Parang Hindi Puyat ah!

Travel and Tours Expo 2009 at SMX

We attended the 2009 Travel and Tours Expo Last week at the SMX in MOA Compound. The event was a blast! If you are a frequent traveler, you should feel sorry you missed this one. As for me, since I am on a “TIGHT” budget for the next couple of years, I was happy with the Exhibits, Freebies, and Photos! I did not really look for a great bargain because… Read More »Travel and Tours Expo 2009 at SMX

Thir13en Ghosts

Halloween 2008

To conclude the recently celebrated Customer Service Week at the Office, we had our annual Halloween costume and decoration contest. We (our team) have been the over-all winner on this competition for Three years in a row 2004, 2005, and 2006. Last year we were not able to actively participate in the event (In short, Pahinga daw muna, wala muna Kareer). But now, we were back with a Bang! Wohoo!… Read More »Halloween 2008

Google Chrome

Google’s New Amazing Tools – All for Free!

In case you haven’t noticed, was not aware, or just plainly not paying attention to the world of online technology, Google, last week released 2 new tools or applications for the tech-savvy and Googleholics out there. They released a new Web Browser – CHROME, and Updated the Famous Picasa 2 to the new PICASA 3 beta. Google Chrome If you are a Googleholic, an avid user of their amazing cloud-computing… Read More »Google’s New Amazing Tools – All for Free!