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SM Aura Premier: Great Concept, Poor Execution?

Me and a couple of friends visited SM Aura Premier on its first day of opening – it was Terrible. I know that it is only fair to cut them some slack since it was their first day in operation however, the stuff that they put out online and the actual experiences of the people don’t really add up. Here’s what I think about SM Aura Premier based on my one day (first day) trip inside this IMHO, over-hyped establishment.

SM Aura Premier

Photo grabbed from Google Images. Credits to the Owner.

First, The Good Stuff! Of course, It was not all that bad!! 🙂

The External Building Design and Architecture

SM Aura Premier was designed by EDGE Interior Designers and Arquitectonica. I have to hand it to them, from the outside, this mega structure is really eye catching and very modern. The fluid architectural design which creates a smooth curve from the hotel tower down to the mall area is something new and is very pleasing to the eyes. With the its design and sheer size, SM Aura Premier is a new Landmark in Metro Manila. I hope they build more malls with iconic designs such as this one.

The Location

The location could not be better. SM Aura Premier is situated along C5, right beside Market Market, a stone throw away from Serendra, walking distance from Bonifacio High Street and is conveniently located in between BGC and McKinley Hill. It may not be as commuter friendly as the other SM Malls but hey, that’s the point of being on the “Premier” level right?

Now the Not so Good Stuff: SM Aura Premier FAIL!

Where to eat?

During the opening day, let there be Famine! The only open stand-alone restaurants were Jollibee, KFC, Starbucks and Happy Lemon. There was a food court but we did not even bother joining the huge crowd. It was terribly packed with people! A lot of stores were already open but very limited number of dining establishments. They should have prepared for the hungry crowd. We had to leave and eat somewhere else that night. Wait, yes KFC and Jollibee… Don’t get me wrong, I love KFC and Jollibee but aren’t they trying to market this place as a Luxury destination? Go Figure!

The Crowd!

OMG! The mall was so packed – with the wrong people. I don’t want to sound too judgmental since I have nothing against anybody so I will just put it this way: Majority of the crowd during the opening day was not the the Mall’s Target Market. They were the exact opposite.

SM Aura Crowd

The Interior

If the exterior design of SM Aura Premier is exceptional, the interior is still your typical SM Mall. The shopping area is very Box-y looking with straight, end to end hallways. But there are some great additions to look forward to around the area which will make the whole experience more interesting like the Samsung Hall, the soon to be Hotel (rumored to be a Radisson Blu), SMX Aura, and the Sky Park. But compared to Greenbelt, Alabang Town Center, Serendra, and Bonifacio High Street, SM Aura Premier still Screams “I am still your typical SM Mall but with fancier Stores”.

Banking on the Same-Old SM Branding

Here’s my take on this. If SM is truly serious in creating a luxury brand under its company and catering to the high end market, then they should have just created a totally new brand for it. The SM Brand is well known brand which caters to all market segments, across all social classes. If they want to penetrate the niche market of the upper class people, they should have started from the ground up. (i.e. Glorietta – Greenbelt, Avida – Alveo)

If they have dropped the “SM” name and/or created a new Department Store Brand Name which can directly compete with the likes of Rustan’s, Debenhams and Marks and Spencer, it would have made more sense. But they did not do that. Instead, they capitalized on the SM brand thinking that it would still appeal to their target market just by adding the word “Premier” to it. Luxury was compromised in SM Aura. They want all these luxury brands in the store but they still retained the typical SM Mainstays which compromised their target market. Why not make it something like Greenbelt 5 where most of the stores are not your typical household brands? Is that so hard to do? Knowing the reach of SM, that is not Impossible at all.

What I am trying to say is, If they want Luxury, they should stick with it. Own it. Do not compromise. As long as there are stores that a common person like me can afford inside SM Aura Premier, I would still go to this mall. Hence the crowd. Risking to turn-off their real target market. In my mind: “The place is not intimidating enough for me, it is just another SM Mall.”

