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Manila Taxi Fare Guide Table (By Distance and Time)

Manila Taxi Fare

Most locals who ride the Taxi regularly within Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao are familiar with the standard Philippine Taxi rates. Most passengers like me even have historical records on how much my meter will cost to get me from one point to another since we often go on certain places on a regular basis. But if your still have doubts about your taxi’s meter reading, here’s a quick table guide on how to compute your taxi fare within the Philippines. I saw these when I was riding a MGE taxi a few weeks back when I was heading home.

The Philippine Standard Taxi Rate or Computation is as follows:

Flag Down Rate: P40.00
Distance Rate (every 300 meters) P3.50
Wait Time during stops and traffic jams (every 2 minutes) P3.50
Total Fare

I know its hard to compute the estimated fare because of the combination of time and distance charging and not to mention, the horrible traffic situation in Manila so let these table guide your trip cost estimation:

Here’s the Philippine Taxi Fare Guide by Distance (Manila, Cebu, Davao)

Philippine Taxi Fare Guide By Distance

Here’s the Philippine Taxi Fare Guide by Wait Time (Manila, Cebu, Davao)

Philippine Taxi Fare Guide By Wait Time

It is not a perfect system, the final meter reading still rules but at least if you are planning on taking a cab in Manila often, it pays to be informed and like I said, store some historical data on how much does it really costs (at least on average) to get around Metro Manila via the Cab.

To get the actual distance between your destinations, you may always consult Google Maps! 🙂

Hanggang sa Muli Paalam!

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  1. But when does each get used? In most taxi meter computations, if the speed of a taxi is equal to or greater than a certain minimum, the distance computation is followed. Otherwise, the time computation is followed.

    For example, if the minimum speed for distance travel is 40kph (11m/s) and you want to travel a distance of 10km. In the process, you get stuck in traffic for 10 minutes. The traffic moves slowly but allows you to cover a kilometer. The computation will be:

    Distance Element: 3.5 (first 500 meters) + 28 x 3.5 (next 8.5km) = 31.5
    Time Element: 10 minutes = 17.5

    Thus, your total taxi fare will be:

    Total = 40 + 31.5 + 17.5 = 89

    (This seems a bit low given the 10km distance but I'm pretty sure waiting time is longer in normal situations. Also, the minimum speed was just an estimate.)

  2. Thank you for your post. I searched the rates because I took a cab from Glorietta 5 and was not very happy when I saw that the taxi meter reading was Php 99.50. Using your table, google maps and historical payment, I usually only pay Php 71 to 82. I felt I came from Ortigas and not Glorietta 5. And to convince the taxi to take me, my 7 yr old daughter and our heavy bag of food grocery, I added Php 100 to the taxi meter. I know that 100 is a far cry from Php 29. But the thing is, I felt I was cheated because I find the final meter rate high. I wanted to post the taxi plate number #taximeteroutofintegrity but decided not to. Because it is the time of Love, in this world of cause and effect, may the taxi driver and operator receive their correction with mercy.

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