about a year na. Globe sucks.

  97. Same sentiments. Since, my contract will now expire, I'm looking at switching to Smart – for the same plan, I'll get a straight forward plan – for PhP 1799, you have 8 Gig internet allowance. Unlike sa new mylifestlye plan ng globe na akala mo unlimited yung bundles – HINDE! Yung FB may limit na 700MB per month na cap. If sumobra ka, it will be recorded to your goSurf allocation which pag mag sum up yung mga excesses mo sa ibang bundles ay mag cacause ng data charges na napakalaki! 🙁 This is sad. Napakaonti ng options ng comsumers.

  98. In a span of one month, I have proven twice already that Globe customer service and retention strategy sucks big time.
    I was planning to get IP6+ 64G so I went to a Globe store in Glorietta only to find out that they do not have stocks. Next I went to another Globe center in Greenbelt and they also do not have stocks. I told them it was for recontracting so they dialed their hotline and asked me to talk to this guy on the phone. This rep then tells me that there is no problem recontracting but they have no way to know and find out which store has it in stock. He said that the only way for me to get the unit the same day is TO GO STORE TO STORE.
    Hit # 1: Globe's inventory tracking is ZERO. Their hotline does not know where the stocks are when it comes to their stores.
    Hit # 2: Why explicitly advertise when stores DO NOT HAVE STOCKS ON HAND?
    Hit # 3: Tell your Customer to go STORE TO STORE to find out which store has it in stock?? That's absurd.
    Hit # 4: Pass the burden of DOING your work (checking sticks) on to the CUSTOMER? (facepalm)
    So, since I was going out of the country the next day, I decided to go around and go store to store (gasp) so that I can get it over with within the day. I ended up going to 8 Globe Stores, spending on parking and gas. On the 8th Store, Globe Store 8 attendant said they do not have stocks but when I decided to ask again another rep (this time I didn't mention that this will be for recontracting) said that they did have stocks.
    Hit # 5: Globe Stores allot stocks for new subscribers but may not extend the same courtesy to recontracting, loyal subscribers
    When my turn came (after 4 hours of waiting), the rep told me that the deal and plan that I was informed of by the agent I talked to from their hotline was incorrect.
    Hit # 6: Information given by their agents from their hotline can be incorrect and inconsistent.
    Even if the conversation is recorded, it will take you a whole limb to hold them to what they said. Long story short, talked to the supervisor of the store and he said he will escalate and call back after a few days. True to his word, somebody from the store did call back but not him. This guy tells me that they still have no feedback from their loyalty department. After that, I never heard from them or Globe again. After a day, I called globe hotline to follow up and asked for a supervisor to update me on my dispute. This supervisor told me he will check and call me back after a few days. Didn't receive any call until now.
    Hit # 7: Complaining to Globe is like drawing on sand along the beach. Escalation doesn't mean anything and if they say they will call back, don't expect the decency of any call back from them.

  99. For some insane reason- globe stores also do not have on-hand stocks available for the ip6+ 64 GB. Most of their stores have no stocks and when I asked some of them, they said that ever since the ip6+ was launched, they never received stocks for the 64 GB variant of ip6+.

    Also, it will be very difficult to trust Globe from now on. Their agents on the phone say one thing but do another thing. If you dispute it, the burden on chasing Globe to make true to their agreed commitment (via recorded conversation) is next to impossible. I have also learned my lesson with them the hard way. It is DEFINITELY better to go to the Globe stores directly than giving them a call. I feel that their agents will say anything just to get the call over and done with. Another thing I learned about them is that if they need something from you (new line application, which is technically a "sale" for them) they can call you as much as 4x a day but if you need something from them, you will have to be vigilant in your follow-ups as nobody will call you back.

    My advice to anybody who will transact with them via phone is to validate again and again the agreement and ask the agent to read out the notes that they took during the call, just to make sure that the concerns are properly documented. The recorded conversation? I'm sure it's recorded, but good luck in getting someone to refer back to it to make good with what they committed.