Cutting Some Slack

I know it is too early to pass on a lot of judgment but these are just my initial observations and opinions about SM Aura Premier. Some may agree some may not. I don’t know the actual strategy of SM for SM Aura Premier but by the looks of it, they are really pushing for the High-End Market. They would probably still be improving a lot in the coming months and years, But one thing is for sure as long as they are Branded as “SM” it will be a long uphill climb before they can be equated with Luxury.

So to answer my question, Great Concept, Poor Execution? Yes, for now. But Let’s wait and see!

So there.. My Initial Thoughts on SM’s new Baby. How about you? Have you been to SM Aura Premier? Let me know your thoughts!! 🙂

Hanggang sa muli, Paalam!

Originally Posted On: DENCIO.COM

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  1. I'm sorry but I don't get the point on why you should post the picture of those people whom you branded as the "crowd" of SM aura. I admire your blog and respect you as a writer but let us not be judgmental. There is no prohibition for this people to go to this kind of mall even if you call this mall as high-end. You are also being discriminative To the upper class by pointing out that they will be discouraged to go to this place because of the presence of the people who is not the mall's target market. This review is clearly drawing a line between the common people and the upper class. I'm sorry but this is just my opinion.

  2. Dencio is correct. Do you know the meaning of AURA? It is derived from the 2 elements which is AU(Gold) and RA(Radium) which if evoked together it will produce Elegance and Luxury.

  3. What's wrong with the crowd? can you tell by their looks if they can afford something from SM aura or not.Clearly, you're being judgemental.

  4. Well I definitely know the meaning of the word AURA and providing the etymology of the word does not erase the fact that there is clear discrimination in this article. It doesn't matter what the name of the mall is… Still no one has the right to make fun of anyone and label them as the improper"crowd". I totally get your point, but looking at the appearance of a person and make fun of them by posting it here just to prove that SM aura is not high-end is really improper and unnecessary.

  5. Ditto to this post. SM Aura is a complete and utter disappointment for the target market.

    Driving to SM Aura felt like a spectacle. This mammoth piece of architecture looming on the ants that is people that are shopping zombies. Some new wonder of the Philippine world. And then you step into the mall itself, and aghast at the interiors you find yourself transported into SM North EDSA. I left thirty minutes later, my Issey Miyake scent was overpowered by the pungent odor of jeepney commuters. Oh yeah, last thing! Getting out of the parking lot is a nightmare!! That's all.

  6. Come on guys, maging open minded naman kayo sa mga replies nyo. Yung writer na nga nagsabi, its not his point para mang discriminate or maging judgemental. Ang pinopoint nya is that may mga classification ng tao na hindi naangkop sa target audience ng SM for sa bago nilang mall na SM Aura.

    Now he could be wrong kung sa tingin nya puro mayayaman lng ang tinatarget ni SM Aura, but he can also be right, that target naman talaga ng SM Aura yung rich people and its just nagkamali sila or kinulang sila (SM) sa execution para masunod yung gusto nila.

    chill lang tayo

  7. SM will always be SM even with the word "Aura" in it.. It's for everyone, so expect more Jejemons to come! We've got it all for you!

  8. If you are really have an open mind, then you know how to respect a person's blog. If not, then make your own blog so you can vent out about this. The author just said, "I don’t want to sound too judgmental since I have nothing against anybody so I will just put it this way: Majority of the crowd during the opening day was not the the Mall’s Target Market." Didn't you read it?

    You say you know the "etymology" of the word Aura. Clearly not. SM has been preparing for this since. I am in in a real estate and commercial business, and I know they intend to target the upper class. This just like my company's other competitors like Rockwell or Shangri-La, they have a specific market. This is not about discrimination at all, it's about Marketing… about the business.

    I have been into SM Malls. And I see it everyday and even there is one near my place (since SM is like a mushroom sprouting everywhere). Whenever I need to make quick stop for some errands, I see quite a lot of merchants or stores keep on changing once in a while. Why? Spell "Nalulugi".

