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Army Navy | Burger + Burrito

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. But Rain can’t stop me from leaving home, going to Tagaytay and eating a Hefty Triple Patty Army Navy Bully Boy Burger! Which You’ll Meet Later!

 Army Navy Burger and Burrito
Yellow Cab Tagaytay

Army Navy Burger and Burrito is a relatively new Burger Joint in Tagaytay Beside Yellow Cab Pizza, near the area of Starbucks and Pancake House. You won’t be able to see it from the road. You have to pull over and walk at the side of Yellow Cab’s Building.

Eating Burger, Al-Fresco, with Friends, in the cold Tagaytay Weather! Perfect Tambay Moment!
What they serve are of course Burgers, Burritos, Soft Tacos, and Peanuts! :p

Rainy Weather
Go Green!
for the Crew
The Joint
Property of...
Get your butts in here!
The Kitchen
The Kitchen
The Kitchen
Wet Floor
Free Peanuts

The Place is Self-Service, but while waiting for your order, or your name to be called, they give your some peanuts to keep you busy… It doesn’t mean though that it may take a while for the orders to be prepared… Just something to make you busy.. labo! hehe! :p

Going, going, Gone!   
Breakfast Burrito

Now, This one is the Breakfast Burrito (P155)

Why Breakfast? Because what’s inside are breakfast items like Eggs, Rice, Bacon, Etc… This is one good and very satisfying Burrito!

Big Big!

Army Navy Freedom Fries (P50)

It was ok, It’s just that, that time it tasted like burnt oil… Or something like that. Nothing special about it though…

Onion Rings

Onion Rings (P60)

Nothing special about it too.. the serving was small, but of course if you are eating it with a Bully Boy Burger, You won’t notice how small it’s serving is.. 🙂

Black Sesame

This one is the regular burger (P135)

Regular is an understatement. Their regular burger is as big as the bigger burgers in your favorite fast food (BigMac, Champ, Bacon Mushroom Melt, Whopper!)

The Patty is made of 100% Beef… Not sure what kind but it was Juicy! :p

The Bun has black and white sesame seeds on top…

Regular Burger

Buns, Onions, Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Ketchup! YUM!


Now, Get ready for the heavy weight! Neatly packed in Aluminum foil, labeled with Pilot’s Permanent Marker! :p


This is their Bully Boy Burger “BBB” (P235)

I forgot to ask why they called it bully boy! :p

This one has Three Burger Patties! If you Finish it, you won’t feel hungry for the next few days! Hahahaha! :p

The taste, Hmm.. I can’t say that this is the best burger I had… for the size, yes, It is probably one of the bigger ones, but the taste… It was made from pure beef, I did not taste any special flavor or something… But it was still very good! The Patties were Juicy and Tender, and with the melted cheese… Hayy!

Triple Patty!

It was very Heavy! Probably one pound of burger. You can’t even bite straight into it… You’re jaws might lock if you try so hard! :p


But of Course, I still managed to finish the whole thing :p 

So Full!

Tambay with Friends… L-R: Me, Mau, Joy, Gotch, and Paow (behind the lens)
By the way, this is only snack time, There’s still dinner after, Uhm, 2 Hours?! Hehe! :p

May I Take Your Orders?

For Army Navy’s Menu… Please Order HERE! :p (Si ate nacoconcious :p)


Great Comfort Food + Great Tagaytay Weather + Great Company = TAMBAY! :p

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Hanggang Sa Muli! Paalam! 🙂
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  1. nice review bro…ang gaganda ng kuha mo sa mga shots sa food lalo tuloy nakakatakam…

    next week punta ako ng Summit Ridge, hindi pwedeng hindi namen ito mapuntahan hehe..ewan ko nga ba, sobrang lapit lang namen sa Tagaytay (30mins from our house,by car) pero wala akong chance na makapag food trip…buti ka pa (",)

  2. nice review, nothing special sa burger pero ok nga ang size. they will open a new branch front of la salle taft. Pero meron dun Zark's Burgers sa taas mas masarap, mas malaki at mas mura. hehe.

  3. Branch in Harbour Square will be opening Soon 🙂 Good Locatiom and View! 🙂 Overlooking Manila Bay Hope you can visit soon:)

  4. mga 20 times na kong pabalik balik sa Tagaytay Branch ng Army Navy!!! Masarap at nakakabusog talaga…..and what i'm proud of is…..Filipino ang owner nito….i brought my friends and relatives and the taste never changed…..

  5. i tried this and im beginning to think that its better than brothers. Mejo peppery yung lasa ng bully boy and mejo fatty yung beef nila.. well for me mas nakapagpasarap un. Pero sa taste I think Burger Av pa den ung mas malasa. Haven't tried Zark's and Crave burger though… next sila sa list ko

  6. the army navy burger in alabang sucks. the onion rings & the fries are inconsistent in serving size & cook quality among customers. the veggies in their bully boy is too fucking small

  7. WOW!….I AM SPEECHLESS lol! i love this stainless metal concept restaurant-burger joints
    filipinos should patronize this place not only it is clean looking it is architectural in nature i love the unusual militaristic design of a burger joint i am happy fot you guys good luck smiling happy friendly very creative pinoys of the philippines lol!

  8. i am surprised not to see filipinos in hundreds hanging around this cute burger joints look at those state of the art kitchen features even just for those stainless bins i will be static to see that they exist in this form of style and in the philippines lol

  9. filipinos should really flock to this interesting burger joint concept it is truly interesting i would love to personnally 'explore' this joint good luck & thank you lol

  10. if this restoburger concept is not interesting enough to filipinos means they do not know enough about stainless arts

  11. if those burgers french fries chicken sandwiches NOT looking-tasting good enough youre missing a lot of things in life lol!

  12. the area enviroment selection of this resto burger place is saying a lot to filipinos & tourists alike dont miss the messages of a healthy living-dining interest here lol

  13. the displays of bins{trash}should be good enough to patronize this resto burger that speaks loud about cleanliness is nest to godliness thank you po

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