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My new favorite chocolate! Dark Ferrero!

Yes, there is a Dark Ferrero Chocolate!

First of all, this is a test post using the new official blogger app for the iphone. I am not sure how this blog post will appear on my site. Hopefully, the formatting and image size are acceptable.

I like my chocolate dark. The darker the better. My favorite? Royce’ 90% dark chocolate. Soo good! Any % higer and it will become pure cocoa (i think).

I don’t like nuts in my chocolate. In fact I don’t like nuts in chocolates, cakes, and ice creams. I eat nuts, plain nuts, peanut butter, and M&M’s peanuts!

That is why, I don’t like the original ferrero chocolate.

But To my surprise, they created a variant that I really like! Ferrero Dark! Lools like a ferrero only dark and peanut free!

Soo good! All dark chocolate lovers and peanut in everything haters must try it! 🙂

Now, how did this post turned out on my site?

Hanggang sa muli! Paalam!


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  1. I agree with you that dark Chocolates taste better. I don't like the nuts either, I find that they get in the way of really savoring the smoothness of chocolates.

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