    Sure as hell, you don't know this. Aside from SM is billing their merchants (their supposed business partners) an unjustifiable rental fee, they also get a commission from sales. Plus other stuff being demanded like opening support (blah blah blah) which is supposedly voluntary. Anyway, the point is, SM's sales pitch is – it is good to have business with them (with SM) because they have a market. Because they bring crowd to their malls. Because they will give the merchants good business. Still, more and more merchants close their stores because the "PROMISE" to bring people who will spend in the malls doesn't really happen (at most times).

    The people who go to SM doesn't shop all the time. Given already the dining and few groceries. But most of them hang out at the stairs and balcony railings. They just do some sight seeing and "nagpapa-aircon". Clearly, is that the target market the stores are aiming for? Is that what SM is aiming for? That is bad business. Better close your mall if you just want to give your facility as a "tambayan". And I bet, that is what is also happening in SM Aura. Few people buy, a lot of people just stand or sit there on the grounds.

    I also remember that there is one store in SM which is a little high-end from the usual market, a nail salon. Yes, they are fully booked. But these are the same people or customers that the salon has established through their own marketing efforts, not SM's marketing. Do the people hanging out at the railings even go there? No. And even if I go on a different day, it is still the same scenario. The nail salon has the same customers still, and the people from the railings or people wandering are still there as well.

    Pretty sure you are not in a marketing, business, operations or retail kind of business because you don't have an idea how it goes. But, probably you know how to do some research. Try visiting any SM branch. Observe.

  9. The author is right. Gaaaah! A loot of people were there during the opening day. The food court sucked. One hour waiting time? Puh-lease! But I had no choice… I was in the line for 1hr and 30 mins. I stayed because it was so hot outside so yeah… Oh well, SM is SM to the ears of people. But let us just shop, don't mind the people :))

  10. Well, SM will always be SM. I went there last Sunday just to see the mall. I maybe had high expectations to SM Aura since they are branding it to cater to the high-class folks, but it failed big time. The interiors are so-so and not appealing. Maybe I'll come back in 2-3 months, and wait for the other stores to open shop.

  11. Aura AU=gold RA=Radium? Cute and very creative but do not make stuff up you can very well see the real etymology online.

    Well, let's be honest no one can stop people like them from entering the premises but SM is synonymous with JEJEMON. The effort of their marketing team in lifting the SM name to high end status feels very pretentious and social climber like.

    They should have spun off a different subsidiary entirely from SM Prime. I do not think that Podium Aura Premier would work but it is way better than the current branding.

    Hindi naman siguro nagagalit ang mga Jejemon pag nagpupunta ang mga elitista sa Starmall or Ever or Divisoria.

  12. SM will always be SM which is MASA. It's like saying high end and Walmart in the same sentence. I'll only go for IMAX.

  13. Yes, SM cannot and will not drive the Masa out of this mall.

    But one thing is for sure, they've studied the consumer behavior. The masa is there because they are curious – its normal. But the question is, can they afford whats inside that mall? No. So they will leave and shop somewhere else where their money has better value.

    And thats when the real target market will go in. Because you cannot remove in the hearts of their "target market" (elista you will say) ang SM. Because even they go to Divisoria!

    Give the mall 2-3 months, and you'll know what i mean.

    The mall will not shed millions in advertising and marketing for nothing.

  14. Iskwater kasi ung likod na area ng SM Aura.. kaya tignan nyo na lang ung Market Market(which is Ayala Malls) pinaka madungis na ayala malls dahil sa crowd dahil madaming Iskwater sa c5-taguig.

  15. I think the main factor here is that if SM Aura wants to exude that he is high end, then he should have made a mall that's high end through and through. Not some half-baked design and style! Yeah you have an award winning architecture, yes you have high end stores, but couldn't you have extended the effort a bit more to make the interiors and space planning better? I mean, its so generic!

    And about the crowd? I'm not being prejudice to these type of people but really, do you see them around BGC Highstreet or Greenbelt or Rockwell? No, I don't think so. Maybe, once in a blue moon. It's not that they cannot afford what these malls can offer, but it's just something that they do not appreciate as well as someone who've had a bit more understanding of these brands, and the look and feel of their mall design.