  100. Yes, that's probably right. They are very aggressive in getting new subscribers at the expense of the loyal customers. Sure, this will lead to a huge boost in revenue – for now. What they do not realize is that it will only be temporary. What goes up must come down and if you shoot yourself up, be prepared to go slamming down.

  101. Globe is very inconsistent and unreliable. I renewed my contract with them last April 25 and got the iPhone 6, 64gb, gold. I don't trust couriers and u want to check at the store if the unit I'm getting is okay so I opted for store pick up, which was scheduled May 5 2015. On May 4, I called the hotline to check if the phone alloted for my renewal is already in Shangrila and as per custodian note daw, it's ready for pick up. So off I went on may 5. I waited an hour for my number to be called only to be told that the unit for me isn't there yet and they couldn't do anything about it. I asked when will it be available, and the cs said "Baka po bukas". EDI WOW. So there's no assurance there. I called the hotline afterwards and they were fully convinced that the phone is already in Shangrila. They said they will escalate. But with prior experiences with globe, all i can do is Wait.

  102. Glad that I stumble upon this site. I also really thought Globe Telecom value their longtime customers but upon reading this blog and all the replies, my views changed. More so because it also happened to me though not with my postpaid plan but in my broadband tattoo+landline subscription with Globe. See, I have been a subscriber for 7 years and 2 months, and just last Month, a Globe CSR from their Loyalty department called me up and asked me if I am interested to upgrade my broadband connection to 3 Mbps which costs P1,299/month from just 384 Kbps of only P995.00 monthly. So, i asked what are the perks and privileges If I avail for the upgrade, and the CSR told me that aside from the faster internet connection, I would get an exclusive HOOQ subscription, a 2-month NBA League Pass to view the latest NBA games, unlimited landline calls to any Globe/TM number plus I would also get a monthly rebate of P150.00 for the next 6 months. Sounds interesting, right? And so, I availed the offer right then and there. But here's the catch, with my previous 384 Kbps plan, I am having this wired connection, meaning, no Wi-Fi, and so, a day after my upgrade, I called their Hotline and I asked them if I can have my router modem changed into a Wi-Fi modem. Take note, the router modem I have was the one installed 7 years ago and it's wired, but surprisingly, they said it cannot be done for FREE! The CSR told me that if I want to have my router changed into Wi-Fi modem, I would have to pay P1,000+ payable in installment for 3 months. What??? Why not?! I asked them, but they said, it's not part of the offer for Loyalty program. Heck! I checked their site and found out that the plan I upgraded which is Plan 1299 comes along with all those aforementioned freebies and a FREE, yes FREE Wi-Fi Modem but why is it that they can't give me the Wi-Fi modem I requested them! Being a longtime subscriber, and having offered their so-called 'Loyalty' program, Globe should have at least considered my simple request but they did not. I am totally disappointed with Globe. Good thing I bought a third-party Wi-Fi router so I can connect wirelessly, but the issue still remains, Globe does not and will never value your loyalty!

  103. Globe also wants us to upgrade from 2mbps to 3mbps. The offer is for 6 months i would just pay additionaly P50 as a loyalty program. I ask then after 6 months what would happen? CSR said i would just pay additional P200. Then they mention all the PERKs.. free spotify ETC. Faster Speed…


    CSR said Yes. I said NOOOOOOOOOO.

    They will not tell you that if you wouldn't ask. They will just tell you all the advantages.

  104. In my previous experience with recontracting, i always prefer the courier for the delivery of the unit rather than pick-up at a store. I did a pick-up at a store but was disappointed as my unit that according to loyalty department has been delivered and duly received by that store, but the store insisted that they didn't. To cut the story short, a personnel from that store kept my unit for his own personal interest and was given to his friend. After this, i opted for courier delivery and my unit always arrived on time.

