WhistleStop Jupiter open 24/7

It is a Saturday (Sunday) Midnight in Makati and you need to eat a Great Dinner, where can you possibly go aside from McDo? Hmm.. Why not try This one! WhistleStop! This 24/7 Restaurant (Formerly a convenience store) is Located along Jupiter in Makati, Right Beside RJ Bar and Near Fiama and Starbucks. They serve Hot, Freshly cooked Meals Day and Night!

The said that Whislestop was a Convenience store way back then… Then they closed then was reopened as a restaurant. Unfortunately that is all I know :p Maybe you can ask your parents or aunts/uncles for details :p


WhistleStop Open 24/7 Since 1977 

The First Pinoy Convenience Store..


The Place was very intriguing. The design was not too common. They were able to mixed the old with the new – It was very Modern and yet still old-fashioned. The interiors are modern but the touch of old memorabilia and items makes the place rustic and stylish. Some of the items are very nostalgic. Like this Magnolia Chocolait Bottle… 😛

I Love Bottled Magnolia Chocolait!  Pepsi, so retro!

Inside Whistlestop

Inside Whistlestop

The Ceiling

The Counter

Old School!!

Sari-SAri Store Stuff - They are For Sale!

Tape Corder daw...

Old School Bote Burberry Daw...


Wow! So hunky!


Chirp Pencil

The Table cloth was very unique as well, the design was like an old newspaper.

Table Designs

Gumamela is the Complete flower

Newspaper Print

Coat and Hat Hanger

Bubble Gums

Old TV


Old Clock

Luggage Stairs..

Generally the place was very homey and warm and is  a good place to dine and chat with friends and family. Now, as for the service, it could be better. The waiters were not friendly at all. Rarely smiles, the service was a bit slow and lousy, and they don’t look approachable. I understand that was already 1AM but that is not an excuse to be lousy at work. They even missed one of our order.

Now, The Food.

WhistleStop Iced Tea P80

This is a special iced tea… it is iced tea mixed with mango juice… sounds weird? But apparently, it taste really good! it’s a must try. For P80 pesos, a bit expensive, considering it wasn’t bottomless.

Spaghetti Bolognese P180

VERY Meaty Spaghetti Bolognese! So Good… The sauce was very chunky and flavorful.

Very Meaty!

Salpicao Pasta P230

Al Dente Pasta Topped with Tender Beef...

Spaghetti (which was so al-dente – perfect!) topped with tender and flavorful beef salpicao! So GOOD! Another Must try.

Salisbury Steak P180

Rice, Burger, Egg...

Salisbury Steak (Burger Steak) – Ordinary (I’ll probably spend my P180 on something else)

Oriental Fried Chicken P210 (6Pcs)

Juicy and Tender Fried Chicken, the coating was very flavorful. As for the Gravy, IT WAS COLD!

Oriental Fried Chicken

Hainanese Chicken Rice Soup

The soup for the Hainanese Chicken Rice, taste like tinola…

Hainanese Chicken Rice P195

Soy Sauce, Ginger Puree, Chili

This chicken rice was actually very good. This is one of the place’s best sellers. The serving is very hefty and the flavor is light and delicate. The sauces could be better though, especially the ginger one… If you have tried Singapore’s chicken rice, this is the closest you can get out here.

Country Fried Chicken Steak P195

Chicken Fillet Steak

Chicken Fillet Steak Tastes the same as the fried chicken. The difference, this one is fillet. The Gravy was the same too, although this time it was a bit warm because it was poured over the freshly cooked chicken.

Now the Desserts, No Bells and Whistles Here!

Chocolate Truffle Cake P120

Moist and Chewy Cake

The cake was very moist and chewy, however the taste was very plain and ordinary. It taste like your favorite Red Ribbon or Goldilocks Cake.

Mango Pannacotta P95


I love the mango but the pannacotta was boring. It was not flavorful.

Banoffee P150

Yum! :p

Of all the three desserts (They only have 3, except from the Flat Tops on the Counter) this one was the best. The Crust was sweet and flavorful and a bit crunchy. But it could use some more bananas.

Here is the Menu of WhistleStop.

 Ang Menu....

WhisleStop Menu  Whistlestop Menu

Overall, the place was unique and well designed, the food was great, but the service was lousy.

Thanks for Reading!


By: Dennis Christian Angulo

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