    Overall, I'm just saying that the branding team did their job a little whacked. Because if you want to brand yourself as high end then cater to high end. You couldn't just have it ALL.

  16. what are you people so angry about?

    instead of bashing the author…dont you think you should probably bash "SM" more!they created SM Aura for a selected market…meaning they made aura for the rich guys…which also mean that they are already seeing those guys ion the picture as the lower ranks,they are the ones that are discriminating!!!

  17. author was too big of a wuss to take responsibility for his judgemental statements. that doesn't change the fact though that SM aura is once huge jeje magnet.

  18. As I read the article, I can see that the writer is somehow sosyal in a sense and maybe, didn't deal with the cheapness this world has given to humankind but HE JUST WROTE ON WHAT HE DIDN'T LIKE ABOUT SM AURA. It's just about his PERCEPTION about the said establishment.

    The "wrong crowd" he wrote is a bit harsh but quite true but still,if Jejemen people want to go to SM AURA, we can't do anything about that.

    I hope he just wrote, 'The first day of SM Aura was jam-packed with the people I didn't expect SM would target' or kind of that way or did I make it worse? Haha. Gets?

    Hahaha, anyways, this is just an opinion guys.

  19. I think SM Aura isn't really finished. There are some details and touches that weren't included on the opening. It is definitely perceived as an architectural wonder for being the first SM Mall LEED building certified.

    As for the "target" crowd, being a free country, you can't control the types of crowd who may wonder, "hey, what's in store here?" "what does it differ?" There are still some fine tuning to do. Construction of retail stores inside are still on-going.

    SM has changed the pinoy culture of "malling" so it's difficult to remove your patriot customers in exchange of the prospect high-end clients who are also are used to running for shang or greenbelt.

  20. wow, its like you read my mind. I'm just hoping SM is able to turn this around. I wouldnt be surprised if they re-vamped merchadising before the year ends

  21. "OMG! The mall was so packed – with the wrong people. I don’t want to sound too judgmental since I have nothing against anybody so I will just put it this way: Majority of the crowd during the opening day was not the the Mall’s Target Market. They were the exact opposite."

    -You sound exactly like it. Too judgmental. You do have something against them, otherwise you wouldn't have written this.

    For you to post a picture, however censored their faces are, it's still a bit too much.

    These people have the right to be there. Let them be.

    In fact, isn't it a boon that the Mall has attracted so many people? It's what businesses strive in, right? SM wouldn't be SM without them. Us.

    Please be more responsible with the Opinions you spread. Is that what you want? To have your readers become some sort of Elitists who think that Malls should only be a place for people who could dress well? who can flaunt with their looks that they are well off?

    Kaka-lungkot naman kung ganun.

  22. Funny people, bashing people – when they can't even fully comprehend what the author was trying to say…

    Judgemental or not, that was not the author's point. His point was that SM Aura is SUPPOSED to be for the higher end of the society. Elitists. Sure, he drew a line there between the upper and middle class, but that because of SM's TARGET MARKET. This whole review was centered on the idea that SM Aura is targeting the UPPER CLASS. Now if this was not the case, I'm quite sure the author will have sense on his shoulders and write appropriately.

    OK, so SM equates to "masa malls". We all know that. I do not contest people having the right to go wherever they please – but that should not mean that you will go to a black tie event wearing only polka dotted shorts and slippers (to cite an example). Ilugar nyo ang sarili nyo.

    I think someone mentioned something along the lines of "paano kung may pera naman talaga sila?" – Again, ilugar nyo sarili nyo. If you have money then you should be able to dress properly and decently, right?

    One even went as far as saying the author was suggesting that people be elitists as sila lang ang may karapatan mag mall. Please do point me to which part of the post that was mentioned because I'm sure that it was only you saying that. Even "elitist" is found nowhere within the post.

    Ung mga nabwisit dito I can only say that read the post again and be open minded enough to understand this first-hand experience review. Wag pairalin ang selective understanding.

    Let me help you out. Read again with this in mind: "SM Aura's target are the upper class and the higher end common class."

