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Travel and Tours Expo 2009 at SMX

We attended the 2009 Travel and Tours Expo Last week at the SMX in MOA Compound. The event was a blast! If you are a frequent traveler, you should feel sorry you missed this one. As for me, since I am on a “TIGHT” budget for the next couple of years, I was happy with the Exhibits, Freebies, and Photos!

I did not really look for a great bargain because it will just make me sad. Instead we toured the entire exhibit area and it felt almost like the real thing – well not really! But It’s the next best thing! All for Just P45 (Entrance fee for globe Subscribers, regular fee is P50)!

Well, here are the places I have been to in less than 3 hours!

But before that, since galing sila (naka leave ako eh.. hehe) sa office, breakfast muna. Since 10AM pa naman talaga yung event, 7AM Pa lang… SEX muna sa PERPS!

Parang Hindi Puyat ah!

Hindi sya pwedeng Scorer sa Volleyball!! 

Naman ate… Di ka pwede mag-Score sa Volleyball nyan… So confusing! Hehehe! :p

Sa bus to SMX

Ayan na sya.... Barbie Girl!

Smile naman yung Tatlo sa Likod…. :p Pero at least kita pa din ang smile yun nga lang moment nya yan…. hehe! half Moon!

sandwich si loyz :p


Sarado pa :p

Registration Booth...

Elli: “San Kayo?!” Kami: “???? Ano daw???!”

Ayan sa May Entrance

Let the Ride Begin!

ViVa Macau! Karton lang yan!

Amazing ang Booth ng Macau ha! Kahit Carton lang yan… Galing!

Amazing Thailand

Welcome to GUAM!

Totoo sila, di dila karton! :p

Not sure kung bat may mga beauty queens… pero ok na din… hehehe!

Welcome to Taj Majal! Incredible India... Incredible Pusod!

Hola por favor de corazon!



Surabaya Indonesia...

Riding with Barack

Kenya Safari

Barack Obama...

Napadaan kami sa Booth ng Hawaii… tapos meron dun parang chamber na may electric fan sa ilalim tapos may mga feathers sa loob, I asked one of the lady there kung para saan yun, she said it was a game, you go inside the chamber, they will start the fan and if you catch a feather, you win a prize. Sounds simple, so I went for a try… but apparently, she did not mention that I have to wear COSTUMES! Hahahaha! What the heck! Go na din! hehe! :p I was able to catch a feather and I won a Fan.

Aloha Hawaii!

Complete Costume!

I won! I Won!

Penang Malaysia... Langkawi Malaysia

Amazing diba?! Hehe..

Hong Kong...

Live it Love it!


ViVa Formosa! Taiwan will touch your heart!

Anyong! (tama ba?!) Johnny and Camera!

Lighthouse Subic...

Sa Bora...

Sa Loob ng Plane...


Lounging at Qatar Airport...

Your five Star Airline

Soul Searching sa Fort Santiago...

Pahinga Muna...

Boracay Tropics Golden Sunset

Me and Captain Trippy - Eagle Sya!

Discovery Shores...


Ako ay Tarsier.. Or Koala.. Or Panda..  :p

There were a couple of Slut.. lol Slot machines in the PAGCOR Casino Filipino Booth. The attendants told us that we have 3 free spins each… we went for it… after 3 spins, talo pa din. However they still gave us P300 each cash credits to Casino Filipino Heritage… And Free Nachos… Not bad! :p

Casino Royale...

After walking for almost 3 hours inside the SMX convention Center, we came across the booth of nurture spa which offers free 10 minute head and neck massage… FREE MASSAGE! GO! GO! GO! The booth smells like a real spa… So relaxing… and its FREE! :p Thanks Ate for that quickie! And there’s more, right in front of the Nurture Spa Booth is the Brown Rice Tea Booth which offers free taste of their super delicious – but a bit expensive -  Brown rice Tea! Free massage and Free Tea! What more can you ask for?!

Nurture Spa Massage...

After Hours of traveling around the world, it was almost 2PM, time to eat again… So we headed out to the mall to grab some food… but before that, picture, picture ulit…. Hehehe!

Kakayanin ko kaya ito?!


Kasya ako... :p  

After that photo session, we headed to Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria… How was the Food? Well, you just have to wait for my next post… :p

Joey Pepperoni Pizzaria

Until then! 🙂


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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