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CONTEST: Win 2 Dining Vouchers at Spiral Manila!

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This is it Guys! As promised, DENCIO.COM and SOFITEL MANILA will be giving away 2 buffet dining vouchers to one lucky reader of DENCIO.COM. Just enter the Raffle below and to get multiple chances of winning!

Joining is super easy!

  1. Follow DENCIO.COM on Twitter and Facebook
  2. Follow SPIRAL MANILA on Twitter and Facebook
  3. Tweet about the Giveaway: “@dennisangulo is giving away Lunch Buffet for Two @SpiralManila! Click here to join: #SpiralBuffet”
  4. Post a Comment on this post by answering the question: Why you should I win the Spiral Vouchers?
  5. Answer this question via Twitter: Why do I deserve to win the Spiral Lunch Buffet for two? Be sure to include the hashtag #SpiralBuffet and mention @SpiralManila and @dennisangulo

Contest Period is from 26 March 2013 to 14 April 2013.

REMEMBER: You should use the app below for your entries to be valid.

Good Luck Guys!! 🙂

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Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

Originally Posted On: DENCIO.COM

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  1. hi, my birthday is coming up and I haven't tried the ultimate of all the ultimate "spiral buffet" at sofitel. My hubby and I loves to eat. Our first date was at a restaurant. Every time we go out, it's always to try out new culinary adventures. It's always a good time to spend time together with my hubby while eating. We always have a happy heart and tummy! burp 🙂

  2. I want to win 2 SPIRAL BUFFET VOUCHERS because I want to treat my parents…their 21st anniversary is coming so I want to give them a special dinner date.after all the sacrifices and hardwork they made for me and my older brother its time to give back.and this will be the first time they will date in a class restaurant for their anniversary ;)If I win this I will be the happiest daughter on earth hihihi 🙂

  3. I should win that Spiral Buffet GC from bcoz I've been joining contests since Feb to get a shot at this. It was to be a bday gift/valentine treat to my husband; and now graduation treat for my 5yr old son – and he graduated 2nd Honor! 😀

  4. Like what I said on my Twitter entry, I want to win because as a Foodie Mom food has become my interest since I had kids. I try to explore variety of dishes that I can pass on to my kids. Cooking and food has become a great part of me and my kids bonding moment. We have seen several tv shows that Spural Buffet has been featured and told them someday will go there and experience it.
    I hope to win it and will bring them along for a wonderful treat.

  5. i want to win this buffet vouchers because ill be graduating from law school as salutatorian of our batch 🙂 all hard work must pay off right? 🙂 and i am on a self imposed diet til graduation. after that, im ready to pig out and this buffet shall be the best for me!

  6. I want to win the Spiral Lunch Buffet GC for Two because there are so much reasons for our family to celebrate. First, I just celebrated my bday last March 23. Every year is a blessing, especially after surviving a near death accident a few years back. My mom finally retired after working for 40 years. She has been a widdow for 23 years, she single handedly gave us everything we need. Her retirement deserves a BIG treat. Third, my son will be celebrating his 7th birthday this coming April 21. Winning the Spiral GCs will be a big treat in celebrating every blessing we received! More power to you and your blog!

  7. I would very much love to win the Spiral Lunch Buffet vouchers so that I can give it as a gift to my mom & dad, for they will be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary this year! It'll be a very nice treat for the two of them! ♥♥♥

  8. I deserve to win it because I have spent 20+ years of my life living like a hermit. . I think this would be a great starter for me. Like what I said on my Twitter, "a girl needs to feel like a queen once in awhile." Woho0oo!

  9. i deserve to win the Spiral GC for 2 because it's been a long time since I've eaten at Spiral. I missed the good food, the warm ambiance & it would be great to spend our anniversary there!

  10. i deserve to win the Spiral GC for 2 becauseim a avid fan of Spiral manila ang i want to experience 1st class dining experience!!

  11. It has been years, since my husband and I had a date, just the 2 of us. Mainly, the reason why we missed going out is financial, anyway we can have quality time at home together with the kids. But if I'd win this, we'd have one great date without worrying to spend a lot…

  12. Why you should I win the Spiral Vouchers?

    Answer: I want to win the spiral vouchers because i'd like to try the dishes inside the spiral manila.

  13. Why you should win the Spiral Vouchers?

    Answer: I want to win the spiral vouchers because i'd like to try the dishes inside the spiral manila.

  14. I deserve to win the Spiral Manila Lunch Buffet voucher because I want to surprise my parther duting our 19th monthsary next month. If i win it will be the first time for me and my partner to eat in one of the best hotel buffet restaurant in the country…

  15. I want to win because i want to treat my boyfriend at spiral before he leaves the country. I want to experience my first time to eat at spiral with him.

  16. I want to have another Spiral buffet date with my husband. The last time we dined there (even before Spiral got renovated), we had such a nice, romantic time. We would like to have the chance to re-live that moment, this time, with our two-year old son, Jacob.

  17. I should win the Spiral Vouchers to experience the food as a reward to myself and of course I need a companion so I choose my someone special on that very interesting buffet dinning to experience!