  23. Hello, Please read the article again; I guess some misunderstood the author's point. SM wanted to create a different brand for this new mall, but I agree; having the name SM; they totally defeated the purpose of a new brand; the impact just isnt there. As the title of this article; Great Concept; Poor Execution; its all about marketing; & seems they missed the main point. But who knows, their main objective could be to target a bigger market.

  24. "Malls should only be a place for people who could dress well? who can flaunt with their looks that they are well off? "

    I think you're generalizing the author's statement. He said the mall's target market. He was referring to SM Aura, not all malls.

  25. I don't think the author marginalized anyone. He was just trying to say that the mall attracted other than its target market on its opening day. Is there something wrong with that? Isn't for a fact that businesses target certain niche and markets?

  26. Medyo discriminative naman kasi talaga. Although may point yung blogger na SM failed to achieve their goal for the SM Aura to be a high-end market, pero may point din naman si reader for saying na discriminative yung pagpopost ng pic nung perceived "improper crowd" ng blogger. Ngayon, dun sa nag-comment (Anonymous 9:15 AM, May 21, 2013) na walang alam yung original na nagbigay ng feedback sa blog entry na to sa business stuff (Anonymous 9:23 AM, May 20, 2013), your perspective will never be the only way to see things. Although you may be right sa mga sinabi mo, that doesn't mean na mali in all sense yung anti-discrimination person na kausap mo. Now I don't know how you got the confidence to imply na di open minded yung binigyan mo ng comment.

  27. It may not always be true pero admit it, majority of the people who dress like that have no money, and hindi yun ang target market ng SM Aura.

  28. It may not always be true but admit it, majority of jejemons have no money. Obviously, (hypocrisy aside) elitists do not want to hang around with jejemons so in order for SM to attract the elitists(those who have money), they have to veer away from jejemon-friendly structures. That was what SM tried to do with Aura, but failed miserably. The place is filled with people who arrive at the mall with less than P1000 in their pockets. They cannot afford fine dining so they mob the food court for meals worth less than P100 then aimlessly stroll around for hours without buying anything.

  29. Yung mga hypocrites dyan na galit na galit because the author posted a photo of jejemons to refer to people who are not to be regarded as high-end, I'm sure kung kayo ang mapaligiran ng mga jejemon sa mall habang nagsha-shopping kayo, aalis din kayo.

  30. Gosh! Nu ba yan… taga taguig ba kayo? Ako Oo… ilang taon inantay ng mga tagugueno mgbukas ang SM Aura na yan…Ang siste,bakit maglalagay ng mall na pang mayaman sa Lugar na halos ang nakapaligid eh relocation area,village ng ordinaryong Juan at Maria…. Nakapagtataka paba na mapuno ng ganito ang mall sa pagbubukas nito?

  31. Im not saying that this blog is completely true but I've experience SM Aura myself & yes, it's quite a disappointment.

    I also appreciate the author's suggestion about branding, that was completely smart and true. If only Henry Sy, scratch out the name SM then it will be a lot better.

  32. I loved the article. Agree with all points, especially on the Marketing. SM was successful with the high-end target market with Podium. 🙂

    I have to say, though, that the comments are very entertaining as well. 😀

  33. I'm sorry. It's really hard for me to respect any of your opinion, when you don't even have the balls to show who you are.

    If you're gonna act all arrogant and talk down on people, at least have the decency to take ownership of what you say.

    What's WRONG with what the author has written is that he makes it sound like it's such a BAD thing people like them are at SM Aura.

    "OMG! The mall was so packed – with the WRONG people."
    That's discrimination, right there. That's WRONG.

    I appreciate that he wrote about the design of the mall, the location, what's there to see and what's lacking. But the author should have stopped there.

    SO WHAT if there are people like them on SM aura? What you should care about is the MALL itself, not the people in it.

    Want to help the Mall? Then write about how they can improve your shopping experience. Comment on the interiors. Comment on the stores available. Why should the people who are at the mall matter?

    You can be technical all day long and tell me "HE'S JUST POINTING OUT THAT THEY WEREN'T THE TARGET MARKET". Point is, you'll still sound as if they shouldn't be there. AND THAT IS WRONG. Spreading that kind of mentality IS WRONG.