  105. Mag-eend na ung contract ko sa Globe sa January 2016. Yung plan ko consists of unli data plus 100 texts. Bali P1500/month for 24 months binabayaran ko. Eh gusto ko kumuha din ng bagong phone sa Globe. Do you guys think na mareretain ko ung same plan?

  106. Nag apply ako ng LTP 300 w/ cloudfone phone free ung april 2013 bale natapos ko ang conract ko ng april 2015 ng wala remaining balance pero bakit nila ako sinisingil ng 550 pesos para sa disconnection at ang kapal pa na sabihin na activate pa daw ang account ko eh nagtext na nga sa phone ko nung april pa na disconnected na ako w/ ref no. ganun ba talaga un

  107. Good thing I've read this post today. This blog is such a blessing talaga. I'm flying abroad na this next week and while I browse some internet promos, call and text promos offered, I found this blog of yours. Naliwanagan talaga ako, clear as crystal! Kahit I'm on Prepaid Tipid Plan, prang ayoko nang mg avail pa ng services nila abroad! Ipapa close ko na lang tong acc ko by this week since I've finished na my 2 years contract. I'm having trust issues na with them. Masaya ka sana sa promos ng network, pero yung loyalty services nila ay pautot lang pala talaga. Karma is digital Globe! Please paki ayos naman po ng services nyo ng maging satisfied naman at walang masabi ang subscribers nyo!

  108. i just got tired of their services. Kng minsan pasok lang ng bahay, mahina ang signal, ive been complaining about that situation since eternity, kaya lang ang standard na sagot is "upgrading kasi kami ng system" WTF!!! I have no choice kasi madami sa mga subordinates ko are globe users… so para makaganti man lang, iniipon ko yung bill ko (2k a month, more or less) for two months, at pag nagbabayad na ako, i make it a point na babayaran ko sila ng COINS!!! 5.00 coins being the highest tapos 5 cents ang lowest, nilalagay ko lang yung mga coins sa isang sako at dinadala ko sa globe center… it takes them at least an hour to count them… whew!!!

  109. Just saw this… Globe SUCKS!! Truly. They do not know the meaning of customer service, nor do they know the meaning of customer loyalty. As a very long time user of cellphones (had my first Motorola fliphone with Piltel in the 90's), and having having lived in the US (AT&T) and Europe (VODAPHONE), I know what I am talking about. I have been a very loyal post-paid subscriber of GLOBE for about 20 years now.
    Do they value me?? NO (they value new customers and prepaid promos).
    Do they have a good product? NO (I live in the heart of QC and my phone and data signal is abysmal forcing me to have both landline and internet).
    Do they have good customer service? NO (calling customer service is a joke! It takes forever and when the agent no longer knows what to say, they drop the call and you're back to square one).

    Do I think they SUCK? DEFINITELY YES.

  110. Wrong move pala yung pag switch ko sa Globe, Globe pre paid ako before then nag SUN postpaid, naka pag re contract ako sa SUN before and got a new unit na hassle free, then I decided to switch to Globe postpaid, now that my contract is over they're offering units with cash out, sabe ang available lang daw na unit is samsung J5 or 7 na parang di naman ata fair kung yun ang unit ko at 1799 babayaran ko, sabe ko upgrade ko yung plan 1799 ko sa 1999 para sa LG G4, wala daw stock tawag daw ako after 2 weeks, e nag ka problema yung Globe DSL namin, so after 3 days nasa Postpaid Loyalty line na naman ako and i heard the same "wala-pong-available-tawag-po-kayo-after-2-weeks" and i was like, yan ba lage linya nyo? so i threatened to cancel my account, ang sabe baka daw gusto ko mag Plan 0 para ma retain ko yung number ko at 50pesos per month lang daw bayad, HAAAAAY malaking facepalm moment na wala man lang magandang counter offer. So, i decided to message globe thru facebook, wala ngana nag reply ata after a week, tawag ulit ako sa hotline, sabe saken pwede daw ako sa globe store pumunta, I went to Globe Sta.Lucia, wala daw sila Loyalty sa SM Marikina daw or Ali Mall, pumunta ako ng SM Marikina wala daw stock for Loyalty pero I'm sure meron sila for new customers, I was planning to go to another Globe store tomorrow, buti nabasa ko tong blog na to dating back 2011 – Hindi na ako magsasayang ng oras, matagal na palang walang kwenta loyalty program ng Globe. Will switch to Smart, i've asked around some peeps i know na naka smart postpaid, wala silang ganitong issue for re contracting. Sorry for ranting on your page, inis na inis lang talaga ako sa Globe.