  18. I wanna win this for my nanay. I just want to give her a treat and I want it to be special. The special Place and for in Spiral is the perfect match! I would really10000x love to win this for my nanay! I know she'll love this!

  19. I should win the Spiral Vouchers 'cause i am a virgin when it comes to buffet dining, I haven't had buffet experience and I want Spiral Manila to be my first! :-p I've been joining spiral manila contests and found myself always losing the game. Maybe this is the time. I can't wait to try out the multi-cuisine restaurant in town. 🙂

  20. I'd like to win the vouchers because I haven't had the chance to try it out yet and I am achingly itching to try it out soon! And also to celebrate my graduation. 😉

  21. I really want to win the vouchers because i want to surprise my partner on our upcoming 2nd anniversary. I want that day to become extraordinary I know that spiral manila is the perfect place! <3

  22. Winning this is not just spending time with my love one but also a one time experience that will not be forgotten forever. Being in this place is like being with my love one. I can't wait to be with you!!

  23. Would really love to win, as I love food! And I'd love to treat a significant someone as my birthday is coming up this April, and I'm also graduating college this summer!

  24. i heard good reviews about Spiral. This is good timing because hubby and I much needed this time out, talk, bond and of course enjoy good food…

    i hope i win. good luck to all…

    and more power to!

  25. My birthday is coming soon, Since becoming a mom, I never get to treat myself anymore. Buffet dining at Spiral with my hub would definitely make up for it 😀

  26. My dad's birthday is in two weeks and I'd like to win it to give it to my parents for them to celebrate the day in The Best Buffet in Manila. Thanks Dennis!

  27. I should win the #SpiralBuffet at @SpiralManila because I need to experience Metro Manila's best buffet with my best friend, my wife Michelle. Thanx @dennisangulo! 🙂

  28. I want to win the Spiral Lunch Buffet GC for Two because my daughter graduated 1st honor and i never had a chance to giver a celebration. It would be a great present if i can take her at #SpiralBuffet at @SpiralManila.

  29. I will win Spiral Buffet vouchers because just when my boyfriend and I were planning to celebrate our 3rd anniversary here, we came across this contest. This is destiny! ♥

  30. I should win this giveaway because I would want to treat my mom to one of the best buffets in Manila for her 50th birthday this year, I believe that this is the best venue that will celebrate that golden moment in her life 🙂

  31. My wife has been such a very good wife and mother. She has sacrificed a lot for our family. I want to win this so I can treat her for a wonderful date at Spiral Manila and the same time we'll celebrate her bday and mother's day. Hitting 3 birds in one stone…

  32. My husband's birthday is coming up and what better way than to celebrate it with the grandiose epicurean delights that the Spiral buffet offers!!! He's made a life-changing decision of staying here to live forever with me…and that on its own is more than enough for me to want the best for him!! That's why I believe I should win these free Spiral dining vouchers! Oh and it doesn't hurt to say we love to eat Twogether and this would really be an awesome treat;)–Carmen Watkins

  33. I deserve to win because if I win this will be my first time to experience such grand buffet and love to share this with my husband, a pre birthday gift for him for his coming birthday this May 13.

  34. I want to win the Spiral Lunch Buffet for 2 GCs so Hubby and I can have a post-anniversary celebration at Manila's most celebrated hotel buffet! Our anniversary fell on Good Friday this year, and we haven't got around to celebrating it yet. Winning the Spiral GCs will surely make our celebration more special!

  35. coz i conquered my fear, had gone water rafting,raft capsized and spiraled our way to the water, and now let me have that chance to spiral my way conquering the wonderful experience of dining at Spiral Manila


    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and God bless<3

  37. Why should I win the Spiral Vouchers?
    I want to treat my father into a sumptuous dinner at Spiral before he joins on board this third week of April. I want to have a heart to heart talk with my father before he leaves for work because I miss him so much. I just can't be with him all the time because I already have my own family that's why I think this is the perfect time to spend each others' company, after all I will still be his little girl who I will love forever. I may have found my prince but he's still my king forever!

  38. I want to win the Spiral Vouchers because I want to treat my husband on our 4th wedding anniversary to a wonderful gastronomic feast that can only be experienced at Spiral.

  39. I want to win the Spiral vouchers because I want my mom to have the best dining experience. Even since her heart operation, she's been losing her appetite. She taking a lot of medicines and she believes that this must be the reason for her appetite loss.She says that most of the food here in the city tastes bland and she misses the food and fresh produce in the province. I hope that a dinner at Spiral would cheer her up and satisfy her taste buds.

  40. I deserve to win the Spiral Buffet for two GC because I want to give it to my Mom and Dad who haven't tried Spiral yet. I'd like them to experience Sofitel Manila's Spiral, a restaurant like no other. They will surely love it!

  41. Heard so much about the ateliers and wide selection of food at Spiral buffet! Me and my hubby would like to try and eat FOR FREE– on our 9th anniversary– with all our fingers crossed!

  42. Gusto ma itreat ang mahal ko sa buhay, Gusto ko matikman nila ang tunay na sarap sa tyan ng #SpiralBuffet

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