    Why do I care so much?
    I don't want you guys to have this kind of mentality where you judge people by their looks. That isn't who we Filipinos are. The people we see at the mall shouldn't matter to us.

  34. to Anonymous12:05 AM, June 17, 2013…. The blogger said that the majority of the crowd was not exactly the mall's target market. Let's be realistic, elitists will not go to a mall wearing those clothes. The blogger only stated a fact that it's not the "target market". it's not like he is saying that they are poor and have no right to be there. He was just stating a fact, let's try not to be hypocrites.

  35. I'm not the one who originally posted the comment above and I agree on you on not discriminating people.. but please read again, he was pointing on the mall and the target market.. the fact that he mentioned the crowd is because the brand "SM" is known as "pang masa". And that brand is what draw the "wrong crowd" (the opposite of the target market) on its opening day. In case you're not aware, SM publicized in various press releases and interviews that SM Aura will be its "high-end" mall. I also don't think the author "talked down" on anyone nor did it make any mistake in discussing the crowd in the mall. The blogger was also discussing the "environment" of the place and not just the structure which i think is better. I like your concern, but i think you're overreacting trying to be some righteous person trying to save the humanity from discrimination and all. Let's not be hypocrite and start making our actions and observations based on reality. Truth is, there are poor and rich people and there are businesses which specifically targets these different markets. That is the reality.. and I don't think a statement that there was a misalignment of the target market with the actual market is wrong, because odds are, management of the mall may have already discussed this one. It's also not like the author is against that the "wrong crowd" be there in the mall as he even stated that "As long as there are stores that a common person like me can afford inside SM Aura Premier, I would still go to this mall." As for your statement "I'm sorry. It's really hard for me to respect any of your opinion, when you don't even have the balls to show who you are." I don't think it should matter from whom an opinion is coming from to be granted respect. It's the thought of the opinion which should matter and not on the person giving it. Because if our respect for an opinion would depend on the person giving the opinion, then that would qualify as discrimination..

  36. Galing magcomment, puro anonymous naman.. Takot ma-bash ng mga cyber-tambays? Parang ako lang? haha.. Walang mali sa sinabi ng blogger, totoo naman eh.. Wala talaga sa lugar yung mga gangsta gangsta na yun, nagmukhang palengke tuloy yung place.. Hindi ako richie rich, pero ayoko namang maging trying hard katulod ng mga jologs na yun.. Kung gusto nila pumunta dun, manamit naman sila ng ayus.. Nakakahiya sila sa mga hitsura nila.. Oo, discriminative na kung discrimintative.. Pero kaya sila nakakahiya eh kasi wala silang mga trabaho kaya sila ganun manamit.. Mga palamunin lang ng mga magulang, akala mo pa kung sino umasta.. Hindi naman talaga sila makakakuha ng trabaho if they represent themselves like that.. So immature.. "Wrong crowd," the description was spot on..

  37. If this blog review is actually true, then I hope SM Aura would do something about it. Kasi diba, ang isa sa mga factors kaya pinipili ng mga upper class ang mga lugar like Rockwell or BGC High Street is because of its exclusivity? Besides the shops and restaurants na gusto nila? If their target market is the Class A crowd, then they should make it for the A crowd.

    Naniniwala rin ako sa sinabi ng isang nagcomment, about the location of SM Aura, if they want to make it High End, dapat hindi nila nilagay yung mall malapit sa mga simpleng juan at maria.

    Look at BGC High St. for example. Their location is great. It's in the middle of high end condominiums and businesses,sure enough, ang mga tao na pupunta doon (mostly at least) ay yung target market nila.

    Sana mas napag-isipan or mas inaral ng SM ang location ng mall nila para maitayo nila ang tamang mall for that area. Okay lang naman kung normal SM taguig yun diba? Pero sana hindi sila salpak ng salpak ng mall just for the sake na may matawag sila na "High End" mall tapos hindi rin pala yung crowd na target nila. 😛

    P.S: Para sa mga tao na binabash yung blogger about marginalizing people, guys, kahit ayaw natin aminin, may hati talaga ang mga classes sa Pilipinas.At hangga't walang nababago sa mentalidad ng mga Pilipino na tanggapin ang katotohanan tungkol sa mga isyu ng bansa natin at baguhin ito, hindi talaga tayo aasenso.

