Movie Time!

KNOWING: Isang movie na pag labas ko ng sinehan eh felling ko ang tanga-tanga ko… hehe! Parang Ha?! Ano daw yun?! Parang religious, na may alien, na apocalypse, na global warming… Maganda naman sya yun nga lang kasi ayoko nga ng movie na kelangan ko pa mag-isip… di na entertaining! :p Hehehe! :p FAST and FURIOUS 4: Mas Maganda yung una (yung 1) kasi yung una parang feel-good and cool… Read More »Movie Time!

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious 4 Teaser/Trailer

  Fast and Furious 4 – New Model, Original Parts! One Word – AMAZING! Can’t Wait for April!!! _________________________________ By: Dennis Christian Angulo Originally Posted On: Email Me | Post a Comment | Subscribe to My BLOG (RSS)


DragonBall Movie (2009) Teaser/Trailer

    I am a huge Dragonball fan, and honestly, I find this movie a bit weird and quite “off” from the original. Based from this trailer, I think the characters particularly their appearance don’t have that anime appeal. First, Son Goku.. Then Bulma… Then there’s Piccolo, have you noticed? He’s not green at all! What a bummer! I just hope the story will be good. Meanwhile, we’ll just have… Read More »DragonBall Movie (2009) Teaser/Trailer