  111. Hanggang ngayon ganito pa rin nangyayari. Priority ang new customers kaysa ung mga dati pa. I was hoping to get the S7 edge to renew my contract. Guess what wala sila stock. Pero sa website nila available sya for new customers.

  112. Thats correct…. Even me i experience that just a while ago and its so irritating grrrrr…. I need to have my new phone or i Will Cancel my service… I really hate globe from now on

  113. Much better with smart.. I iust renew my contract with them and they were happy to assist me and granted my request… In less than 2hours I was able to get my new three phone with them(i have 4accounts with them) happy customer… Then after a week they called me if i want to avail iphone 6s for free with plan 1799 so i said yes… And you know what? After 2 days the phone was delivered to me so all in all… I was able to get 4 smartphone from smart less hassle and i feel that im very values by them… But i also have globe… Im trying to get new handset from them actually its huawei gr5 and then they kept me waiting on the que but after of so much wait thry just told me that i need to wait to end my contract first before i can avail of new phone…. But unlike smart 3 months before uou can already renew your contract and have your new phone switch to smart guys

  114. Wow it's already 2016 and nothing changed with the "Loyalty Program" of Globe! They still do not care about their loyal subscribers. They ALWAYS prioritize new subscribers. I renewed last year and it was a PAIN to renew and avail my iphone 6. I called their customer service million times and they would always say out of stock! To my surprise, I tried to walk-in in one of the Globe centers and they have plenty of stocks, all colors!! I was lucky that the staff did process the renewing of my account, because I think these stocks are actually meant for new subscribers! Really bittersweet relationship with Globe. Their signal was deteriorating over the years, and it now sucks. I have been with them for 6 years just to retain my number. Now I am thinking twice, is my number worth all the trouble? I think I will be switching networks soon.

  115. Nagopen ako ng account sa globe nong 2012yr, mysuperplan1799 for 24months, natapos ung contract noong 2014yr then nag offer sila, (1)Avail the reward points of -800pesos or (2)same plan of 1799 with brand new handset unit. So pinili ko ung reward na -800pesos. Ang binabayaran ko nlng ay 999php/month. After 2yrs of availing my reward, this 2016yr I've notice na nawala na ung reward ko na -800pesos, tumawag ako sa globe then sabi nila naexpired na daw ung reward ko, and at the first place hindi nmn nila namention dati sakin about sa expiration. So ang plan ko ngaun ay bumalik sa 1799php/mon. What a scam! Wala akong nakukuhang bagong handset pero bumalik ung plan ko sa simula. This is how they value there old subscribers. That is why Im planning to close my account.