    Anyway, opinion ko lang naman ito. Carry on. 🙂

  38. I didn't finish reading through the entire thread of opinions here. I totally agree with the blogger–SM (at least for now) has failed in their aim to lure the high-end consumers, and I am one of those guys referred to in this post (people with P1000 and below in their pockets. Well, maybe more, lol).

    People, this article is about marketing, not about social caste system. If SM is truly faithful to their goal of attracting the BGC and Rockwell crowd, then they could have done otherwise in branding.

    Judging by how the blogger used the word "OMG!" something is wrong here, and I think that didn't rub off well with some people. Using that term connotes elitism, discrimination and exclusivity. Like, I could get infected with the Jejemon virus, get me out of here!

    My family and I was there last week out of curiosity. We drove there (oh, so now I am a target customer, lol) and I was not disappointed, but not awed either. The interior immediately registered to me as SM North Annex. Nothing special. If it's really high-end, then why do they have KFC, Jollibee? Uniqlo and American Eagle are not even high end. Or maybe, SM Aura is targeting the upper-lower to middle-class consumers. Maybe, those ants like me who were wearing pambahay and tsinelas are indeed the target market of SM Aura and those earning 100k/month and up are the ones who should not be there.

  39. Not really sure why people are angry at SM for failing to make a truly high-end mall when they admit that they are not the target market?! Anyway, I dont think SM Aura was solely made just for rich people. It is more likely that they just want to offer current SM patrons a different and more upscale shopping experience. In attaching the word "Premier" and deciding to build it in BGC, these signal to the consumers that this mall would have more exclusive brands than your typical SM branch. Keeping "SM" in the name of the mall would help them avoid the risk of alienating their current customers. This can also make people who do not usually go to SM malls but are familiar with the brand feel welcome, offering them a more comfortable and, if you prefer, a sanitized shopping environment that is nearer to their preferences. Cheers!

  40. If that's the case then maybe we should bash Ayala for creating Greenbelt? And other mall owners who initially targeted the masa then made a high end mall? Let's think first before we comment, Rosenskie. 😉

  41. Visited Sm aura first time today. My personal observations:
    – impressive exteriors but less impressive interiors
    – limited food court concessionaires
    – stores inside are typical SM
    -Forever21 very huge space but quality of selection not as nice as megamall
    – Uniqulo is only store worth going back to
    -we saw a family eating in one of the lobby benches with their baon!
    Overall: all hype, no substance! Im wondering what Sara jessica parker went there for!

  42. "people who dress like that have no money" – Not really kasi kung sino pa yung mga medyo hikahos, sila pa yung trying hard na magsuot ng luxurious clothes and dare go to premier malls which targets "true elitists and not the pretentious ones." I'm not saying that they have no place in that kind of establishment but please, stop being a hypocrite and act/dress accordingly (in this case, in their respective social classes). Wala naman repercussion na mangyayari if we dress simply but with a class, dare I say. Diba? I think they(SM) should, as soon as possible, shed the premier word to avoid confusion because premier is quite misleading. It's just a pure opinion and some may not agree with me which I will totally and wholehaertedly understand.

  43. Hi po I think SM aura ay ginawa para sa masa! "happy to serve" kaya cguro sa Fort xa kase wala nmn SM dun kya nila nilagyan, pinaganda lng nila para mas marketable sa tao na pede makipag sabayan sa iba. SM po ay "happy to serve people" nde nmn "happy to serve MAYAMAN ONLY" or mas mayaman ka mas happy to serve hahahah. ang lugar na puntahan ay hindi estado sa buhay… I respect you Apir

  44. Well now…. I think SM is proving the critics wrong… The mall is really telling us whew.. This is totally shopping hub.. And wait their target market is in there… No matter what you say employees of Ayala… SM is SM and you cannot just stop them to rule.

  45. They know what they are doing… Go to the mall now. No one can stop SM. people keep on giving their negative opinions but I'm seeing their market in there now.. For those who just speculate.. Just wait! Because you are wrong. SM will not be number one without their people knowing what to do 🙂 and hey they are the richest.. What number is Ayala? Far from Henry sy.

  46. Oh come on.. I bet you didn't visit…otherwise you would know the expensive Restos there. Next time if you make a comment make sure you really did otherwise kakahiya ka. Or maybe you don't hVe enough money to spend in their chosen resto like Yabu, tamarind Thai and expensive foods in their food on four. And hey there's tm Lewin, Minnelli, nd other branded stores that I bet you haven't encountered yet. Btw they are international stores if you are not familiar. The local stores are located at the 3rd floor which are quite branded as well. Next time let me know when you visit so I can go with you. Oh btw sjp went there because she loves the concept.

  47. The usual SM propaganda… kunwari "SALE" di naman pala (pinataas lang yung dating presyo.. pero di pinalitan yung current price), Kunwari itong mall, pang elite – pero pang masa talaga, kasi konti lang naman elite dito pinas… Like the posts though.. entertaining…

  48. pumunta ako jan nung opening kasi napakalapit lang kasi ng house ko so i didnt bother to dress up. tamang walking shorts lang at t-shirt.. di ko alam na para lang pala sa mga elitista ang mall na yan as what the author is saying. at effort pa talaga sya sa pag post ng pic nung mga teens na gangster. dapat dyan sa author eh pumunta sya ng maaga dun sa Mall nung opening tapos hinarang nya lahat ng mga jejemon na papasok at sabihin sa kanila na para lang sa rich and famous lang yung SM aura premier hehe.

  49. Simple lang yan. First opening day, syempre maraming nacurious kung maganda nga itong mall na ito kaya maraming pumunta at kahit mayaman o mahirap considered customer pa rin yan kahit bumili o hindi, pwedeng malay mo hindi ngaun bibili o baka sa ibang araw, o kahit di bibili, makakahikayat pa rin yan ng ibang tao na kakilala nila para magshop dun. Kung wala naman siguro mapapala ung mga tao dito sa mall na ito then they will stop going here diba hehe. Basta lahat naman may karapatan pumunta dito pwera na lang siguro kung maglalagay ang mall ng note na bawal ang mahirap sa entrance ng mall nila hahaha which is very unlikely for them to do. Give it a few months time nga, palagay ko puro mayayaman na marami dyan, ang mamahal kasi ng mga bilihin eh, mukha ngang high end ung mga stores, maliban dun sa ilang pangmasang stores dun. kaya katulad ko malamang, papasyal pasyal na lang ako ng once in a blue moon dito, pag sawa na ko sa iba pang malls haha. – thanks -M from taguig

  50. The interior is like a more refined version of SM North EDSA annex. The Skypark is good, but quite small and hot. The finishing is average. Many design elements were not propery executed. The ceiling height and tenant list suggest, it is a mid-upper class target market. This is not a luxury mall like Shangri-la but on the same level as the Podium or SM North The Block.

    To answer the question – SM Aura is a great concept but not poor in execution. The execution is mediocre, meaning barely passing o "pasang awa".

    Overall, considering the design concept, execution, convenience, attractions, I still rate this mall a 8/10.

  51. ok naman comment ni sir! yung nga naman, if you want to capture the right market then give the demands of that market… dapat sila matuto sa Ayala, Shangrila and Rockwell they really know their own market! SM's strategy in targeting the affluent market is very poor!

    Jusko sino sino na lang pupunta dyan mga squatters sa taguig at mga muslim sa may signal village?

  52. I think SM aura serves as a link between the elite crowd and what you like to call the masa crowd. There are many masa crowd who can actually afford… but they are just not given the chance to get exposed to what you call "high end". I think SM Aura will draw from this… it's not too intimidating… it's still SM but wait – nagkamali ka ng pinasok, pero kung may pera ka naman OK lang.

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