  116. Just another horrible experience from globe!!!
    Globe has shifted its focus and is now bent on prioritizing new customers instead of retaining old ones. I have been with globe for years now. I had a prepaid since college.and decided be a postpaid subsciber and on my 54th bill. Im currently on the 1799 plan, 5gb of data allowance and unli call/text to globe #s, and since my contract is going to be up in less than 45 days, i checked their current offers online and to my surprise, they're offering the same service at 1299 to new customers. So i called their hotline and was trasferred to their retention team. I was offered a new phone at a discounted cash out. So i agreed then the rep informed me that i can recontract but will have to pay a preterm fee of around 3300 plus an admin fee of 550. I thought it was a rip off. Its just less than 2 months so i asked if there is something they can do about their preterm fee since I will keep the same plan and it's not like im going to just cut it and leave. That means it's another guaranteed 2 years of my business with them. The rep told me over and over that their system will automatically charge this term fee if i renew and THERE IS NOTHING they can do about it. I mean, that is just so lame! Programs are set and controlled by people not the other way around so I asked for a supervisor. The rep said there is only ONE supervisor (which is a very common line i get from globe however way I ask) on the floor but that she is not available. The rep put me on hold so many times and every time she got back to me, she gave me the same excuse that her sup is engage in another call. I kept calm and reigned in my temper, thinking its not this person's fault if there is only one sup, so I still waited…for nothing. The call lasted for about an hour, most of it was staying on hold waiting for the supervisor to talk to me but alas, there never was any intention to. I got tired and so I asked if the supervisor could call me back, today came and went but this sup never called. Their retention team is much worse than their billing/technical departments!!!
    Oh well, typical of globe reps to pushback because this is how this company does its business! Training their frontliners to take the brunt and waste their client's time because their management team is so lazy and just doesn't care. Apparently, they would rather lose their old market for new ones.
    I thought of renewing my contract but, meh, with the way things are going, i will just finish the remaining term and switch to another network.
    I just can't wait to be rid of my postpaid account and never do business again with this company who seems to not know what loyalty means.

  117. After everything I read, what disturbs me most about Globe is how lavish they spend on their company affairs. Some of my good friends work for Globe. They had a recent conference sa Baguio wherein every employee was checked in the best hotels. They even had a half-day conference sa Solaire. Ang gastos, pero when you ask the employees themselves, yung Globe signal nila sa homes hindi maayos. Inuna nilang gumastos for a beautiful building in BGC, mga huge bonuses and trips for their employees, and last sa priority ang satisfaction ng loyal Globe subscribers. Kung may paraan lang ma-retain ang number if I switch networks, nagawa ko na.

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  119. same same stories here. globe user for several years.
    but we switched to a my business account. i would say that the waiting time to call customer service has improved, but still too long sometimes (we're at work, cant spend the whole time waiting for their customer service to answer), but the mybusiness contact number definitely better than when we were using personal account.

    now i have a new complaint. our latest 24months contract expired (like this is our third time), and same as before i inquired to renew and at the same time eagerly expecting a new phone.
    now our old plan 499 was not available anymore, and was offered plan 599 (the lowest for SME). we get unli call/text to globe and one free option (choose 200mb or duo). it sounds better than our old plan, so i agreed to this new plan.

    first problem, they claimed the phone we selected was out of stock and will be available 2months later. we waited patiently, it just arrived at the same time that the billing with the new plan in effect arrived. guess what, this new plan was not consumable (our old 499 plan was consumable). so all calls/texts to other networks are charged on top of the 599. wtf? nobody told me there was going to be this change? and they said the consumable was available on higher plans, but not in our plan. huh? why nobody told me that?

    take that for loyalty hahaha. the most important change in the plan was not even mentioned in my many calls to globe inquiring about the new plans for contract renewal. i have complained to customer service of course, but i doubt i can have this reversed (we already opened the new phone's box). i feel we should have just retained the old 499 plan. now i fear our monthly bills will be much higher than before. we call/text to globe, smart, international, etc, and the 499 was just right.

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  125. Hello,

    May I ask please what happened to your case? I have a similar case kasi, I requested for termination but they refused to process because of outstanding balance. I'm disputing this outstanding balance because I did not have any signal/reception since I arrived in a country somewhere in Europe until now. Although my roaming services was turned on before I left Philippines; and I confirm it worked in my layover in another country. I refused to pay and they just continue to bill me monthly and it's just adding up. I don't even have a contract with them because it was a SIM-only account, meaning no holding period. I'm wondering what could be the worse thing that can happen. Thank you.


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